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Johnny walker Apr 16
I never ever quite understand what this
the life we now live It
seems me to
uncaring no compassion is shown at all regardless who It
You hit rock bottom there's Is no help once you
down there very little chance of recovery we become a
self Importance and agreed to the point
I'm ashamed of this Country I
one the richest In the world but can't be bothered
help the vulnerable or the elderly who no dought sacrificed during the Second World
this Government are a disgrace to the
they have a duty to such people and they have failed because of there own greed they
leaflets through the door asking for your vote because of they too lazy to
do It themselves or probably too scared, shame on
They are a disgrace to the world this Government greedy
me me me aptitude and can't even be bothered to put their leaflets through your asking for your vote they are lazy or more to point scared to face all they have wronged shame on them all
I was sat drinking coffee writing a poem today In my local supermarket when strange sensation came over
was as If everything around was distant, voices echoing I was drifting away further
away spaced
don't know how best to describe but probably as an out-of-body experience noise all around me but It like constant
couldn't make out what people were trying to
say none of It made sense a constant noise none of It made
people coming and going but I wasn't a part of It like Invisable just couldn't understand what the **** was going
but sure as **** was not a part of this I was hearing anymore I think I've sunk so far Into my own little world since Helen been gone
It like I'm In a bubble protected from the realities of the real world I'm no longer a part of this
crazy world and In truth I don't really
Such a strange feeling today I have almost like an out of body experience sat drinking coffee writing a poem loads of noise coming from everybody around me but echoing voices
couldn't understand what they were saying none of It made sense
Johnny walker Feb 13
More than I could ever
say In words I loved you sometimes more than I realised myself taking things for granted Is an easy thing to do when
you can't see what lies

If I could have seen then
I would have loved you even more for only
one chance do we get In this world to which we
live so better make the most of what you have
for tomorrow It may be

To be left this awful
feeling that never goes away that of could I
have done more made more of each every

Now my sweetheart gone away and left this life for good and all I had has gone with her and I'm left with just an empty shell to face the world
Sometime time one can love a person and not relalise that you take them for granted because you think they will always be there then suddenly they're not
IncholPoem Jan 17



masked  cloth
was  on  nose
and  long   hair
ready  to
be  alive  again.

Naoki B Dec 2018
I’ve kept a collection of our time together
Like the long nights talking
Through storming weather
Tears that you shed sleeping
Thinking about your dying mother
Even the stares you give, I’ll always relive
So with the feelings you foster
It shows how much you endeavor
And I’m so happy to have loved you too
Even through the weather
I stood behind, ready to catch you
Roseanna Nov 2018
Surrounded by a warmth, a touch away from burning
I had seen the gorgon
                     He did not make me stone.
At twilight, when everything is black
Something silvery arose from the shadows of the dark
While the diamonds appear and stark

At twilight when everything is black,
The sky, not a single diamond it lack
On a wonderful journey of twinkles, it embark

Seeing high beyond the tree's bark
The diamonds glittered as though to spark
While the diamonds appear and stark

At twilight when everything is black
The diamonds glisten to reembark
For the leaves nod as though to hark

At twilight when everything is black
The moon speaks its gentle remarks
While the diamonds appear and stark

The clouds clear to reveal the sky
And those who try to hit this mark
To touch the sky diamonds that lie high,
Leave behind their mark
A presence
a continuous torment
until, even with cessation
only a tenuous self
is present
leaving only the resin

The maniacal
is an infestation
festering around in my head
Its existence,
a creation
created at inception,
hacking my brain
Forever a trap
creating a

to all mankind
Not acting
like a man
Not one word
that's kind
Committing crimes
and getting oneself
A deviation
creating a deviant
Shifted values
due to a devalued

An esoteric
seemingly sentenced
on this journey
by judge and jury,
not by one's peers
because the many
not able
to peer
into this individuality
The duplicity
of duality
that is my reality

Challenging myself
to a dual
One in which
I both
win and lose
But in the end
not breaking even
or coming out ahead
Always ending
further back

Its back breaking
and always aching
Pain from which
not capable of
Effort I’m taking
Of myself making
Time for a new king
For kinsmanship
is aloof
And this man’s ship
has sailed away
Sipping a port
at a shipping port
And yet
slipping away

Deeper still
In the depth
of still water
into the abyss
Lost and gone
But not missed
Is this the end
of our fable?
Or will our “hero”
enable himself
and in the end
be able
Deciding who to be?
Cain or Abel?
For the hurricane
is hurrying along
Its aim always the same
Constant pain
A payment he feels
for the displaced
which just in case
is placed
same place
he went

Ink in the face
A disgrace
When suddenly
encased in his brain
are racing thoughts
of a plan
he’s ace’n

A label of insanity
given by those
who claim sanity
when the reality
is their thoughts are free
and optimize
a sanitized
and homogenized
And in the end
it doesn’t matter

Offering suggestions
in which they
feel threatened
Pathways congested
and protested
Testing them
Even worse,
A problem beset
upon them
Time to steady
the flock
Roll n’ Rock
Inoculations we’re getting
Start the injections

“It’s been an honor”
Mounting my Lipizzaner
A disarmer
A charmer
The armor
‘mi amor’
Leaving me
wanting more
But as they keep score
the task is daunting
A life that’s haunting
with such splendid decor
Yet, can’t take any more
Their taunting
is leaving me sore
So to the atmosphere
I open that door
and flying up above
I soar

Forever more
Feel pain no more...
Written: August 17, 2018

All rights reserved.
Khoi-San Jul 2018
Desperate I stood
Bruised from shame
A man on the edge of decay
With an olive branch
She brought me back
Into her forgiving heart
The next morning self-satisfied
I left without remorse or goodbye
For the young and the restless be careful out there
austin Jun 2018
What would it take
to make a grown man cry?
When the only thing important to him
shoots themself and dies

And nobody realized
what was going through her mind
til she loaded one in the chamber
and put it between her eyes

And her soul goes up to the skies
And everyone's asking why
She was young, loving and selfless
It wasn't her time to die

It's only when it's too late
That's when everybody tries
And it's only when it's too late
Now that's when everybody cries

So tell your loved ones they matter
and you might save their lives
'Cause it's only when it's too late
Now that's when everybody cries
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