Girls fall,

for we were raised to believe in fairy tales
and that a prince begins our happily ever after.

Girls fall,

like water over cliffs, as though love will save us
and gravity is no part of the equation.

Girls fall.

I certainly did for a boy,
as did another girl who already claimed him,

and as will other girls hereafter.

You never made me feel
as special as others make me feel now.
You never treated me that well
as much as others do now.
I know you told me you
never loved me truly
But my friends do..
they are more than what I ever hoped.
Its all about people, its how they are raised to be..
that's the difference between you, me and others.
The way you treated me doesn't let me
believe that I could be treated well.
But yes, they are treating me well.
How I wish I could make them feel
as special as they make me feel too.
How I wish I could forget everything
and start with a new slate!
How I wish..but wishes are not for me anymore!

How I wish I could feel more than before
TheseRoots Jul 2016

We struggle with what our parents taught us
That it was wrong to love the same gender
That we need to stay away from the colored folk
That thin people were beautiful and thick was unhealthy
and to stay away from the weird ones.
Even that if you have sex before you're married, you're a whore
and if they aren't Jesus lovers then they were raised poorly.
They taught us money and looks over love
and that an animal is just an animal.
They taught you wrong.
Love is love no matter the gender
A person is a person no matter the color
No matter the weight
No matter the appearance
No matter the personality
No matter the sexual activity
No matter the religion
and an animal is not just an animal.. It's a life.
Your parents taught you wrong
So I will teach you right.

It’s important to remember that Death,
has been conquered by Christ’s victory;
though our mortal flesh is perishable,
our spirits will rise and we will see

Him in His exalted radiance, as The Son.
Like Him, we too will be raised in glory;
we will be completely reconciled unto God,
with Christ having no sense of animosity

towards us, regarding His experiences
as our propitiation on Calvary’s Cross.
After all, He submitted to The Father’s
plan, for redeeming the World’s lost.

Out of dust, the first Adam was raised;
from Heaven, came last Adam: The Christ;
the first brought upon us sin and Death,
while the latter… bestowed eternal Life.
Author notes

Inspired by:
1 Cor 15:42-54

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.

Alaska Apr 2016

I hate the way
my voice sounds,
because sometimes
it comes off loud and
sometimes I give an attitude
when I honestly do not mean to.

But no one believes me.

I was raised in loudness.
Constant yelling, screaming , shouting , and rudeness.

I am coated with hatred.

Nothing calm, sweet and nice to be found, not even in the corners of my home.

I'm sorry.
I'm truly kind and caring,
only somewhat broken,
I promise.

Ronney Apr 2016

Taught  through criticism

Thoughts were fuelled with cynicism

Feeling love was conditioned

According to our submission

We were imprisoned

In our minds where we envisioned

Better lives it became a mission

Tears, sweat and blood were always a given

But we've risen

Above these constrictions

Freed from our prisons

To make acquisitions

To make decisions

Based on valid reason

We were raised to be different

A generation of deliverance

That would

be of great significance

~ they way in which you are raised will shape a persons view in life and what we believe needs fixing or doing
George Krokos Apr 2016

When the little individual ego is gradually erased
the small self to the True Self is eventually raised.
With the enlightenment of a person's false nature
ignorance is removed to reveal their real stature.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.

The superstitious,
all and about
But who, that gullible?
Come forth ye,
and lend me your ears!
I tell of a superstitious being!

Born and raised she was,
with the superstitious act,
was it external?
Or internal?

She told once her superstitions,
one out of numerous times,
what doubt I was in!

The superstition dumbfound itself,
hearken her superstitions!
The pride she carries within them!

Kaylene Jan 2016

Crippled by sin of a second nature
Nurture, heaven and home
Move with the motion of tongues and tide
Born beside kings
Silver and gold
Silicone sweet
Plastered with empathy
Healed by loyalty
Reflect of steel and stone
Since the dawn of the age of the innocent ones
The indigo children
The indigo children

Pardeep Nov 2015

“I raised my daughter as a son.”
“I raised my daughter as a son.”
“I raised my daughter as a son.”
“I raised my daughter as a son.”
Over and over these words leave their lips.
Smiling as if they have done a great deed.
Yet they will never say,
“I raised my son as a daughter.”

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