Crimsyy 1d

We clicked, a
sublime combination
like cloud and rain.
We have punctured minds
and somehow mine is
coming undone,
spilling into your hands
thoughts I'd kept in my head.
You're warm.
Not edgy, not twofaced,
not laced with superficiality.
You're warm.
Honest conversations
decorate us and I
have never looked
so wonderful before.
You make me grin,
and I know
'making your own sunshine'
is all a mental thing,
but now it's so physical,
I can feel it spreading
through my bones.

Yusof Asnan Jul 2016

My demons,

Have never spoken a word,

They were always silent,

But they never left,

Even for a second.

They grinned once in a while,

Smiling while looking at me,

Yet they have never touched me,

Or took even a step closer.

They're not doing anything,

Just patiently waiting,

Maybe that was their desire,

Just to see me fall,

Watching every step to the fall.


Tony Luna Jun 2016

She has craters on her face
A warm smile embraced. 

Lights in her eyes 
Her love never dies. 

Feathers on her back, and a halo over her head
There's so many things I'm leaving unsaid.

Her grins are the best 
So contagious, love will sprout from your chest. 

Galaxies around her iris 
A cure for all the callous. 

She's vigilant
Most of all she's fluorescent.

SassyJ Mar 2016

The corner street awaits with pride
Raise the palm and wave me hello
As the eyes melt reveal your heart

The smile is the manipulating trap
A stance you gaze magnifies my life
Stay in the zone oozing not snoozing

Disengaged in bases of sinking shells
Float on the wavy stretchy topography  
Claim my proponent inside the rigid iris

The splash of the canvas sprays attraction
Alternate the kaleidoscope fluid flashes
A slash, smashing my scepticism cynism

Untitled spiking depths and radiant flames
Erode past the sizzling chargrilled grins
It's in my eyes, my very soul sits and shines

Such beauty
Whatever lies beneath it
You don't want to know

Haiku!!! :)
Deemz May 2014

I wish you'd appreciate the time I have left here.
Three months they were.
I wish I'd appreciate the time I have left here,
Two months went.
Realize that I wont be here anymore.
One month to go.

At the beginning,
I wished I could leave this place,
leave those people.
And start a new life.

And often,
I wish I had more time,
wishing I could stay.

And sometimes,
I wish it would all just happen quickly.

The urge of wanting to leave,
before the urge of wanting to stay;
holds me back from moving on.

Too often;
I am scared, the other times I am strong.
But I am not sure of my own capability
and my strength anymore.

I am held back by my own thoughts;
they tell me I wouldn't succeed .
The other times I'm encouraged by
the actions of others;
they tell me I'm not wanted.

The feeling of being stuck,
in one place.
And the feeling of not belonging,

The present and the past,
my fears and my hopes.

Grins and sadness,
tears and laughter.

Confusion and clarity,
insanity and reality.

Peace and war,
both in my head;
where everything
collides  a n d  collapses.

Hannah Anderson May 2014

I think I love too easily.

I find it so simple to pick out the best traits in somebody.
I like to know what makes people tick and what makes their pupils dilate. I can fall in love with the way they talk about
their favorite shades of color
and the way they pick out groceries.

I am interested in the way people take their coffee
and if they prefer tea better.
and why

I find myself loving people for their laughter
and the crinkles beneath their eyes when they smile.
And I think it’s so cute whenever they suppress their grins
when they think of something funny or memorable.
I love the way people talk about life
and what’s on their mind;
it’s nice to know that there is more
more to discuss than the sounds on mattresses
and the type of plant they inhale.
You are beautiful.
I love the way people spill their hearts out when they’re happy
or when they’re sad.

Sometimes, when they don’t let me love them,
it makes me want to love them even more.

And even when they don’t love me back, I still continue to love.

— The End —