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Have you been in a field of flowers
Yellow flowers in the sun!
Did you know they are always
Always turning to the sun
Let us be like those flowers
Always turning to the light
Always sharing always caring
What a beautiful sight!

Shell ✨🐚
Sunflowers always turn to the light
Let us be like sunflowers always shining
Maria Mitea Mar 7
the body of the world dies slowly under the blue sky,
- ants are also in competition with death,
they recycle their ***** in plastic bags,
sunflower seeds chew their own shell,
the sun dies slowly on terra”s body pierced by white worms.
Zoe N Feb 21
a simple memory, so fragile & could be forgotten
it seems so long ago that we were there,
riding bikes in the dusty air of summertime,
along the empty streets, & once in a while
the dogs would bark as we passed,
angry to be awoken from their summertime slumber.

lying on top of so much history, so many stories,
buried forever in the tall grass & sunflowers
that waved in the breeze as we passed.
you're still there, aren't you?
waiting, watching for me to return, &
for me to remember who I am.

sunset, lighting up the whole world
those sunflowers glowing crimson & gold,
and in the last moments before the sun disappeared,
they hold on to a moment of time,
a reminder of those summer days.

in the middle of a town where people rush around day & night,
in the middle of all those modern buildings, modern people, modern world
you still wait for me to remember; in all the golden splendor,
in the simple fragility of your untouched world,
you wait for us to remember those summer days
that are now only memories, faded and almost forgotten.

Wait for me. I'll come back.
Any feedback welcome :) @Copyright 2021 Zoe N
Bullet Jan 20
The energy it produces
Aisles for looking for a pair
Of eyes to feel the heal
The bandages over the heart
Decorate the office with a ray
The device tells me that sunflowers I should pay for
Save those roses, the pedals will grow in gray

Every eye gives me a side for inside
Each piece divided by parts your senses speak
for now my soul is pulled apart
Different car can drift it apart
Cassette deck just to reverse the tape back
Hood locks just to perpetuate
This steering wheel might roll off at this rate

I stumbled home
Living in gray
Hearts open
A lot of shots to take
But I grab everyone
Of those fragments that break
the soul that pays the drift toll
Told of the stories of a wasted saved soul
But the heart rays can’t bandage the sunflowers that will lay

The air that bounds love is very limited
But the feelings all have no boundaries
kcpoetry Dec 2020
she held hands with a bouquet of sunflowers on the ride home today.

maybe she isn’t so lonely after all.
Mitch Prax Oct 2020
My relationship
with you is like that
of the sunflowers
and moon-
always distant
and dying in the absence
of your light.
Xella Sep 2020
In Amsterdam a few years ago I stood below 12 sunflowers.
Standing still I stared at the bright strokes, bold
With something but I.
Could not understand I.
Did not see a plan, and I.
Felt small, my heart in my hand alone below bright beaming sunflowers
Some sort of morse code.

Through the frame I look at sunflowers still stale.
For a moment I was nauseous and the world spun round
Like a horror story the painting asks for a gift.
I could not provide, salty eyes and lips
I could not give, a heavy handed thought.
So I turned on my heel
and left.
Based on a true story...for real.
Mrs Anybody Aug 2020
we should
like sunflowers -

the dark,
the shadows
behind us

and facing
the light,
the good things
in front of us
also check out my other poems!  :)
Carl Miller Aug 2020
Nothing warms My heart more than a summer peach
Sweeter than honey and softer than cashmere
Summer sunflowers to brighten up the old oak shade
Tranquil drawl in a sing-song voice, a lullaby to my ear
You know You love someone when it makes Your heart happy to write a poem about them. I hope You enjoy this one as much as I do.
verwandlung Aug 2020
almost two years
and what i have done in those
two years alone

the sunflower stem,
broken and withered, it's wound
bare and vulnerable

is finally able to become
a subject of the love i should
have caressed it in

when all i could do
was leave it to dry up, it's soil
cracking and shriveled

but now, watered
and nurtured, and cared for
slowly and slowly

the leaves begin
to grow again, its stem standing upright
and the flower;

it's golden petals
begin to blossom and bloom,

the sunflower
becomes it's own sun, grown again;
now my own sunflower
the third and final part of the three parts, finished after almost two years
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