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Once upon a time In my life
along time ago I fell for a girl
loved her at first sight and knew
I'd marry her never a drought this was my one and only dream to ever to come
Sometimes In life your not even looking for anyone but It just happens like with Helen and I so special
we had never thought she would pass on so soon and I have to face the world
Johnny walker Jun 30
So blessed was I with each kiss and smile she gave to
me the hugs
and to feel the warmth of her body that keep even the coldest days
at bay
For I had true love and she was the one for I had no drought In
my mind this love was for real for love like this one doesn't find every day so lucky I was but
the day that I lost her my whole world
apart for I
knew there'd not be another for she was the one and knew In my heart this world had been kind
to me
but It would never be kind to me not ever again for Its knows
I had my time and that time has now gone but I'll hang to my memories of Helen for rest of
Life and death been close
to both managed to find
life with Helen and
I've cheated many times
both now and in the past
but somehow I've made through the
I know I'll make the rest
of the way I still love
her so she's still 
my heart afraid that I'll let
her go but I never will ever let go my survival depends on
holding her close to all our
memories So I'll keep a light on In the hall
at night In case her spitte should one night come calling for me and take
me away with
Keeping on In the hallway at night In case Helen spirits should come my
Johnny walker Apr 29
Spent most of my life
lock In dreams deep In
my head hiding from
the world  scared that
one day It would find
Most people are afraid
of death, not me I'm more afraid of living for life
without my sweetheart
be more frightening than death to think the rest of my life alone without my sweetheart after so many good years
Is Scary we shared our bed all our intimate moments our lives the places seen and been to be no more still feels so
Still a surreal feel about life alone don't think I ever come to terms with
Johnny walker Apr 15
I'm a survivor, even though the pain tragedy
the loss of my
I'm a survivor childhood
abuse the beatings locked In darkness all
I'm a survivor because of I
Know how to survive, and
because I want
I'm a survivor for I will  survive no matter how bad or whatever comes my
I'm a survivor because I need to keep my wife's
memory alive
Keeping Helen's memory alive Is how I survive for
It gave me a purpose to
I'm a survivor because of a friend who had helped me so much through the days of grief
I'm a survivor because want to and I'm strong enough too Im a survivor to keep Helen alive through my poetry writing I will survive
Astral Mar 10
I promised you.
I wish I didn't,
I wish I could say something for you.
I want to be your voice,
But I know you don't want anything said.
And I want to respect you,
I just hope your voice is around the corner,
But until then I'll fight for you in silence.
I promised, and I won't break my promise.
(March 4, 2019)
Johnny walker Dec 2018
It's only a few months ago
never once had I written a
poem ever before In my life, but being Inspired to write through the very
sad loss of my dearest wife
In order to keep her memory alive
And keeping a promise made to myself began to write poetry, but learned by so much the review's that I got and reading poetry of other's
That they all help me so much In keeping my dear wife Helen's memory
Thanks to all, for you'll know who you are for keeping the memory of Helen so much alive God
Bless Her Soul
Helen Mary Walker
1955 July 22nd - 2017 December 23rd R.I.P
Thanks to all for help keeping the memory of Helen so much you'll know who you are thank you so very much for keeping her memory and my dreams very much alive bless you all
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Today I took a good look Inside my heart and now
I no for sure, If I dont move from this time that I'm In
I'll will die a sad and lonely old man for I've done all I can, and can't do any more but to keep your memory alive
My promise too you for that's what I'll do and never let go, you're hear In my heart I swear to you that's where you'll always
But my darling I have to move on for If I dont and  stay all
I'll surely will die that of broken old man so Helen please I beg find a place In your
To forgive your  sad old man for I have too live on but cant live entirely
Helen forgive me I beg you I can't live my life entirely alone
But will keep my promise to I will keep you memory alive I'll never let go, but will die if I dont move on
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Will this pain ever release Its hold me, and let me try
live again for I've done all
that I promised and kept  all the memory of you so much alive
And the world now know of you Helen and the twenty years we spent together through the poems that I write and all who read of you everyone now Helen love's
A promise kept to Helen made to myself Is being fulfilled and keeping your memory alive and always
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