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My relationship
with you is like that
of the sunflowers
and moon-
always distant
and dying in the absence
of your light.
Xella Sep 27
In Amsterdam a few years ago I stood below 12 sunflowers.
Standing still I stared at the bright strokes, bold
With something but I.
Could not understand I.
Did not see a plan, and I.
Felt small, my heart in my hand alone below bright beaming sunflowers
Some sort of morse code.

Through the frame I look at sunflowers still stale.
For a moment I was nauseous and the world spun round
Like a horror story the painting asks for a gift.
I could not provide, salty eyes and lips
I could not give, a heavy handed thought.
So I turned on my heel
and left.
Based on a true story...for real.
Mrs Anybody Aug 30
we should
like sunflowers -

the dark,
the shadows
behind us

and facing
the light,
the good things
in front of us
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Carl Miller Aug 27
Nothing warms My heart more than a summer peach
Sweeter than honey and softer than cashmere
Summer sunflowers to brighten up the old oak shade
Tranquil drawl in a sing-song voice, a lullaby to my ear
You know You love someone when it makes Your heart happy to write a poem about them. I hope You enjoy this one as much as I do.
Cox Aug 21
Can I be yellow and full of large petals and sun like you???
Mitch Prax Aug 21
Sunflowers bloom
then sunflowers kiss.
Ah yes,
it's spring
That I've missed.
Cox Jul 18
The sun cries.
Lonely in the sky,
where birds fly- they pay no attention.
Clouds roll by, fading.
Sunflowers fighting for warmth- using him,
only to close back up at night.
thomezzz Jul 16
When God created sunflowers,
He most certainly thought of you.
Crafted from every unique yellow hue
And birthed into a world of blue

Your roots dug deep underground
And captured everyone you knew
Taller and taller, your green stalk grew
Reaching heights that were completely new

Your yellow petals soaked in the sunlight
And sparkled in your brown eyes
As the sun rose, your voice filled the skies
Creating the most beautiful sunrise

Years passed, and your roots dug deeper
And you found a companion within the field
A true love that would never yield
And a seedling yet unrevealed

God gifted us with you; the perfect sunflower
And as the sun sets, we know
You’re back where the sunflowers grow
And you run amongst thee
Your brown hair floating in the yellow sea
Forever young, wild, and free.
Understanding the stars to your galaxies
Made of past and future complexities
Is the path we took made of possibility
Which ended in us walking separately

Though we're broken and bruised feeling further apart
With moments that'll never silence my heart
I still look for you in the ocean of people
But I know it's your stars that'll only show

Though I won't forget the tune you played
When you tugged at my heartstrings
You brought the music back with memories we made
When you tugged at my heartstrings

Seeing shimmers of blue starting back at you
A reflection I will never unsee
With feilds of gold glowing in the dark
I hope they'll remind you of me

Building moments created by the smallest of things
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