The hole in my heart is only as deep as the void it contains
The void which is full of your absence and full of my emptiness
I wish you could carry it for me just for one day
Lift the weight off my shoulders
And put it in your pockets
Take out the emptiness
And fill it with only air
Breathe me in, absorb my grief, exhale the toxins
Isn’t that how the body works?
Pour out my tears
I will donate a pool to you
Suck out my sorrows,
I assure you, I can live without.
Carry my heart and teach it a lesson in healing,
That’s what you’ve promised anyway.
Shape the edges, draw circles, switch on the light.
And when you’re done I’ll willingly take back that heart
And transplant it back into my chest voluntarily.
But as for now I’m lacking space.

The monster who loves you
Was never a monster at all,
Red eyes full of unshed tears
Twisted, broken soul from the long, dark fall;
He fell from the feeble arms of grace,
Haunted by the slow burning of his wings
And the fast fading of his mother's face
The lifeless wind has whipped him
Till he can't feel the sting anymore,
Now all he knows is that he's bound to you
And he can't decide who he's fighting for

Lydia 5d

words like honey
melting from your mouth,
are the sweetest notes my soul has ever heard

even when I didn't want to
you made me feel real
you gave me air to fill my lungs and made me breathe
and I hope you know how much that means
to be the person lucky enough to have you

we don't know what this is
we don't have to
as long as you have me and I have you

you truly don't know what you're doing for me
I may be confused
I may be lost
but I do know that things just feel good when you're around

things just feel really good

Simon B Aug 16

The conflict of knowing for a surety
But not being told.
She's bested by her dubitable  insecurities
and I grow weary and old.
No, I'm not making this furiously
I'm actually quite whole!
It's just curiosity kills
And I'm a full-on cat.
will she say it -?
will she unfold-?
Will she proclaim a story
that's yet to be told?
Will I write a ballad of joy, instead  verses of cold?
The world may never know
except for me, deep inside my soul

Maria Etre Nov 8

My darling
I have placed
all my cards
on the table
with my heart
all in
it's up to you
to take the risk
bet, flip and see
if you win
a full house
with me

I have let my inbox fill,
Let my hair grow long,
And moved the cup that collected my life
That constantly ranneth over
Spilling drops to the ground
To the side temporarily
So a deeper vessel could be found.
But I'm not worried -
I'll be around.

10/30 Inktober prompt: Found
No edits allowed.

full eyes of pure quicksilver moonlight
dance across the star-struck sky
doors open and close in the house of my heart
empty rooms so full of fading light

crumbling, faded autumn leaves
blow in through open windows in my mind
night whispers songs into my fractured heart
as I leave the light behind

translucent veil over my eyes
falls softly down around my head
church bells ring like hollow lullabies
as I pass over the bridge of death

some things can never be complete
I guess I've always known
that through my mind has lost its way
my heart has not yet flown

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