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The sunflowers are in full bloom as we see
scattered borders crossed over with bomb filled broken dreams

Now, stop and think
We may never hear the raindrops fall again, while the lost children lead us through the scorched fields with their soft spoken pleas

Their desperate sighs rise from across the airwaves left depleted in uncertain scriptures, the forces pull back and a shattered town breathes

The sunflowers are in full bloom surrounded by visions etched in our minds of destruction and death dissolved

Now, stop and think
Sitting on burned out rooftops, we see the tortured fog of war covering up the lifeless soldiers that tatter the streets below, no more bombs or sirens blaring
One confused soldier yells, "Why are we here?!!!"

The sunflowers are in full bloom negotiating through peaceful serenity, identities clashing with unrestrained intensity

Now, stop and think
Open your eyes in the time of a desperate calling, unite as one and let the sunflowers continue to grow wild and free
Sow good seeds,
They'll bloom blossoms of love,
Add some good deeds,
Invite the sun from up above...
to rise up within you,
So you shall shine with rays of kindness,

You have to **** the weeds,
stay away from the snakes,
for you
your garden's sake...

Tulips, zinnias, petunias, sunflowers
peonies too,
how wonderful for you!
Sow good seeds and do good deeds for your reward will be beautiful bountiful blooms with fragrance of hope and colors of love. @venjenciecliftonarnold Author Ven J Arnold at
Pen name is #SacredInkedBlood
Lawrence Hall Dec 2021
Lawrence Hall

                     A December Sunflower but No Cigar

While walking in the garden, thinking about things
And wishing I had a cigar, I saw a sunflower
A volunteer, a brave young volunteer
From late summer’s glorious display

Most everything around it was brown and down
Except for a few tiny timid weeds
Some withering blades of tenacious grass
And a few scruffy zinnias along the fence

In January’s frosts it will disappear
But for now, the little sunflower - and we - are here
A poem is itself.
Mitch Prax Aug 2021
I can sense you
in every sunflower-
in the scent of every petal,
the sweetness of the pollen
and the colour and light
you radiate.
Mitch Prax Aug 2021
Loving me is like
watering a sunflower
but without the sun

12:21 AM
Have you been in a field of flowers
Yellow flowers in the sun!
Did you know they are always
Always turning to the sun
Let us be like those flowers
Always turning to the light
Always sharing always caring
What a beautiful sight!

Shell ✨🐚
Sunflowers always turn to the light
Let us be like sunflowers always shining
Maria Mitea Mar 2021
the body of the world dies slowly under the blue sky,
- ants are also in competition with death,
they recycle their ***** in plastic bags,
sunflower seeds chew their own shell,
the sun dies slowly on terra”s body pierced by white worms.
Zoe N Feb 2021
a simple memory, so fragile & could be forgotten
it seems so long ago that we were there,
riding bikes in the dusty air of summertime,
along the empty streets, & once in a while
the dogs would bark as we passed,
angry to be awoken from their summertime slumber.

lying on top of so much history, so many stories,
buried forever in the tall grass & sunflowers
that waved in the breeze as we passed.
you're still there, aren't you?
waiting, watching for me to return, &
for me to remember who I am.

sunset, lighting up the whole world
those sunflowers glowing crimson & gold,
and in the last moments before the sun disappeared,
they hold on to a moment of time,
a reminder of those summer days.

in the middle of a town where people rush around day & night,
in the middle of all those modern buildings, modern people, modern world
you still wait for me to remember; in all the golden splendor,
in the simple fragility of your untouched world,
you wait for us to remember those summer days
that are now only memories, faded and almost forgotten.

Wait for me. I'll come back.
Any feedback welcome :) @Copyright 2021 Zoe N
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