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Astral Mar 10
I promised you.
I wish I didn't,
I wish I could say something for you.
I want to be your voice,
But I know you don't want anything said.
And I want to respect you,
I just hope your voice is around the corner,
But until then I'll fight for you in silence.
I promised, and I won't break my promise.
(March 4, 2019)
Johnny walker Dec 2018
It's only a few months ago
never once had I written a
poem ever before In my life, but being Inspired to write through the very
sad loss of my dearest wife
In order to keep her memory alive
And keeping a promise made to myself began to write poetry, but learned by so much the review's that I got and reading poetry of other's
That they all help me so much In keeping my dear wife Helen's memory
Thanks to all, for you'll know who you are for keeping the memory of Helen so much alive God
Bless Her Soul
Helen Mary Walker
1955 July 22nd - 2017 December 23rd R.I.P
Thanks to all for help keeping the memory of Helen so much you'll know who you are thank you so very much for keeping her memory and my dreams very much alive bless you all
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Today I took a good look Inside my heart and now
I no for sure, If I dont move from this time that I'm In
I'll will die a sad and lonely old man for I've done all I can, and can't do any more but to keep your memory alive
My promise too you for that's what I'll do and never let go, you're hear In my heart I swear to you that's where you'll always
But my darling I have to move on for If I dont and  stay all
I'll surely will die that of broken old man so Helen please I beg find a place In your
To forgive your  sad old man for I have too live on but cant live entirely
Helen forgive me I beg you I can't live my life entirely alone
But will keep my promise to I will keep you memory alive I'll never let go, but will die if I dont move on
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Will this pain ever release Its hold me, and let me try
live again for I've done all
that I promised and kept  all the memory of you so much alive
And the world now know of you Helen and the twenty years we spent together through the poems that I write and all who read of you everyone now Helen love's
A promise kept to Helen made to myself Is being fulfilled and keeping your memory alive and always
I think,
The most pain one is not who goes,
But the one who left behind.
The one who goes left the memories with the left one,
And the left one is keeping the memories with the one who goes.
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
Why are you so afraid?
Who takes the courage out of us
and leaves empty pages on our doorsteps?

If you'd ask me nicely I gladly lend you my aid
In return just be as good as you allow yourself to be and thus
I promise silently to instead of one I'll make two beds

Inside of these four sides and many scriptless lines
My love's never quite sure how to call itself
I call her by the only name that I know
but know that it's not enough, not quite

If I wouldn't know better I would beg for your trust in these strong-rooted vines
All I want is to let me be me for the sake of myself
And hold closely and in full daylight my beloved stranger, reflected in fresh-fallen snow
For I'd never want to be ashamed of keeping a feeling whole and tight

Please don't ever let me lose my hope in a strangers mind,
it's all I got left in a world full of shallow familiars and quiet pretenders
Don't let me go stray and leave the path less traveled

Let me have
one hand that's tender
that isn't my own
trying hard to hold
on to slippery simplicity

And tell me why
Juliette Leigh Jun 2018
‘Everything hurts’ I had screamed

I’d never thought I would find love it had seemed

Except I didn't know that I would soon fall

He had loved me and I thought that was all

Until it was over and he had left

But what he didn't know was that it was my heart that he still kept.
(The Suspicious Oracle shifts in their booth, then stands from the table to sway into the light. They sweep the dust from their clothes and flash a smile.)

It's been noted. Oh,
my observation is go.
Perceptive circuits
caught the web
where it stretches

Words, words, words,
beautiful pontifications
Words, words, words
eloquent romanticisms
of the empathy empty.         n.            devoid

(The Suspicious Oracle removes a bill from their coat and presents it to the audience.)

In blood these names list
the elite who seem to
herd together,
and at the gate
keep the risen.                           .
     ­                                                                 ­               .clean

The searing ray of
justice past due
will melt the
chains save
for the
Emma Hill May 2018
Her bookshelf to the brim and bursting
With pages worn, and well
Remembered for the virtues
And husbands in the war

Fallen woman--fall, and women
Harvests sown and reaped
Moon of full, of wax, of
Her heart of Shadow's seed

Hand of diamond and of band
Ashes, ashes, dust
A love once lived and now, one
The pages' faces face us
And sages burn, away
First in awhile. Hello again
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