two grandkids, five pigs, six cows, 18 chickens, four cats, and a lonely male duck
~ for my friend, a gentle man who farms certain moments~

heard the word that a certain poet of the day
has a secret crew who aid and abet his perspective,
the precious precision to understand and retain
the flashes of color that need painting albeit in words

read that some animals develop regional dialects,
so it is with humans, we listen, like and learn subsets
of vision and that even every collective moment, nonetheless,
each speaks differently, but only the few, the very few,
have the mellifluous tongue to translate those private seconds into syllables so essential human and we learn that skill from careful listening to our heartbeat's singing response
to love and pain from all living creatures, great and small

6/24/17 5:06am

For Eliot

a man possessed awakes and blessing pronounces that the world needs another poetry site even though nothing new under the sun nonetheless the secret passion is coded and the white swells grow into a hurricane crescendo, lighting thunders cymbals and the non believers quietly step forward from places you never heard of, no longer cowards, me too, I am a poet with something to announce new, and I've been sitting patiently in distress, looking for a place to say,
see, I think I can, I think therefore, I am,
a named human.
no longer an asterisk.

6/22/17  2:40am nyc

for the ones who write me messages of & in loving trust

short and sweet, and I knew it complete before I even thought it in my wide awaken rain-brain somewhere tween
1 and 4am and maybe it doesn't have a cute twist to close it up

this curse of worry for family and people I have never met
pushes down the bile of my ego, my selfish vanity, what goeth before the fall, and whispers natty go back to sleep,
you're ok and when you groggy rise in two hours to open
the shuttered store, you be reassured, you are
your own best
customer and so are they and u laugh quietly,
so as not to wake the world  

7/20/17 3:46am

I'm no longer the son
of any earth bound man ;
in an inconsolable moment
i saw an angel fly away

with tear filled eyes
an awakened sigh opined
a flock of seagulls
soar upon winged wind

white bird climbs
    so very high
    gliding west
the shallow surface
of the inshore sky

as if a beckon to follow
      hearkened ;
as if they know the way

reverent fragments
       of the sea  
summoned back home

the Pacific Ocean wind song
segued into the call of the wild                                                 .

    June 18,   rivers   2017

Dad's been gone for awhile, we were blessed we shared the Pacific Ocean fishing together as best friends, in his last years. I lost him as a young man after a short battle with cancer.  Its odd how we remember a picture engraved indelibly somewhere within our soul, where we behold our most sacred memories as if it were only moments ago...

I don't normally reveal what's behind the written, the footprint of the writ is for both reader and writer to segue into thought beyond gathered words. Yet at this moment in my life, at this hour, it's different ... accepting the inevitableness of our own human mortality is a journey not a destination ―
I've never missed him as much as these days.

...the rest is in the writ

Nivek: "there are no stats for poetry"

I live with a woman who loves statistics and how they reveal so much about who we humans really are...

I live with a woman who too often weeps when she reads
my poetry...

so when I google "Statistics for Poetry,"
it leads me right back to this poem
and there you have it,
a matter of fact
a single stat for poetry,
courtesy of nat

6/18/17 8:59am
S. I.

Eliot York  May 16

Hi Nat, thank you so much for supporting our work. Let me know what I can do to make this place better for you. --Eliot

Nat Lipstadt  May 16

stay healthy

she is my Amazon (Prime)

and does all the household ordering electronically

and when she orders a dozen gross (12 x 144)
of scented large garbage bags...

Sensing opportunity,
I quickly give her a list of things I could use

if anyone needs extra white sweat socks,
Mens 10 - 13,
see me first

8:35am 6/18/17
S. I.**

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