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My conscience likes to
play Satan all the **** time
Sadly I **** at this game
Skywlkr Feb 6
I "NEED" To Write,
For My Time is Tight,
I Reckon Im Losing this Fight
But as I Sit Here Through this Night
I'm Seriously Trying to Muster some
Am Telling You I Can Get this Right!
For My Wife is Sleeping Beside Me
And Guess What

I said it it before just whatever fine *insomnia I'll just go with it u win but I* *survive*
The good news about hitting bottom
Is that the only place to go
Is up
Do not complain just fighting
When i'm not okay
I hate myself
When i am down
I hate myself
When i have failed
I hate myself
When i can't be what i want to be
I hate myself
When i have so much problems stuck in mind
I hate myself
When i can't shine like everyone
I hate myself
When i hate myself
I hate myself

Nothing's special in me
I can't be like those girls
I can't be like another people
I can't struggle with creative mind
I can't survive the hardest time
I can't solve problems with smartest way
I can't reach the top
I just can see everyone's standing on top
I can't be like this
I can't be like that
And i can't be myself
s v e n Dec 2018
What is a smile without the pain.
Does it feel like you are on bliss?
Does it scream out hope?
I have dem rare smilez
//btw random thing, my parents are ****-
They forgot me in the car.
alanie Nov 2018
i dont miss you

i miss the warmth of your hugs
the blitheness of your kisses
and the sweet scent of your cologne

but i dont miss you
sorry I haven't been writing much recently, life has been too ******* me and I'm struggling to cope.
Kriti Gupta Nov 2018
Stars on a terrace
Loving in dark, broken in light
Teetering too far
Sacred places left in my heart
I’m caught with the monster in my head
Nostalgic for the love I never kept
The veins rebelled behind my bones
My mind going to a place
When love was a word
Not a fight that grew cold
apiwe Nov 2018
“Define me in one word”,
I said
Hope gleaming in my eyes and
an anxiety of the unknown
twisting, gripping, turning my gut.
You laughed lightly; beautifully flashing your perfect, perfect teeth
You ****** in a sharp breath,
Rolled your eyes back as if
the word was glued to the inner of your skull
A dry, humourless laugh croaked past through my lips
You said through your slightly smirking lips
And I bit back
the floods that welled my eyes
the bile that rose up my throat
as I realised the humiliation that I had reduced myself to.
And The silence
punctuated all the words unspoken.
Pauline Stevinia Oct 2018
The sky waiting for the sun till the morning comes
The woods waiting for the rain till the season comes
The  ground waiting for the leaves till the autumn comes

Even the river knows when the water will flow through their bodies

Is it me the only one who doesn’t know when will you come?
Or you never will?
i'll keep waiting even if there's no insurance in it
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