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Yoh Esters Oct 2023
There are stories in her voice.
I just hope all of them ended with Happily Ever After.
Solaluna Jul 2022
I was not kidding when I said I love you.
I meant it with all my heart,
All my soul,
With all of me,
For I am bound to you,
And that's what my love will ever be.
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, do you know what I don't know?

let me be a fool
one that slaps with cruel
leave some words for us leave some words for you
leave the past to dust leave the yellow floors too

let me be a fool
wear that memory on my neck & call it a jewel
seal the day of misery word by word in due
admire every single color in remembrance of every hue

let me be a fool
drown myself in that scent in that noise in that pool
dig the heels of my feet to the ground to keep me steady
never thought for an ever of a life I won't be ready

let me be a fool
the world of the never & delusions to rule
because them feels won't remain in the old self of every second
& no one gave me a hint to prepare what will & already threatened

                                                     ­                                       ------ravenfeels
BlackWhite Jul 2021
Just be open and honest, transparency is a way forward.
Ego, lies, deception, mind games are just a thing of the past.

Carry your heart on your sleeve, one should express all, how they feel. People might hurt in the beginning but as the time goes by you tend to connect with only like minded people, likely with the one with an open mind and crystal clear heart. Someone who wouldn't be scared to reciprocate the honesty, selflessness, love, respect and trust.

This is the way to filter the odd ones out of your life, its a litmus test
Those who are wiling to be by your side through think and thin, the most difficult times until the end regardless of your past, are the only one's who deserves a  fair chance, rest all are just a waste of time.

Remember, if you don't ask you don't get what you need, don't assume others would know what you want, as not many are good at reading minds and hearts.
try it for once, a litmus test
Hannah Jul 2021
How many social media breaks will you take
until you’re okay
you’re okay
you’re okay
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get weirder than ever---and I like it<3

welcome to the nation savor

a whole new destiny like a cinnamon flavor

although some rainy a bit abnormal to my harbors

yet that blond charm made it hard to delete from my markers

everybody wants to swim

in a world to bond and have a friend a twin

afraid if I was about to miss the rocking riff

I don't know if I can handle yellow anymore so stiff

                                                         ­                   ------ravenfeels
Mark Wanless Jan 2021
can there ever be
more positive expression
consciousness than you
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