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Impulzez Jan 2014
I go mad that I might see the world around me anew
Growing up and being taught everything even the things I fear
Yes the things I fear, love and hate… we are all first taught it all
What to fear, what to love, what to hate.. this is my understanding
Of the madness I encounter everyday…

I go mad that the world around me may accept me for a sanity’s insanity
Dressed in naked’s flesh and being glorified as the highest fad in vogue
For even my flesh feels no more shame, as Adam and Eve felt same

Oh! I go mad for the love of Steve rather Eve becoming Adam’s ribs
How beit?  “From the beginning it was not so” why make it so now
Will Jonah’s good luck bill save our nation’s repulsive ills and acts?
How long will mercy deter us from the brimstone exodus of the Gomorrah’s?

I go mad for loved ones that show love for the personal preferential from loved ones*
How much of this personal preferential love actually makes the world go round
Brothers killing brothers, how cold our love has waxed...

— The End —