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(See, EYE never intended
to be the prophet of doom)

Reading From the Book Full Of Death

pages all blank with cigarette Spots

Ashe is the purest white

Eye lay my tarot cards

Death is on the left

(listen, listen carefully)

Devil is ALWAYS right

And EYE, and EYE, and


hanging in the middle on thin metal

everything is upside down from

where I'm


Your black Cube tree house God is on



it's darker from inside than the Cloth

which cover it



I'm the Prometheus and brought you



black cube in the meKKKa is on fire ;)))
m May 2
am I even surprised to say it?
the unconcerned let my calls go to voiceless,
any effort gone unnoticed until, of course,
I transform into that perfect little paper doll,
that chill bonafide debutante, to mirror your
cracks and crevices and nightmares;
hope and harm are imminent and strange
and all I’d like to do is tell you things,
but instead we dance around the lies
and every time I miss you it burns
I know I’m meant to feel like the world is an oyster I have yet to crack, like the guts and savory things of life lie just beyond this seemingly impassable barrier of youth.

I am meant to love myself to love others, expected to be grown up but humble; for I am a child in a room full of adults whose legs are trees and I am a sapling not tall enough to reach the rays of sunlight that are experience and wisdom. But how am I to grow if you keep me in the shade. When will I be tall enough if you starve me with words of discouragement, deny me the promise that something lies beyond the world I know now. How will I ever reach for the skies when you tell me this is the best it gets. That I should be grateful for the lack of responsibility I have.

“Oh hush little sapling, you know nothing of the world beyond this grove.” But I know what it feels like to have storms sweep through, I have felt lightning on my skin as I witness injustice, and shameful rain as I stay rooted to the ground. I beg of you let me through! Part your branches so I may shoot forward into the sky, sing me songs of luck as I climb higher and higher, no longer sapling but great redwood, my skin may grow rough but I will grow richer; in all the things one needs for happiness. Rich in love. Rich in passion. Rich in character and empathy.

I will relish those savory things of life as they spill out before me, work to catch them before they are swallowed up by the unfortunate decomposition that happens to all missed opportunities.

And when you are tired and sunburnt, let me give you shade as you gave me, a great redwood child holding the sun up with her branches and the world down with her roots.
JustMK Feb 22
I have finally found it
a single switch to cure all my ailments.
Led by old heartaches whispering new phrases
and ancient fears with different faces.
Wary looks and tired eyes
aching bones and empty rooms
that rend my hopeless heart
and scar it afresh.

"You're not suited for each other"
and "you will fall out of love"
echoes down these dark halls
like an ominous sea
rearing back and baring teeth
before it swallows me whole.
And though I promise to walk away
should it ever be too much to bear,
I know. I know. I know.

I know it in my heart
that I will break with every step that carries me away.

And I am not sure what it is
that I feel anymore
because lost, hopeless, substandard
are the only words I can make out
among the deep ruts in my mind.
Even when I know
that once the words lovely, splendid and beautiful
were written on my skin.

Though I have no way of knowing,
I agonise, I rant and rave.
Could I do it? Would I be brave enough?
To shut down every thing I feel?
So, shortly after I confessed my feelings to the girl I liked, the entire household was fighting over the relationship. And my best friend gave me a long talk on how the two of us weren't suited for each other, even when we'd just started sneaking around and writing letters like Rosalind and Juliet. The next morning I woke up in an awful daze and spewed poetry.
Emily Jan 3
thoughts rush
adrenaline kicks
heart beats
heart sinks
       until your stuck in the thoughts that couldn't be
why mother?
          why leave me?
I though I was your doll.
I though I was your happiness.
instead i'm trapped.
no where left to go.
what do I do with life now.
what do I do with no love,
no hope.
Keiri Dec 2019
On a winter's day
With a summer's mind
In a sky so grey
The pessimistic kind.
It's supposed to not make sense
Keiri Dec 2019
Have I ever lived if I say
I've never felt this way?
Have I been thinking to real
Denying all I'm starting to feel?

Have I been too sceptical
To experience the end of all?
Have I been stupid
The things I rid?

I'm loving for the first time
After so many times I tried?
Did I never care a dime.
Had I such a blurry sight?

Or maybe I've never felt this
Because it hurts a lot
It's a feeling I won't miss
A feeling I haven't been brought.

To fall for someone who
Makes it complicated
Because he is in love with two
and you're the one who's overrated.

To fall for someone you'd die for
And he would die for you
However there's someone more
who'd die for him too.

As in a chess game I have lost
However, I keep my fingers crossed.
I've loved before, but I know I've been toxic in my way of love, and they were toxic to me too... I feel like I'm in love, real love for the first time with someone who's caring, sweet and nice, I know it's not the first time for me, it just doesn't feels the same as before... It feels nice to feel loved, appreciated, necessary but also... As if I'm a good person, deserving of his kind words and gentle touches. But even though he loves me too, he's taken, and off limits. She's been making him happy for a long time, even before I passed along. And I want him to stay happy, because he makes me happy, it's what he deserves. All is fair in love and war, yet I always tend to play chess according to the rules... And even though I hate the pain and I love this warm, soft,... gentle feeling, I'm gonna throw down my king and...... checkmate, I lost...
Colm Nov 2019
Sometimes it’s alright to let nice people be nice
To leave your preconceived notions by the side of the road
To let your pride slowly die
In a shallow grave alone

Sometimes it’s alright
To not voice your most negative feeling heard
Or to be so insufferable
And upset at the world
Just as in time you may find
That unassuming and kind
Is even easier still
When you do not your worst

Have you tried?
Are you aware?
Or have you already made up your mind?
To be this same old insufferable version of worst
From the way you shut down kindness, to way you twist every thoughtful gesture into venom. You are the worst. You behave the worst. And you have my sympathy.

I wish you well and far away from here.

Good luck.
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