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Alex Thiede Dec 6
Sunflowers and roses
A unique pair indeed
And they’ll blossom for you
Whenever you may need
You deserve more than these
A garden of wonder
And a symphony that plays
Like a soothing storm thunder
You’ll shine brighter than these
I know this to be true
And the reason that I say this
Is because I love you

Mitch Prax Dec 2
she was forever
the withered petals
of a beautiful sunflower
that never learned to bloom.
Mitch Prax Nov 26
She owned two cats
and a heart full of sunflowers.
we listened to the Wombats
and talked for seven hours.
She lived across the sea,
in a life unfulfilled.
I hope she does agree
that we have much to rebuild.
Jodie-Elaine Nov 25
Breathe out,
taking yourself out of the groggy room
Drawn back, six years old and
kicking high enough on the swing set,
high enough for tree tops.
Swinging became toes dangling from a high ledge
high ledges into things your parents told you not to touch, not to burn yourself on,

Let the taste burn,
Through fingertips
candle wax eloping down the wick, it's last flicker of redundant flame.
Time is runs short,
feel yourself creasing down the middle,
stained like an old table cloth, wilting away like sunflowers
curling at the corners
Dust swirls through the empty room, echoes in a ribcage, punctured lung.
Poem from April 2015
i'm different
i'm not like everyone else
which is a very important thing to remember
no one else is like me
most girls want roses
and milk chocolates
on first dates
but if you really want to please me
bring me sunflowers
and mint chocolate
and if you know that
then you have the key to my heart

just expanding a short poem i wrote
Fainche Nov 20
i yearn to grow
within my soul
‎but the soil in it ‎
is currently
experiencing drought
Dream Nov 18
You may not see me walking with the stars....

Because i walk with the breeze through the sunflower fields....

Ever seen anything more satisfying than that¿
Today i feel the most satisfied i have ever felt in my short 18 years of being. In these 18 years i have realized the importance of inner peace. I mean how dare i let an idiot who can't park properly ruin my day¿ How can i let him/her have that power over me¿ I have reached a point where i appreciate all the people in my life for being there and for all those who are not for not being there lol, you're only doing me good ❤. Happiness is a choice i have made. And i choose to make those around me happy too. After much introspection i am proud of who i have become and who i am becoming. I don't have to walk with the stars to be seen. My inner peace will make me known by those watching me walk with the cool breeze in sunflower fields.
روبرت Nov 17
You're the rose that grew from my concrete
Why a rose?
What about a sunflower?
Roses show beauty; sunflowers show joy
You are inexhaustible joy
Roses are fragile; sunflowers are bold
Your boldness drips like honey from your lips
Roses are elegance; sunflowers radiate
You are exuberance
My light, My vitality, My sunflower
Silver Nov 10
The day the world ended I was nine years old. A boy and girl from the fifth grade were getting married, and the whole fourth grade took to wedding preparations. I was tasked with purchasing flowers. On the way to practice I sat in the backseat, counting the orchids and tulips and roses ornamenting the bride’s long white veil; blooming in the gardens of the fairytale castle where they were to be joined in sacred union. Two purple tulips at her wrist. Three more in the lining of her satin gown. One white rose at her ankle and an orchid resting amid her golden locks. Cairo laughs out in croaky sandstorms and with my finger I trace a sunflower onto the dusty car window.

He pulls over and asks me to wait in the car while he buys a pack of cigarettes. I start changing into my training pants. A moment later the back door opens, uncalled for. I remember the wrinkled hands, the smoky breath in my mouth. I do not remember much else. It never does good to dwell on such memories. So I lean back into my seat, close my eyes; I count orchids and tulips and roses and wait for the world to end.

Eleven years later and a five hour flight; I drag the halves of my heart in two suitcases through Heathrow. I am in England and I have never much liked flowers, but the flower fields in England are vast and colorful, they bloom even through the scorching summer drought. When the girls and I go clubbing it is all about the boys. How many boys will offer you a drink, how many boys will you kiss tonight? The boys are accessory and the centerpiece is love. Karin loves us enough that she invites us to her dorm, offers us strawberries; we spend the rest of the night spilling secrets over wine and in the morning I do not go home. Instead, I ride my bike out to the fields and lay among the grass, hours before nature has woken from her slumber.

I think of Emily, who speaks fluent Mandarin and wants to become supreme court justice. Charlotte, on the plane from L.A. to Shanghai, Charlotte who dances like no one is watching. Karin, the Ivy League prodigee, who wants nothing more than to become a mother. I think of home and it is the porter’s laugh, when I stumble drunk into his lodge and ask for a spare key. My teacher, who grandly proclaims “le cinema est mort, long live the cinema”, and it is too hot to lecture and the rain is too loud, so we may well watch a film instead. The sunflowers slowly rise from their sleep, drops of water flow gracefully from their petals and onto my cheek. I begin to stand up, then lay back down; eyes open, I watch as the world begins.

Back in Cairo, my friends ask all the wrong questions: how many boys have offered you drinks? How many boys did you kiss in England? I laugh but do not tell them about the flower fields, how vast and colorful; how they bloom all year through snow and storm, pink petals blushing behind dusty white masks, how they bloom even through the scorching summer drought. Cairo smiles and I smile back, inhaling her dusty autumn winds. I toss my broken heart into the Nile, and a bright yellow sunflower grows in its place. No wrinkled hand will ever tow at my roots. No smoke ever dim the color in my cheeks. Like the flowers I will bloom, untamed and resilient.
bring me sunflowers and mint chocolate
on our first date
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