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Big Virge Nov 2020
Now It’s NOT About...
Making... PREDICTIONS... !!!

It’s About Airing Opinions...
Within The Things I’ve Written... !!!
What The Future Will Bring... !!!

So That Goes For Politicians...
Whose Statements Lead To Missions...
Where Predictions Soon Go MISSING...

You’ve Simply Got To LISTEN... !!!
To... TALK They Use...
To Leave People Confused...
Just Like Newsrooms...
That Feed FALSE News... !!!

And That’s NO Prediction...
There’s PLENTY of PROOF... !!!

That... Over The Years...
They’ve Used VENEERS...
To Steer People To FEAR...
And This Is... CLEAR... !!!

Their Financial Predictions...
Are Those Linked To Business...
That AVOID The Masses Ears... !!!

Because of Political BIAS...
And Their Media Friends...
Who Seem To Be LIARS... !?!

Who... DON’T Predict...
But Tend To Breed CONFLICT...
Because of Scripts...
That They’re Paid To FLIP... !!!

Like Jurors Who Are Made...
To Make Decisions Sway...

For Crims To... Slip.........
Right Through The Grip...
of Police Detectives... !!!!

Due To Gangsters Equipped...
To Predict Who LIVES...
If People DON’T Do...
What They’re TOLD To DO... !!!

So Predictions APPEAR...
From Those Who Can Make...
People... DISAPPEAR... !!!

So That Their Friends Can Evade...
Ever Being... “ MADE “... !!!!

Like Those Who ELEVATE...
In The... MAFIA Game... !!!!!

Predictions Are The Way...
That Many Make Their Name...
When They Predict The FATE...
of Those Deemed To Be Snakes... !!!

Who... TRY To PREDICT...
How To Get Them PINCHED...
By Choosing To SNITCH... !!!

So That They Can QUIT...
Doing... Gangster Bids... !!!

That Predict A Life of Prison Time... !!!
Because of Crimes That Went AWRY... !!!

Because of Predictions...
That Were NOT Right... !!!

Like Predicting Who Will Be Right For You...
Because Only A FEW  Seem To Have A Clue...
Who The Right Person Is...
With Whom They Should Live...
Who Will Build A Link...
That Is... LONG LASTING... !!!

It’s HARD To Predict...
Whose Cool Within... ?!?
The Breed We Now Know...

When So Many Now Show...

So Some Predictions Come...
To Let The Wrong... GO... !!!

When CERTAIN Movements...
That What You Thought...
Or... Tried To Predict...

From The Beginning of Things... !!!

Predictions CAN TRIP...
And Make You... SLIP... !!!

Ask Those Who Play Poker...
And Enjoy... GAMBLING... !!!

Who’ll Tell You Things Like THIS... !!!

“Predictions are for jokers,
who think they know everything !”

Which As Most Folks Know...
... ISN'T How Things Go... !!!

We All Take A Chance From Time To Time...
And Follow Our Hearts WITHOUT Being WISE... !!!
But That’s What Life Is About Sometimes...

Sometimes You’ve Got To Guess...
What’ll Work For You... BEST... !!!

From Men To Women...
To Advising Children...
Some Things You Suggest...
Will Be... INCORRECT... !!!

So Of Course You Then...
Have To TRY AGAIN... !!!!

Instead of Try To... PREDICT...

And WEIGH UP The Options...
And Possible PROBLEMS...
of The Choices That You Make...
To AVOID... Mistakes... !!!

And Predicting Pure NONSENSE...
Because They Can Work GREAT...
But Can Shake And BREAK... !!!

Your Life And The Things...
That You Choose To Relate...
To Those Who You Advise...
Through Predictions Made...
That DON’T Make The Grade...
of Helping People RISE... !!!

Be They OLDER Minds...
Or Those of A CHILD... !!!
It’s Better To Give...
Something INFORMATIVE...

Than To Try To Advise...
From A LACK of Thinking...

That Leave Your Thoughts Positioned...
In A Place That LACKS Precision...

Which Means...
You Then CAN'T Make...

.... ACCURATE....

.... “ Predictions “.... !!!
Be careful, as the poem suggests, when you try to make...
Psychostasis Oct 2019
The first time my third eye opened, the world was horrifying to view.
I could see my entire life, each mistake glaring at me and pounding against my psyche.
Every good moment collided with the bad,
The future turned inside out and bathed me in a gory downpour of the viscera of moments to come.

Now, each time the sparks and fires start in my brain, it reopens
And with this golden eye of the blind gods, I'll stare into everyone's souls.
I'll watch all of you and judge you by the contents of your very essence.

I'll see you in the way you refuse to see yourself.
Because if people see what they want to see,
I've made it my duty to see the truth in all of it's slithering glory
As it encircles the apple, and beckons me forward.
Psychostasis Sep 2019
Dreams shifting visions of reality being bent directly into my cerebellum.
It's nice.
The day's are Sunny, and the air is hazy with good energy.
The sun vanishes and night encapsulates my psyche.
I hear splinters of conversations.
Fragments of discourse hurled into my dreamscape from their proper position in time.

This has happened before.
Same stories.
No. It has not happened before this moment, not in reality.
But being given this gift comes with the curse of the unknown;
Knowing what is to come
But never having a due date.
we do not really know
what to expect of times to come

those who dare say they do
are more or less intelligently speculating
and their assumptions usually don‘t exceed
foggy predictions read from crystal *****

so what?
the problem is not really new
all our ancestors
     some more desperate than others
were longing for the certainty
they thought would go with knowledge
of all things as yet to come

     fact is we have survived without it
     for some million years

even if our digitized society
     obsessed with quantifying everything
     from time to work to *** to pleasure
seems mortally in fear of lack of data
     about the future

the one thing we can say for sure
is that life will be different
because the only constant in our world
is change

     know it
     and get on
The last two lines are borrowed from U.S. author and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison in her reply to a question of what to do about unpleasant news/experience.--
Sonia Thomas Nov 2018
Are we looking for endings?
Or just a means to an end?
We're so used to the idea of stories not ending unless they end happily
that we must push,
bolt the door,
and plaster smiles on our faces till we convince ourselves we're finally okay.

What about unanswered questions we both have?
I turn to the pages of my diary to ask why you left.
To ask why you didn't try to stop me from leaving.
To ask if you ever cared or if you feel the same sense of relief that I feel now that you're gone.

What would be the last frame of this movie anyway?
Are we smiling as we walk our own ways?
Is one of us left crying at the table we shared drinks and curses at?
Are we going to be dragged kicking, screaming to our ends by our own egos?

Or will this end softly in silence?
Will a last kiss be appropriate?
Will a last time running my hands over a real, unpixelated body be enough?

There are more open doors now than ever before.

But, yours is the only one I want to close.
Orchid Oct 2018
Lets talk about our past memories
All the stories and all the tales
Let’s talk about all our theories
And how they never seem to last
Cause we never seem to look past
All of our notes and all our facts

Let’s find ourselves alone
At 3am. Crying on our beds,
Avoiding the biggest traffic cone
Inside of our sorrowful heads.

Because we can’t escape ourselves,
What we’ve broken upon the shelves.
And we started counting in twelves,
Forgetting the one’s and the thirteen’s,
And all the rest in the in betweens.
Now we can’t find anything to be unseen.

If only we had taken our predictions,
And thrown out all our guns,
Lived like all the billions,
And stopped resting in coffins.
This is a poem I wrote to my old group of friends. It talks about how I told them our friendship wasn’t going to last, but they insisted we would all be fine. Long story short, we weren’t.
Scarlet M Mar 2018
I really wish
the universe had found
a way to let me know a bit earlier
that you were just going
to be a temporary
existence in this
permanent solitary heart,
the aftermath's pretty much the same;
well, it could be worst I mean
storms get predicted
so why can't you?
Skylar Keith Oct 2017
I bet you thought it was going to have something to do with snow
Well you weren't wrong, I just said it
Yet you are wrong

You think I'm that easy?
You think you can predict me so well
Too bad
You can't do that
You cannot read my mind the way you think you can

I'm not your average experiment
You don't see my smiles
My laughs
You don't see my plan

It's the counterattack
Think I'm easy, think I'm simple
You think I'll play right into your hands?

I'd think the same if I was you
Everything is planned
Every hug, tear and laugh
It's all planned

When we part
You'll be the one trying to hold on
I won't depend on you

I'm not your experiment
I'm not that easy
You don't know **** on what's going on up in there
I know
and I'll make an experiment
Continue like this
You might be next

Or maybe I live under the same illusion of being being able to read you

Is it a white lie to say I don't care?
TheModernHippie Oct 2017

I’ll have a car, a ride, a pony, stallion HAHA or not.
Grey. Just the right size actually. Shouldn’t actually matter, but it does if you think about it.
maybe a little since it’s out of a comfort zone.
I felt the chills on my neck just now lol.
I know I talk easy but my mind will be racing for sure.
I’ll think about the mood, the vibe, think about where things will be and why.
I’ll wonder why I’m there for sure.
And I’ll be a little good kinda scared.
But I will be growing, no matter.
That night will be evidence.

Too early to tell?
I wouldn’t know.
But I know I’ll have tried to get at least 1 friend to go. Or two.
Probably should invite them now.
But what if I DO lone wolf it?
She’ll get to see me being outgoing and not awkward with people. She’ll see me as fun to be with knowing he can get out of his skin to make something of himself where no one judged who he was
and where he came from
or how he spoke
and how he dressed.
Oh, thinking about it, it’s what I really want. Exploration, adventure, people.
Money won’t be an issue,
but if I’ll need a tissue
or buy a drink for you.

Which I don’t mind too.

Maybe you’d be thinking the same.
I’ve known this human as a real being for only 4 hours max. All that online talk, sure we get each other, sure we connect, but it’s the night where I become something to you for sure.
You’ll become something for me maybe, even.
Hopefully, and fearfully.

But tonight the night will surely be a new scene,
so on our guard we’ll be.
I don’t know if you do that,
and you don’t know if I go to these.
I don’t know anything about you
I’m scared.
I feel like I should.
But nonetheless,
It’s a process I want to be on.

I’ll think a dozen things
or two,
and overthink what I actually want to do.
I’ll roll with the punches and play along,
and I actually had a thought,
maybe even sing you a song.
This is too early to tell.
I’m usually like this, sorry. I attach myself to people easily,
and maybe this is good or bad,
Because we will connect and be on the same wavelength and talk freely without judgement from the lookers and nobodies.


And we might even flirt a little, arm touching, smiling wildly, trusting.
“That beer will do fine right about now :)”
“You sure you’re not gonna get drunk like the last time?”
“Trust me, of all the nights, this is one I want to be sober on. Plus, this won't be our last time :)”


But it just means that I’m exposed.
And my strength will dwindle, you see.
For you are as exactly in the position to react to my actions and expressions that will drive me towards exaggeration and exasperation, or painful expectations and realizations, as accordingly.
I cannot be defenseless.
There is so much of me that needs work on
And I know if you are everything I pictured you to be, then you are one of the only things that can destroy me.
So who really knows how the night will end?
Will a romantic be satisfied
or continue to be deprived of something he felt,
could be real…
...for a moment at least?
Will he ever so gracefully take hold and do away with it so beautifully
or will he be struck down once again,
ever so dutifully?

Well, we’ll know for sure, won’t we?
How about that, you're excited for something.
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