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the world is shattering,
with a raven hovering.
the wild creation with big strong wings,
coming closure, spreading darkness, hiding everything.
visibility has gone even with dilated pupil.
humans trying to remember ethics and scruples.
this will end soon, we chanting every prayer,
the old and infant both survive and again we get fresh air.
Harley Hucof Jul 2020
In this dream, that i frequently dream
A tribe of woman Stepping in the pool of creation

Under the radiant moonbeam
my consious mind is absent
I am the imagination

Under the moonlight
the woman's tribe act as one
At the pool of creation, witnessed by none

Revealing the secret of womanifesting

Are you alone? Womanifest

From the source,
By light and dust
My love is created
In sacrifice and blood

Words Of Harfouchism
What you think
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Gitanjali 11
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Leave this vain chanting and singing and counting of beads:
what Entity do you seek in this lonely dark temple with all the doors shut?
Open your eyes and see: God is not here!
He is out there, where the tiller tills the hard ground and the paver breaks stones.
He is with them in sun and shower; his garments are filthy with dust.
Shed your immaculate mantle and like him embrace the dust!
Deliverance? Where is this "deliverance" to be found
when our Master himself has joyfully embraced the bonds of creation; he is bound with us all forever!
Cease your meditations, abandon your petals and incense!
What is the harm if your clothes become stained rags?
Meet him in the toil and the sweat of his brow!

Keywords/Tags: Tagore, translation, Hindi, vain, worship, entity, God, temple, chanting, singing, counting, beads, petals, incense, meditations, tiller, paver, dust, rags, sweat, toil, mrburdu
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
They ask me why i chant Your name?
Is it to gather myself within?
For focus, clarity and mindfulness?

Is it a prayer to God above?
To reserve a spot in His Divine abode.
A place for my soul in heavenly realms?

Is it for my desires manifold?
Health, wealth and family
oh yes! And a little comfort too?

If truth be told,
        My Beloved Divine
I don't know why
         i chant this name of Thine
I chant it once
         And then again
And then again
        And again and again
                     It is so sweet.
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
Sweet is Your creation
Sweeter still art Thou

Grace is every breath
Blessed still
Is the breath
Intertwined with Your name
Holds in that moment

Residing in Your name
You expand to fill my being

Every cell dances
And love pours out
To all creation

Filling this vastness
with light
Blue as Your Feet
Just a feeling when chanting the holy names of God.
MOTV Aug 2016
#Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering.
sweet ridicule Feb 2016
the ***** of your chin is
nothing will numb you more
than the epitome of nothingness
soft collared shirts and grey-scale jeans
I feel music in you
like water
abounding with reluctance
here I stand
gently begging you to
be deafening.

chanting silently
we are here we were here

with pale long dancing fingers I am
certain that the end is not near
nor will it ever be
for you
this is not what ur thinking
Prana Moonshine May 2015
Exuberant he is!
That’s a Yogi with character!

Smiling, treat wallah.
Pyramid quartz.
Dangling sparkles.
Sunlight reflects
His teeth softly open to the world.
Taste buds willing
Simple yet refined
Yogi Yum Yums
Spreading the thunderous joy
Of pure delight!
He gives permission to say “GOD”
He sits.
When no one is around
In the hall where Shiva dances to his music.
Pulsing the instrument
Harmonium glimmering with song.
Goggles on, ready and shimmering
He booms a great confidence,
The resounding sound:

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