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The older I grow the faster time flies
Wish my calender was telling me lies
I could try to stop earth from spinning around
But it is impossible to slow it down
My own cowardice
Botched last suicide attempt
Can I try again?
Although i am prone to suicidal tendencies i would never actually do it because of what it would do to my family
We may never be as foxy as we once were
Smiles falling out
Heads turning grey
I love you no matter how many wrinkles you have
How much or how little you weigh
Fight like foes but you're my best friend
Happy ******* valentine's day!
Over years we have grown
Little apart
Though a lot has changed
Still hold the key to my heart
I hope to one day find a love that is everlasting <3
Roses red
Violets blue
You are as stubborn as a donkey
I still love you
A late valentine's poem
The snowflakes vanished
Spring now here
Warm weather means one thing:
Summer hangs near!
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