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The thief

Our princess got sick

She felt bad and ill

Her rosy cheeks were fainted

Her red lips were faded

Her body got to be delicate

Her eyes had no tears

She asked her father

Not to marry her

But her father had insisted

She saw her future black

She couldn't sleep or even talk

The physicians got lack

"How could they cure her back?"

The king was very happy

To get from his lover happy

He  forgot everything except the happy

My princess looked as the trees in winter

As the leaves became dear

She said" I am so poor

As the trees have no green

I am ready for my sunset

That might get down in the west

Dear ma forgive me for my false

Or any word I said"

I cried and knelled on her

I said "forgive you! What  a matter!

You are my sunrise appears with welfare

You have kind heart and mind

You have an angel spirit

If all human like you

The welfare will grow

When  I saw you I like all

When I saw you I learn the word

The mean kind ,love and good

You will live till you burned

Me but you mustn't forget

Me at your sleep or at awakens

To the *** to give me forgiveness"


After some days  I smiled

I told her to go to the groom

Telling him she can't marry him

Their life will not be well

So he must look for another one

Can be his only lover

She went at a moment

She heard a strange talk
angel, grow, spirit, mind, welfare, matter, ma, forgive
And the way she looks at me
makes me feel like
the happiest person alive
in the universe.
Julian Delia Aug 12
My heart
Feels like a frostbitten cave nobody should ever go in.
My soul
Feels exhausted, drained and spread really thin.
My mind
Feels like its fighting battles it can never win.

I find my thoughts
Consumed with anger and despair,
Evil feelings who have created a lair –
A base of operations within my mind,
Staring at the world with a terrifying glare.

And yet, despite all this,
Nothing kills me more than being alone.
This need to experience humanity
Is not simply an act of vanity,
Or a call for attention,
But an attempt at reclaiming sanity.

We are the loneliest generation of all time;
Previous overlords used force to rule,
And whoever didn’t follow was lambasted,
Marked as a traitor and a base fool.
Now, force is merely a tool,
One in many of a lethal arsenal.

Social hierarchies are fake, sometimes downright farcical –
Now, we are divided and conquered.
Our communities have collided,
Our love for each other is drained and flustered.
We are armed with shields of prejudice,
Careening towards a perilous precipice
Of watching out only for ourselves,
With no room in our hearts for anyone else.

I just wish I could let go –
I wish I was an atom of boiling water,
About to break free and become steam,
I wish to taste of true freedom,
To at least get one, tiny gleam.
I find myself weary, tired and trapped,
A torturous routine so well-travelled
That, at this point, I could say my brain has it mapped.

I close my eyes
And see visions of you I wish I could forget.
I wish I’d looked before I leapt,
Rather than live with this pain and regret.
I close my eyes, and see
Years of seeking somewhere I belong,
Brothers and sisters with whom I can stand strong.
All I seem to find
Is people struggling with their daily grind,
Souls that are just as tired as mine, if not more.

And so, I find myself
Dealing with this constant craving,
Ranting and raving,
Hoping that this frosty cave is still open to reclaiming,
Hoping that my soul is still worth saving,
And that my mind still finds this battlefield worth braving.
This feels like the breaking point.
Jenna Aug 10
the  time  of  day  that  makes  the  sky  shine  gold
the  feeling  of  distrusting  your  own  eyes
and  appraising  your  surroundings  threefold
observing,  absorbing  the  slothful  sun  rise

in  these  moments  serenity  i  find
in  these  moments  myself  i  do  most  feel
both  the  breeze  and  fresh  air  align  my  spine
paradise,  heaven,  feels  nearly  unreal

what  can  i  do,  what  can  i  say  to  stay?
way  back  to  reality,  so it  seems
opposite  of  this  day,  my  day - to - day
but  here,  near  mother  nature  i’ll  daydream

surrounded  by  animals,  flowers,  trees
the  outside:  my  favorite  place  to  be
Watching you smile
makes my broken heart
smile again.
If I try and let go of you
I'll get hurt in the progress
because without you
I feel like I'm worthless
completely worthless
I am less than you. You are greater than me.
and everybody
else knows it
Gray Jun 1
Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night unexpectedly?
Even though your faint and sleepy, your mind suddenly goes wild.
Then, to your own dismay strange questions start to flow like a senseless stream..

..Flowing.. Non stop… insensible questions..

Have you ever wondered what the breeze tastes like?
It’s an odd question, i know that, but i bet it made you think.
What if the wind had a bittersweet flavor?
Or maybe a flavor that nobody could even begin to describe?

Have you ever wondered how the average pigeon views the world?
Yes, it’s strange to think about, i realize that as well, but i bet you’re slightly curious.
What if they are actually extremely smart?
What if they don't even think at all, and are just acting purely on animal instincts?

Have you ever wondered what your own house smells like?
When others come over they smell something completely different, right?
What if it smells really foul, and all the outsiders are just being kind to you?
Perhaps it has a normal smell, and i’m just dwelling on this idea too much.

I see how all these questions can be viewed as foolish thoughts,
But doesnt everyone think strange things?
There are very few who are audacious enough to answer honestly.
Would it be better if we all stayed quiet?
Usually i like writing poems that rhyme, but i figured it's better to always try something new.
Dim Apr 16
to stay young in your heart you first should have one
and you better fill it up with some love
just a bit
because love is the secret ingredient
the pursuit of justice without love makes you cruel
the pursuit of truth without love makes you a heckler
the pursuit of *** without love makes you a bigot
the pursuit of beauty without love makes you Humbert Humbert
power without love makes you a tyrant
honor without love makes you arrogant
wit without love makes you cunning
work without love makes you tired
care without love makes you brusque
talk without love makes you annoying
seriousness without love makes you boring
tenderness without love makes you mawkish
friendliness without love makes you fake
you better spice things up with some love
just a bit
Apoorva Mar 2
I'm so sick of doubt
The miserable life
That we all lead
And the lies
That we feed
Our children with
Same old story
Everyday and every night
Chained to our jobs
We are not free
From our own thoughts
Which leads nowhere
But Wow.
I'm so happy
Cause I know the truth
And the wise words
Of prophets and saints
That someday
This will end
In my grave
I'll be at peace
And only then
I will be free
And I will forever be
In your memory
In your memory.
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