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Amanda Brown Jul 26
Blocking the hope of a text message.
A chance to even get in my head more.
Closing the sheets in my room so I don’t get a  glimpse of you.
Keeping my head down as I walk into the room.
So that my eyes don’t “ironically” find you.
The chills I get when I walk past you.
The foundation of our “relationship”.
The series of actions I went through, throughout my break-up.
Madeleine May 27
Many colors
Many shades
Morning and night
More colors than day
Daytime rays break through
The giant cotton *****
Hidding the light
But pop with color
The light falls
Striking the highest points
Nightime comes
and the light goes
and many smaller lights appear
danna22081 Apr 12
It might be said:

They asked me to write with a free mind,
But a free mind impairs my ability to write.
It is merely the maze of rushing, running thoughts
Which guide my internal ideas to take flight.

A matrix of images, fluidity
Entranced through the whirl of shades
Much too vibrant to comprehend, to process,
And truly remind me of my own, estranged timidity.

For I am relatively grown, despite my
Simple inability to recognise the world of colours
Foreshadowing the guarded thoughts I secure
With much difficulty.

For my incompetence in containing rushed thoughts
Is consistently expressed
Through my most voluntary incentives,
To simply hold a pen and write down my mess.
She once said: "I need to really grab a hold of my thoughts more often; to hold a pen, and remove the uncoordinated trail of events embedded within my memory."
Louise Feb 24
the way i think of you
is like a sunset
with beautiful shades
of red, orange and pink.
your bright but calming colours
are like heaven to my eyes.
i can say, without a lie
that i cherish you
in every single way.
because you are truly
one of a kind.

l. h.
kiran goswami Feb 19
The truth is always dark,
if looked at using the shades of lies.
Natalie Feb 15
I have no music
Only words
I have reasons
Reasons to be heard
I have feeling
& hectic love
Rhymes like the forecast
Predicting my bluff..
Mistreated heart
The pain lingers
But never lasts..
Beating hard against my chest
I fall again
My heart needs rest
Conjured thoughts
Swollen in dark
And wandering clueless
From the start
A couple of words
And fears swallow dreams
A couple of words
And nightmares become screams
There is no melody
Only words
A collaboration
Of me and my hurt
And only love heals me now
From shallow depths
Ill find my how x
kiran goswami Jan 20
Faces covered with
All shades of

Yet, her sweaty face after the dance was the most radiant.
Nathalie Dec 2018
I surrender to this feeling inside my heart

It grows bolder with each passing day

I am moved to create in love

As the words I recite

Flutter upon my lips

A scale of sentiments echo

In variant shades and intensity

I am beguiled by the chorus

That is harmonized through

Delight and the inspired verse

These moments of grace

Are revered and imprinted

On my soul; grateful

To be the chosen instrument in

Which love is devoutly shared

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