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Abby Jun 3
Hello Summer
I’ve missed you
Feel free to stay a while
We could all use your help
2020 ***** guys hopefully summer will be better
ms reluctance Apr 18
naked feet submerged
in the freshly watered grass –
balmy summer breeze

the loud twirling fan –
last slice of watermelon
hesitating hands

lazy guilt dissolved
laundry postponed once again
excuse in the rain
NaPoWriMo Day 18
Poetry form: Haiku
CAL Feb 13
this morning is watermon

a smiling friend
and a hug

reminder of a relationship
and a cut tongue

waxy wrappers
and filmy dreams

watermelon sugar flavoring
without the seeds
jolly ranchers are better, and i owe hat secretary a lot of thanks (and maybe some money)
Mick Feb 5
Sovereign, star-flower,
of pink Skittles
and air incised by blue-lightning.
My lady hums fire between lines in lips
-- smoke
and perfume watermelon.
Inspired by a stranger at the library who seemed to have fallen for a woman like a sunflower who liked Skittles.
Dayna Aug 2019
Down by the watermelon patch, where the wild watermelon grew, only my brother and I ever knew. Knew where the watermelon patch was, knew where it grew. In the woods far beyond, where the wolves lived too.
Chris Saitta Aug 2019
My finest dusk was the watermelon kind,
When bats skitted in the shortcomings of light,
And on a picnic bench in the cool June of outside,
I felt the dogwoods and pines and other apple-greens
Fidget with insects in the newness of night,
I felt the only grace was
The watermelon kind, and though the world was newly
Dying in its freshness, the pulp squirmed
From my bloated, gleaming lips like
Blubber split from a whale’s side.
No, I do not condone killing whales.  Just a carefree, reminiscence of boyhood and little-boy grossness of imagination.
Anastasia Jun 2019
is it love
if you pull me aside
to a room
to be alone
and play your song
on your phone
and ask me to help you
write a poem
and you show me
all the stupid
you can do
with your
is this love or am i just lying to myself
Anastasia Jun 2019
in the air
as he breathed out
and i breathed in
the taste of watermelon
lingering on my tongue
Justus May 2019
After a satisfying fried catfish
dinner with collards and a sweet potato
I went for a stroll in the nearby plaza
I entered the Publix with a sweet treat
on my mind
And there I saw the watermelon woman
that made my mouth water instead
She was cutting up samples to be
passed out while wearing a sliced
watermelon costume
Long black hair rested on one of her shoulders
A small scar on the side of her mouth
was noticeable, but it was completely
overshadowed by her gaze
Our eyes met, and I was locked in
I smiled softly in reaction to the silliness
of the dichotomy between the woman
and the watermelon
A pineapple would've suited her much better
She responded to me by giving her own
slightly nervous smile
She offered me a sample, which I took
then she began to speak to me with her
chin pointed down towards the table
Her eyes never broke contact with mine
"They're two for one today. Really good too.
You should buy some."
"Have you tried it?"
"No, but I can tell. I can smell it."
How I'd love to try her out
Her body language said that she
was self-conscious, insecure
Yet her eyes told me that she was a lioness
ready to be dominated
I left the store empty handed
A missed opportunity on my part
It's been a while since I've done any farm work
but if I see the watermelon woman again
I'll plant seeds
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