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Bhill Aug 24
The clock ticks away
Watching minutes passing by
Learn how to control your time
Do things that give you joy
Take the time to realize
Realize to understand
Understand to recognize
Recognize to acknowledge
Acknowledge time has moments
Live for those moments

Brian Hill - 2019 #215
Take the time to respect time
It’s just a
Wracking my brain
Programmed­ to drive me crazy
Tak­ing over my thoughts
Making it hard to sleep
I need to escape
My very own brain
Anastasia Jun 26
The eyes of time
Stare at my heart
And ripping
And over
The song let me mend
Lies like
"Love is just around the bend"
And it's only a lie I tell myself
The eyes of time
And rip
The stitches from my heart
Inspired from a drawing on my hand and the people I used to love
CautiousRain May 19
When you said I deserved better
you were so right
and I was so wrong.

I should have pinched
the head of this tick
before it ever started
to **** out my insides.
Vanessa Apr 2
I tick
Like the clock upon your wall
Don’t drown me out
Even if you try
I’ll always be there in your head;
The white rabbit of your mind
When it came to her
I had a slender grasp
Though unintentional.
When I think about it.
Deep down it was I rearing
a lack of confidence.
Living up our anonymous
Though she was around
My arms would always cross up.
I was righteously liberated.
The perfect punctuation
of how I'd run on mentally,
Constantly around & around.
I wasn't embarrassed.
Revealing which part of her made me tick.
I can tell she didn't expect my answer
But with such a slender grasp,
every second spent with her made me tick.
At least for a little while
Perhaps the most un-thought thought.
Where do we place the batteries when they run out
Or will my arms be crossed up forever
Constantly around & around.
I find that time- such a strange & unusual thing.
Brings focus to things outside of all the crazy
ways arms move.
All in a beautiful destructiveness I can't describe.
Dani Nov 2018
We wait and watch
A digital wall or wrist-watch
The ticks and tocks
Of the never ending clocks
Continuing night to dawn
It goes on and on
Never does it consider our mood
It is a date or something we elude
A specific dot to take our stance
We sit, we wait, we do the time dance
It goes on and on
One day it’ll be all gone
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
I am the cuckoo clock,
Precise,authentic,steadfast  as a rock.
All day long,
Tick tock, tick tock goes my song.
Hung on the wall,
In the main hall,
Tick tock, tick tock, tick,
Not a wink,
My pendulum swings to and fro,
As I view people come and go.
On the dot of the hour,
My cuckoo slides in and out of the door,
Chirps a lovely cuckoo call,
Young and old in the hall,
They cheer all.
I am their cuckoo clock,
A piece of artistic work,
My master's pride,
The family's guide,
To their various routines,
For many many seasons I have been,
On their wall,
In the main hall.
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