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Cameron Nov 2022



The clock keeps ticking on.

First a second, then an hour.

Then a year, then a decade.




The sun had always shone for me,

but now I stand only in the dusk.

The clock keeps ticking on.




Two decades dead and gone,

How many more have yet to come?

The clock keeps ticking on.
The clock has stopped ticking
For not I flinch
Twice a day I'm scared
I'll go clockwise

If I go counter
I will never fall in time
My life starts then
But my thoughts start now
And in my day of thought
I am in love twice over

Grandfather say
The clock is wrong
A time of love
All day but twice
When I strike noon
I forget all but her
And have to wait
To the very next day
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2021
It's the continuous silent yet pressing "tick-tock"
In my head heard though I own no clock
It's opening eyes every morning to familiar pain
And constant weight of loneliness driving me insane
Sorry I haven't been posting lately
aslı Mar 2021
"life is tick boxes and notes.
i am guilty of loving stationery."
can you play "love story" by "monsieur minimal."
let's create the full experience thats why time doesnt exist.
Maria Etre May 2020
The hands of time
took care
from one minute to the next
till they left it in an hour
and moved on without it.

Time, then, broke.
D Feb 2020
to the girl who still hasn't taken a shower
because it hurts to be clean and still feel so ***** inside

who spends all her money on the things she hates about herself
and wonders why she can't stop

i wonder why i can't stop
i feel like a broken clock.
colette alexia Jan 2020
It is dangerous when I become left with my thoughts
Listening to time ticking away in the clock
Reminding of the time I have already lost
I feel tormented
To know the sun will rise whether or not I rise with it
To know you told me you loved me but never really meant it
Drowning in the creation you created me to swim in
How much of this pain stems from my decisions
Tell me will it get easier this life that we live in
Will I someday find the meaning that for so long has been hidden
Or does each second live just to tick on the clock
Each one inviting an unwelcome thought
It is when I’m left alone that a realize I’m not

But I know time was not made for clocks but clocks for time
And I know God does not live within its confines
If only I too could take a step outside
No rush and no hurry
no fast or slow or need to ever scurry
I’d laugh louder not longer because who could tell
If time wasn’t there to measure the length of the yell
And the whole world would hear what resounds in my brain
The laugh releasing thoughts bound for two decades
The ones that over time have made me feel insane
But without time, perhaps no insane would remain
Maybe I’d be alone finally, without the thoughts to invade
Maybe it would be nice
Only time can say
Lydeen Dec 2019
I'll thrice kiss
your wrist. It's
the only way

I can know
that you'll be
okay. I promise

it will help.
Kiss Kiss Kiss,
Kiss your wrist.
Lydeen Dec 2019
Kissing my wrist.
1. 2. 3
times. I should

be good for
a few hours.
Then repeat again.

Stumb- stumbling stumble
over ov ov
stumbling over over

over over over
stumbling ov over
my over my

words. Every time
I try to
speak to you.

Kiss, 2, 3.
Now I won't
accidentally hurt you.

Picking at my
skin, pinching, frowning.
Cutting each and

every bite into
a perfect cube.

Into the car.
Kiss, kiss, kiss.
Now I won't

be in another
car accident. But!
Don't forget, don't

forget. Do it
again to be
sure. You have

to or else
you'll get hurt.
Hurt your family.

Hurt someone else's
family. Break apart
a whole life.

I can count
every single calorie
I have eaten

today without even
looking at the
label. I can

taste and tell
you which artificial
sugar is in

my energy drink.
But! I only
drink the ones

with guarana extract.
It's all natural,
so at least

kinda better, right?
FREEZE! Here comes
a new thought.

What if I
suddenly ran out
into traffic, got

hit by a car,
and traumatized someone.
Or, consider, if

I went to
a theme park,
and just jumped

out in front
of a roller
coaster, horribly traumatizing

a whole train
of children. A
huge explosion of

blood and brains.
Don't do it,
don't do it,

Don't do it,
don't, don't, don't
It's a thought.

It doesn't control
you. It doesn't.
Let it go.

Kiss kiss kiss.
Kiss, 2, 3.
Kissing my wrist.
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