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keneth 4d
brush my lips with more reds
make my smile look alive
let the youth touch my hand
allow the colors to dry

bury my casket along with my sins
and the poems i can never sing
get the black book and the priest
let the funeral of an art begin

brew the finest lies you got
the vengeance of the word
a ghost will haunt your dreams
a ghost that bears your name

the sick truth of a man
sought refuge to a face
a better death; to be betrayed
than drown in yellow paint
i tried swallowing ' happy ' not knowing it's what's gonna **** me / art
Verse 1:

You shed a tear
for every hair
that I lost

You held my hand
through every stone
that I crossed

And now you wonder
how you'll live
when I'm gone

But when you feel under
just remember
this song


I'll love you
in every way that
I can

I'm just not sure
what those ways
will be

So look for me
in the kinder words
of strangers

Look for me
in the shadows
of the clouds

Verse 2:

And when I cross
The other side
Of this viel

I'll drop a crumb
along every step
of my trail

And when I find
the light on the
other side

I'll be right back
to comfort your
troubled mind


There'll be
no rest
for me

I'll be back
your dreams

Things might not
go according
to plans

But I will do
The best that
I can

I write songs too!

This song was originally written as a suicide note in 2015. A lot has changed since then.
Johnny walker May 11
Helen your love still lives In my heart and so much apart of my life you are still for your
I will never let go for my heart now has to beat for the two of us where once our hearts
together but now your heart has fallen silent  
and will never beat
Once our lives were perfect and our two hearts beat as once so many beautiful memories and then your fell silent to never best again
I really want to see
If you reached out to me
Like you promised
And possible revel
in the silly long
Banter of our old voices.
It seems a lifetime
turns to a month
That you got older
Becoming more preoccupied.
But I don't want to let myself See
Because another let down
Would leave me lonely.

A waste of time.


I gave you all I ever had
in hopes
to gain your love.

But all you did was
steal my heart

and leave me feeling
It's fine. I knew you weren't the one.
I'll keep looking...
I wore the same shawl on our third meet up when I went out with him.
still half forgetting
ANU IRA Apr 17
People compliment me
for dressing up nice...

Little did they know,
I show up nice to hide the PAIN and SCARS within me...
Hiding is painless than explaining what you are going through....
So just make your attire the one everyone assumes you are doing great
The canvas is the root of the planted dilemma.

Paint the truth with daffodils
Paint reality with roses

Exhibit your piece
Like you still have your sanity

Do not worry, your little writings behind the canvas is safe with us.
Johnny walker Mar 24
Oh I'm so happy now all my dreams come true of
my sweetheart Helen all
the goodtimes we did
Helen and Johnny we're lover stayed true each other right to end Oh I loved her
Only she knows how much
I loved her all that she did
In the short time she lived
true she was to me In every way just as I was for
Helen did so much she was truly special  there will never be another one of a kind
Helen forever with me In
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