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Faizel Farzee Feb 26
Your perfect silhouette framed haunts the night sky,
It's stellar picturesque.

Your grace equivalent to living art in motion,
a true painting of eloquence.

Your smile equivalent to the brightest shooting star,
my heart knows you are my living wish.

The weight of our undying love we willingly share,
this is more than just a little crush.

Forever our fate will be entwined,
eternally our destinies unspoken will be woven as one.

You are the air that I breathe,
your essence is the oxygen of my being.

A promise our love will extend to the afterlife,
our betrothed devotion vowed to be evergreen.


These words seeps from this pen
It's rivers of anesthesia
A love that even Aphrodite envy
Our love is superior.
You the only wish I ever made
It seems God answered my prayer.
A fairy tale ending
Happily living after, forever.

worded feelings
Shamai Dec 2019
I live in a land where French is King
And English is not stable
We’re supposed to know our oui from  non
Our table from our table
We can’t say hi, bonjour together
Or wear a pretty hijab
English schools are closing up their doors
High taxes are on our tab
I don’t find speaking French a problem
Even though I wasn’t taught
I picked  up words on streets, when young
Marde, colisse,   and tabarnak
My children are bilingual, my grandchildren are so too
I try to speak and others laugh
My French is like a stew
I’m glad I’m getting older
And getting shorter on my days
For watching hatred and prejudice
Is just never going to be my way
Elsie Plum Dec 2019
blood woman knew
the music ticking
in her drunks mind
was softest
while visiting his mother
In confusion.
Total good is closer to sore
living and red gratitude
10:37 am
IncholPoem Jan 2019



masked  cloth
was  on  nose
and  long   hair
ready  to
be  alive  again.

Naoki B Dec 2018
I’ve kept a collection of our time together
Like the long nights talking
Through storming weather
Tears that you shed sleeping
Thinking about your dying mother
Even the stares you give, I’ll always relive
So with the feelings you foster
It shows how much you endeavor
And I’m so happy to have loved you too
Even through the weather
I stood behind, ready to catch you
Roseanna Nov 2018
Surrounded by a warmth, a touch away from burning
I had seen the gorgon
                     He did not make me stone.
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