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Just a scent all it takes

And am rendered powerless to your hold

I miss the days i harnessed control over my emotions

Now and then imagine a world without your chains but honestly
Prefer the restraints
I can't imagine a world outside your arms. The very idea of all that freedom scares me.
John McCafferty Jul 2020
Blame the restraints
for putting things off
When juggling lots
are you equipped to restrict
Having let previous priorities slip
Is a sense of urgency necessary
to measure the relevance of discipline

Hesitant rings when the end is nigh
The bottom line aligned to confine
Day turns to night in the passage of time
Ignorance's bliss blisters bright
As the goal is narrowing
A margin call for all your foresight
You've done enough not to miss
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
courtney May 2018
though speaking is forbidden
thoughts are not
though love must be hidden
it is they who call the shots
we get no choice
no voice
no freedom
to do what we want
and where
they all preach freedom
they all claim equality
but where is freedom when you're bound by restraints
where is equality when you're shunned by your race
you can't change your heart, your mind, your path
you can't change your sad, your happy, your wrath
when it all comes down to it
it is up to them
what you do
when you do it
and where
you can't spin around and twirl in your favorite dress
for there are restraints and that's disrespect
you can't laugh aloud and smile real big
for there are restraints and that's completely rigged
restraints, restraints
i want you to be no more
my heart is bleeding from the label: you *****
my body is sore,
let me go
let me free
i want to soar like the birds above the trees
spread my wings and fly real high
if i falter, i'll just have to try
again and again until i get things right
i'll never stop, no not out of fright
i wont give up without a fight
all i want is to be free
to say goodbye to restraints
hello to the breeze
but that's not okay is it?
to want to be me
rules and regulations
they rule this world
society itself is a huge firebird
that plows through the cities,
fire on its wings
burning through the houses and girls' confidence
society is cruel, no not fair nor just
there is no freedom of speech or rights
restraints they are there
forever in a day
they tell you what to do
and they tell you what to say
and if you rebel
punishment will come your way
they take away your little freedom and send you into dispair
so you must play their games and deal with the rules
just count down the days until you can absolve into a big crowd and say goodbye
to this life you once lived with no freedom or life
one day their restraints will no longer contain you
you will be a bird in a cage with the door wide open
so wait little birdie
keep your strength hidden away
for one day you'll spread your wings and set to the sky
away and away from this terrible life
full of restraints,
no voice
no choice
no freedom

wait little bird
for your day to be free
written: 11/15/17
Svode Oct 2017
The pain.
It hurts.
It hurts so much.
I've tried every drug,
but the pain doesn't dissipate.

It's been so long
since my mind has been sound.
Since my body had been free;
Free from this defeating pain,
Free from the issues of life,

It's a bird,
knocking on my window.
Every. Day.
It never goes away,
It'll surely knock tomorrow also.
I need it gone.

There are manacles;
Shackles on my soul.
I would do anything to find the key
and set myself free.
They might never go away;
The chains will constrain me tomorrow.
I need them gone.

The pain.
It hurts.
Like a bird pecking constantly,
Like restraints tying me down,
I've tried it all,
but the pain doesn't dissipate.
Shane Leigh May 2017
I often wonder how many steps would take me to Mars;
Whether the Moon, indeed, casts its shadow over us; or
If we truly see the gaseous rays of the Sun.
Do we truly wish to be different from another?
Do dragonflies and lilies dance in the fading colors of the day?
Such beautiful reds, and blues, and purples until finally,
Giving way to vast lights of fireflies in the night sky;
Oh! How I wish to catch you and keep you.
The jar I’d keep you in would be glorious.
So glorious!

“I have caught a star!” I’d shriek;
But, as I’d look at you, I’d pity your existence.
Are you not safe in my jar bright star?
Safe from croaking frogs and wide-eyed lizards;
Safe from extinguishing lights of your light.
How I pity your existence.
I’d set you free and watch as you fly
To the night above where, again, I’d wish to capture you.

I listen to the howling of distant wolves and wonder
If those wolves, with sharp fangs and glowing eyes,
Would relent to me.
Relent to me creatures of fair coats and mesmerizing eyes
As we swirl into the endless black hole that is my imagination.
It ***** in all things and spits them back out
With vibrant colors and –
Let us journey to Mars and back: Come … Come!
Oh, sorry ... I got sidetrack.

It’s beautiful though,
The dark sky and its vast space full of blinking and sparkling
Street lights bright with colors – on and off - like strobe lights.
It puts me in a peaceful trance
Like my dearest aunt’s sweet lullabies
Before it goes dark.
A spotlight blinding my half-opened eyes
And the touch of hands firmly against my head.
Pulling taught my legs and arms;
Tightly grasping my ankles and wrists.
A jolt of electricity;
Again, more darkness.
Then the sparkling lights of far away fireflies,
And I ponder,
Just how many steps would take me to Mars.
© Shane Leigh
Wacsleftyy Jan 2016
Tight is the mind that lies lonely in its dark cell
Anxious and tense it awaits its release
Angry is the mind that feeds off negative thoughts
Disarray and confusion they do as they please

Do what you have to do
Say what you have to say
Think what you want to think
As long as it pleases those around you

See what you want to see
Like what you wants to like
Feel what you want to feel
As long as it is accepted by those around you

Freedom is a lie, like the smiles on their faces
I promise you, she said, one day we'll go places
Stop caring so often there is'nt much left
**** them all off
Before they take what you have
Ava Bean Nov 2015
If I was a garden
Were you my vibrant flowers?
Or were you my choking weeds?
Aria of Midnight Feb 2015
what if my cage
is out of sight;
inside my mind?

these shackles
cling to my wrists
can you see them?

you envy my freedom--
one you perceive me

one I never
ever had.
Akemi Feb 2014
Can’t catch this hue of you
I’m a scathing black in the midnight blues
An overcast sky, blanketing blister-paced eyes
Hangs right above my neck

I’ve brewed restless ache
It settles deep in the space
Between my lusts and restraints
Scared to death either way

I’ve let the blood in my skin
Sink into bones and teeth
Crimson flush under limbs
Stiffer than death

I’m all I lack
11:23pm, February 25th 2014

How our fears get in the way of our wants.
It doesn't matter what you do, you will be judged by others, so you might as well do what you love.
Carry your convictions proud.

— The End —