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The truth is always dark,
if looked at using the shades of lies.
Natalie 6d
I have no music
Only words
I have reasons
Reasons to be heard
I have feeling
& hectic love
Rhymes like the forecast
Predicting my bluff..
Mistreated heart
The pain lingers
But never lasts..
Beating hard against my chest
I fall again
My heart needs rest
Conjured thoughts
Swollen in dark
And wandering clueless
From the start
A couple of words
And fears swallow dreams
A couple of words
And nightmares become screams
There is no melody
Only words
A collaboration
Of me and my hurt
And only love heals me now
From shallow depths
Ill find my how x
kiran goswami Jan 20
Faces covered with
All shades of

Yet, her sweaty face after the dance was the most radiant.
Nathalie Dec 2018
I surrender to this feeling inside my heart

It grows bolder with each passing day

I am moved to create in love

As the words I recite

Flutter upon my lips

A scale of sentiments echo

In variant shades and intensity

I am beguiled by the chorus

That is harmonized through

Delight and the inspired verse

These moments of grace

Are revered and imprinted

On my soul; grateful

To be the chosen instrument in

Which love is devoutly shared

Poetic T Dec 2018
Do not judge
I,m the same as you.
Values that we hold
Every day we show
Respect for our
Sisters & our brothers.
I would treat another, 
The way I want to be treated.
You and I are the same inside.
Where all difrent but all similar
Ankita Gupta Nov 2018
You are the rainbow, living in disguise
In shades of grey, between black and white.

When you shine through me,
It disperses all colors of you,
Like I am the prism waiting for you.

You see, not all can see
How pretty you are from within,
And all I do is stand amazed
By colors of you in all shades but grey.
She sat there with her rusty voice box, a  drought on her tongue and a pen aching to flood the pristine sheet with blue ink.
She poured pain into words of refuge and tucked the love etched memories into words.
She wrote to the ones she loved, who made her heart beat ever so intensely. For who rooted her strengthening her spine with courage. For the ones who betrayed, abandoned and hurt making her swallow sorrows whole on empty stomach.
She undressed her truth as she painted shades of past, resurfacing the suppressed from the dustiest parts of her mind, reigniting the dying embers. As she wrote thoughts screamed to be heard, memories weeped to be replayed as she crafted sentences, paragraphs, beginning and ends, sunrises and sunsets; the breathing of her heart allowing her to feel a sense of relief.
But she never sent them, for they were riskier to be read by them than to be tucked safely away.
Like the fresh buds of
a Prunus serrulata,
it's light and airy.

From the color of
heated cheeks and
the tips of ears,
it's warm and inviting.

The harshness of a
simple lipstick shade
against pale skin,
it's bold and bright.

Lips pressing lips,
entangled in a fervor
of **** and love,
it's a distinct aura.

The gentleness
it brings forth from
strawberry ice cream,
it's a devine pleasure.

Delicate hues dance
across the sun's rays,
it's a sight to behold.

‘Tis worthy of the
majestic color
someguy Oct 2018
Shades pass me as I stand on the street,
Dark blurry unfamiliar faces,
They melt into a grand pile of dark matter,
The one I’m trying not to be a part of

And in the end, I stand alone,
On the outside only?... or on the inside as well?
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