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Eleanor Sep 9
Come and breathe with me.
Close your eyes and feel what I feel.
You cant can you? You cant close them, because we are standing on the edge of a cliff. Your closed eyes would only make you sway. Gravity will call your name and your feet will betray you.
Breathe in the air of disaster. Do you smell its smoke? Its sweet is it not? Its enticing and dangerous and you want to breathe deeper. Your nose is a ****** for the scent.
Feel this wind that sweeps around our barely lifeless bodies. Like mannequins we stand here quietly. Almost like we are invisible. That is how the world feels. People rushing by and around me like the breeze. I watch silently from within my own body unable to control anything on the outside.
I watch others control my own actions. They put me in danger and I let them. Why do I let them? Answer me why do I let them?
Breathe in this truth with me. The truth that we are never controlled by our own will but by the fear from within us. The things we have gone through in the past. The unknown. It takes us by the hand and leads the way. We call out and ask where it is taking us but does it answer? Why would it? I already know.
It takes us to the end.
So breathe with me and we will wait on this cliff edge a little longer for the void to call our names.
Troy May 17
For the past few months
My life has been hell
But then someone walked in
And brought a light

A light shining so bright
I was able to see hope
For the first time in years
Someone I love being around

But things don’t always work
They way you wish them to
So now in order to keep sane
Feelings that developed need to be drowned

I don’t want this person
To end up walking out of my life
Cause of a mistake that I
Or my alters make

I must be strong
But that’s always a problem
For I have no idea
How to be strong

I’ve never been good at it
It’s always eluded me
Especially since I tend
To develop feelings fast

And that’s always been an issue
I like him so ******* much
But at the same time
I fear that I scared him

Maybe I did something wrong
Maybe I pushed too much
Was I doing something wrong
I don’t know anymore

All I know is that
I need to go back
To being numb
Until the time is right

Who knows when that will actually be
Or if that will actually happen
But at the same time
My alters and I are accepting fate

The Gods and Goddesses
Like to toy with us
So I feel that I’m destined to be alone
Lost in the waves of torment

Being battered by the rocks
Shoved down by the current
Made to be abused by fate
Until I’m a perfect play toy
the vultures are circling
the vultures are searching
the vultures are waiting
for me to mess up
the vultures are hungry
they want a taste of the skin
around my fragile bones
but i,
i hold a torch
a warning sign
ive had enough
(please leave me alone)
(im so tired)
put up these walls
so i can forget
but it leaves US
with the task
of making holes to communicate
while trying to keep
the walls glued together
DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is a complicated and yet amazing mental disorder...
CROW Mar 24
Who are we,
Who are we,
We are the protector the one who comes to save,
We are the one who takes the blows and stays brave,
One two skip a few,
You blink and its a different me looking back at you,
We are the lover the passion that blazes,
We have the care that lives to walk relationship mazes,
Again Again with the nod of a head,
You realize again that another me is dead,
Now We are the crazy the life of the party,
We sing we dance and we eat meals that are very good and hearty,
You roll your eyes,
And another me dies,
We are the genius the mind and the brain,
We enjoy that homework you saw as a pain,
You drop your pen,
We change to a different person again,
We are the servant the one who comes to help,
We come at your beck, call, yelp, and whelp,
You reach out to try to pull me back in,
But there are more then one of us to love my friend,
We are the many inside of the few,
We are here and you don't know how to explain us or what to do.
+----(JUST ACCEPT US)----+
Devoted to Lucifer, Pearl, Alfred, Numby(Wick), Crow, and Alastor
Because We are Me,
But with company!
OJ Mar 17
It is Tuesday March 17th
Stuck in the house with my family
School was cancelled
Friends cannot visit
Therefore I am here
I made a *** of mint tea for me and OJ's little sister
And did a lot of work OJ had not done
Checking email periodically to see if anyone died
I got up at 8 to clean the bathroom
Enjoyed some coffee with a waffle and jam

As I'm here I await a message from a friend on Skype
Staring at the screen as I write out this poem
As the words flow through my mind

I take a break and watch an old fashion loony tunes cartoon
OJ Mar 16
I am engulfed in nothing but darkness and light

Fading away

Pieces of myself shatter into the abyss
Then I wake up

I'm in the hospital again
It's cold and smells strongly of chemicals

The moonlight shines through the window
And shines on my pale face

I close my eyes for a second
And I open my eyes to a small blonde girl with piercing blue eyes

She was obviously a hallucination
But she felt so real

She flung herself onto me
And told me itll be okay

She rubbed my neck
"That rope doesnt belong there"

She, after awhile stood up and looked at me fall asleep

And seemingly joined with the moon
KHY Feb 24
You know what I did,
But not what it meant
Just because you know what someone has done doesnt mean you understand what it meant
Troy Jan 26
Best thing about DID
Is the Alters who take the trauma
That the host can't handle
For it pains the host too much

Trauma that is forgotten
The memories and pain
All forgotten
In the blink of an eye

Today another is born
To take the most painful of memories
Ones of betrayal, lies and deceit
Of the one the host wants in life

Love that is non fleeting
Love that brings pain
Love that is so sorrowful
That it can rip the host apart

So here I stay
For the host to remain safe
I have been created
To burden this grief

Though not many know
What DID is and how it works
It's easy to learn
If you do some research

Today we talk
With the one the host loves
But there is a time limit
For I go to eternal slumber in a week

His choice is what determines my fate
Whether I go to sleep
Or if I get melded back into the host
My only wish is he chooses wisely

Cause even though
Eternal slumber sounds nice
It is a torture
Like none other

I will be in a constant nightmare
Thrashed into repeating this event
Over and over
Till I finally crack
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