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Venus 3d
As I stare out in front of me,
I see a beautiful creature small and fail
She cannot breathe as the weight of her life is pushing on her chest
And taking the breath from her ever-collapsing lungs
She sees me standing near her
Watching her
And lifts a hand to me
As I take it
Her skin turns pale and her struggle for breath ends
She cannot breathe
For her life has been taken by stress that she did not cause
Her face molds into a frown and yellow paint seeps out of every crevice
And sunflowers find their way into the light
Her lifeless body gives life to happiness and joy
When her life was so sad
And dull
Her wardrobe is being packed away by men who did not even know the girl
It is not their job to know
But to only pack away items of no use
The garments are small enough for a child
But the creature herself had been alive for two decades
She would not let herself eat
Otherwise, no one would love her
Except for the people who love sunflowers and yellow paint
She felt so alone, and that the world hated her. When in reality she was loved.
Tatiana Sep 14
I create while under the influence
   of my mind's imbalance.
Equilibrium is not found
within me.

Ask me to walk the line you'll find
   I can do it just fine
But on the inside I've fallen off the line,
which was well above the ground.

Touching the clouds I shout
    I'm falling! I'm falling!
Down from the sky my head was in
I've fallen into a garden.

The first thing I see upon waking up
    is a sunflower facing the sun.
The most surreal flower I've ever seen
is what I'm greeted with after a dream.

Sunflowers don't look real to me.
© Tatiana
They just don't look real to me at all.
have you ever thought about positivity
from a pessimist's perspective?

it's not exactly days filled with blue skies, friendship, and laughter.

not always bright smiles, and the colour yellow.

it's simply being able to stand up and carry on after constantly being knocked down by your own thoughts.

it's knowing that even though you're not feeling great today, happiness is on its way.

- v.m
happy world positive thinking day
Renhui Sep 13
bleak street
shadows of the poles
on the ground
      --Wall Street Journal unread

in suits
a man walking --
Mary Frances Aug 21
We are like Sunflowers.
We always look forward
for the Sun's radiance.
Even if sometimes
it's just too harsh,
still, it makes us feel alive.
Mary Frances Aug 21
Like Sunflowers, your presence is bright and warm.
Like Sunflowers, your love is soothing and sweet.
Like Sunflowers, your embrace is home.
This is dedicated to my Grandmother who just celebrated her 68th birthday. She raised me as her own ever since my mom passed away when I was 8. I am ever thankful for her love and support for all of my life.
Elizabeth Jul 7
And after the sun had set and the kitten was sleeping, I’d lie awake dreaming of a me I could never be. I’d lie awake promising a change I would fail to make as the days went by - As I marked my calendar June 29. I lied awake hoping for a chance I would fail to take because somewhere along the way I lost sight of my strengths, I switched paths on who I really wanted to be. But one day I hope I lie awake at night only dreaming of beautiful sunflowers of yellow and sluggish greens. I hope one day I wake up in the morning greeted with warm tea and an overcasting shadow of soft pinks and purples in the sky. I hope one day it’s you and me instead of just me. Just me
Sunflowers of sluggish yellow and green.
Elizabeth Jul 2
And when the time comes my tears won't be falling like rain for it will be warm tea and fresh honey streaming down my cheeks.
I hope one day I will bathe in sunflowers and new love - I'm tired of the dead leaves that burden my body, they soak in like fresh coconut on my skin.
I sit underwater where time stops for a second, and I am at peace. I hope one day I can run into rushing waterfalls without begging for that moment of altered reality. I hope one day I bathe in roses instead of my sorrows.
What do you hope for?
Elizabeth Jul 2
I’m jealous of those who fall asleep dreaming of warm tea and sunflowers while I lie awake at night fighting my demons till half-past two. My days are stolen from me by the exhaustion that weighs me and my eyelids down. They are too heavy for me to carry but I’m too tired to care. I have nightmares in my daydreams just thinking about the demons I will battle through the night. What happens when I lose?
I want a nice bed of roses to lie upon, maybe that will help me sleep.
Reem Hajal Jun 18
a little girl ran across a field of sunflowers.
when she reached the end of it,
she was met with a much older pure being.

“what lies beyond, God?”
“what lies beyond sunflowers,
are moon poppies my dear.
moon poppies are eternal, ever blooming.
they don’t belong on Earth,
only here, at the end of the line.
moon poppies are prettier than the moon!
might even compete with your eyes,
and the song you were singing yesterday.
would you like to see one?”

“must i die to see a moon poppy, Eternal one?”
come, i’ll show you around.”
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