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Cole Dec 2021
Don't let go of me
I'm too young to feel this free.
Tie me up in memories
Shut the lock and hide the keys.
Make me close my eyes
And hear all your lies.
You don't care for my cries.
I've been straining for some time.
Close me down, pushed away
I wish I didn't wake up that day.
You don't listen to what I say.
Isn't there some way?
Break free of my cage!
I'm burning all the sage
Give me back my wage!
I'm tired of your stage.

Abuse can follow control
Nikkie Jan 2021
We are tied together by space and time.
The earth stands still whenever we are together.
You have shockingly good vibes, they mesh
with the intensity of your touch.

The music stops, time is halted, we lay together,
and just be.
When you go back home and leave me behind,
I turn away so you can't see me cry.

I can feel your energy, though we are miles apart.
You are forever embedded in the chambers of my heart.
heart, love, stand still, time, forever, away,
Austin Morrison Nov 2020
I just want somebody to call my own
Somebody who's not afraid of the darker side
Somebody who can take a shortage of breath, and loss of movement
Somebody who is not afraid to have their skin crawl
I want to learn somebody
Be able to pick apart their mind and body
Understand them as if they were my own
Memorize them
Understand them
Push them to their limits
Use them
Ruin them
Hold them
Love them
Justin Lai Aug 2020
which cards will you draw today?

lethargy is a fickle friend sometimes

so i wish for moonlight within the clouds

of marble floors, rolling paddies that

commerce plows swiftly, masked

soldiers marching zigzag between

        the glare of pink slips

and streams of granulated sugar
I'm currently a workplace safety officer.
Nylee Apr 2020
I circle around the life
All the wrong things in it.
I went behind and around
And got more tangled in it.
I am tied to the lies
To those deceptive faces
How do I go, let it go?
How to leave it all
It is corrupting my soul
I am taking this fall.
Daniel Pokorny Feb 2020
We all have chains,
Chains that bind us to different things,
For some,
That involves being chained to other people,
For others,
It involves being chained to your emotions,
For me,
It was being chained to those who were close,
But that’s okay,
Because over time,
I broke those chains, and moved forward,
So can you,
You can break your chains,
Either it be through the rust of time,
Or through the constant pounding of breaking it,
And once you break your chains,
You too can move forward with your life.
The chains that bind us, may be broken, but that doesn't mean, we must forget.
cleann98 Jan 2020
the crooked and
mishandled alleyways
of words to whisper
have always riddled
the backstreets of my mind...

i mapped them,
longer than enough
to see the ins and outs
i've known them,
more than enough...
like the palm of my hand
or the skin on my face.

it has always been
a palimpsest
of the maze i used to
be sealing myself in—
   or perhaps seeping myself out.

there were promises,
there were poems,
and of course,
there was you.

and every single word,
or every single way,
i have always been
tongue tied and
waiting and just so
so long overdue—

stuck in the prison
of a misfortunate fate...
knowing the means
and never escaping
somehow still lost

   afraid of ever stretching ways.

'hey, long time no see—'

'happy birthday! want to talk—'

'happy new year hope we still get together!'

    everything just comes out in clicks...

eyyyy i'm back omy thank you for reading!! just my regular lost and tongue-tied dude again... brand new year for brandished excuses and branded lies~~~

good day!! please comment and critique and stuff, you've read in this far anyway might as well c:
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I feel so ******* ungrateful
Doesn't matter what I have
No one wants to know me
All they see is a mask
Four walls keep building higher
I haven't touched one brick
My pain has done the labor for me
I am just too sick
Depression has got my hands tied
It can pull me around
Warmth diminishing each step
Heart I no longer want to successfully pound
My thoughts slow when I go speak
I can't scream for help
Just for once let me find my voice
When not just by myself
Some cries for help are silent
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