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Erian Apr 12
With color shone in his eyes
Of darkness and light
Deep in twilight
They blossomed like asteroids
Plummeting to Earth
Tiny black holes twirling
From the spheres of his sight
He saw the world with magic
Sparking from his palms
It was extraordinary
To be that love
Knew no such limits
Like the color in his eyes
Evie Apr 12
i feel the need to write a poem
i feel the desire to write a poem
sometimes it seems
everything has already been written
i feel i am out of ideas for now
god knows some other version
of **** on earth shall come along
giving me painful inspiration
i cant seem to find anything to write about today. i have an unhealthy addiction to lil peep for some reason at the moment and i am realizing his music is, in fact poetry, despite the fact that everyone thinks he *****. i certainly do not believe he ***** but hey whatever cracks your glow-sticks amiright
Arisa Mar 26
i think i'm in love
with a man drunk on the moon
i think he's a wolf
I was severely bored when I wrote this.
Nat Lipstadt Apr 2014
A few of you
have seen my face

One of you
has kissed my cheek

so ***
you can now see me
in full frontal ******

I am the ruggedly handsome
who as usual
is on the floor looking for
something to hug
beside the *****
the new banner photo up with a real recent pic
Johnny walker Mar 22
I saw beauty In her eyes
a light that shone within that never seemed to fade even with age or the passing of
I saw beauty In her eyes far beyond compare eyes that could tell you more than words possibly
Through her eyes, I saw her very soul to a kindness
so loving and caring from deep within she was loved by all that knew
This girl I loved who gave to me her very soul who could say more with eyes than any words ever could I truly love and miss my girl so
Helen gave her very soul through her eyes that could say far more than words ever
could, eyes see through to her very soul full of kindness Helen she was loved by all
who knew her and even those who didn't

“La natura è piena d infinite ragioni che nò furò mai in isperiètia”
Leonardo da Vinci


that the very next millisecond blink
will be, reveal a, theater curtain rising,
a play of your composition,
a painting of your composure,
a newly cresting reason,
infinite in number,
infinitesimal aggrandizing majesty in granular shapes,
a shock so grand you say out loud willingly,

therefore, I am

the first word
of the next page or poem you turn to,
will change your No. 1 reason for living,
to your knees dropped trembling,
comprehending the renaissance of his
isperiètia (experience)

there are infinite books and infinity words,
do the probability calculation of inspiration
and confess
every sun rising, every rainbow unexpected,
every moonlight solstice,
every glance freely stolen taken,
is nature,
your nature, revealed,

these are your unveilings,
revealing the fullness of you,
the likeness of discovery
how what we see in our uncommonality
is our communion


This year marks the quincentennial of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian Renaissance master who died in May 1519.
4:24pm March 21, 2019

This year marks the quincentennial of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian Renaissance master who died in May 1519.  


Leonardo da Vinci
Myrrdin Mar 20
Maybe I needed you to walk into my healing
In order for me to let you walk out of my wounds
Donna Mar 19
Hello little stars
I love that you twinkle bright
And make this world smile

Loving the night sky full of wonderful happy shiny stars x
It's not enough just little.
I need a full.
Full love, full life and foolish me.!!
Poetic T Mar 14
My mind is like a full sink,
        sometime I just
                    need to empty it.

Because the words
                I washed up in,
            left a residue that needed
to cleaned out
                          every so often.
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