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E Jul 27
half full
almost empty
porcelain cracks
beautifully dripping
slowly in time
seconds away
still full
of emptiness...
Shofi Ahmed Jul 8
Rain in the eyes
has been for so long.
Now is a mo
parched Sahara is all in all.

Above the sea
is only the Moon.
The gap in between
is never short.
Nor the night to sigh
is left with any more

Who dwarfs who
the sea is full
the moon is beautiful.
Johnnyqu33r May 26
May your silver beams illuminate
My crown rusted and weathered
Damaged by salt and course Earth
Gusting air howling and stealing
Leaves aged and clinging heavily
To what was their childhood home

Might you offer to calm my sea
Being roughly pushed and pulled
By your beautiful but ruthless phases
Crashing into my manicured shores
And undertaking my ships and
Seemingly innocent ******

You sit up there so far above me
Unapologetic for what you wreck
But such is this timeless ebb and flow
And your light does guide me home
I am humbled and thankful
Grateful for your pale embrace
Your unhanded movements and back handed ways
Will only serve you backwards
You idiots... you slaves
For angels still rise
From the spirits of the slain
Mother Nature will punish you
Justification is hers to put claim
Abi Carroll Mar 15
Mindlessly applauding
the torn for choosing right
denies the open weight felt
of them not choosing left

The ripping of blank paper
is heard in your
congratulations and affirmations

Giving pride that isn't yours to hold
remains unknowingly empty
Wrapped well

Let go of optimistic ear muffs
and bright yellow shades


Tugging left turns
misled me to the same stop sign
begging to be dismissed

Lost in a spiral,
in my own left turns,

not abandoned but alone

Despite being desperately sought,
these roads are different in the dark

No comfort or guidance
in this backpack made of bricks
with bricks too sharp for a stuffed bear,
bricks too large for a lamp

Concern and direction
slip through
the cracks and the bricks
in the deafening darkness

Left again,
just one more time

What shades am I wearing,
what muffs are mine
that instruction is muffled,
that care is shaded grey

Even still,
my lefts are my right
my right to make
and to hold
and to keep
and to breathe
and to bleed

Save your pride
and your rosey half-full glasses
Hold your applause
and the promise of a later okay

Acknowledge the bricks
I am carrying now

They are concrete

More so,
than the life you see
that might never live to be
Moon's eye opens
I look at her,
She gazes back at me

I can't help but wonder
If she feels
A little lonely tonight

Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
My heart is beating rhythmically
 In resonance to the beat of 'End Of Time’.
My soul is breathing in tranquility,
In response to the gleaming full moon.
My body is surviving poetically
In reply to the poetries I write.
‘End Of Time’ is my most favourite song which is By Alan Walk
John Darnielle Nov 2020
Most of the brine has got to boil away
Most of the air has got to choke you
Most of June I spent in jail again
I don't mean jail, exactly
Up in the pine tree
Red squirrel looking down at me

I am losing control of the language again
I am losing control of the language again

Most of the things I used to hold onto
Most of the things I used to say to you
Most of the ways I knew around the local roads
Are disappearing daily
High in the cottonwood
You were looking down at me and you sure looked good
Hair hanging down in the leaves
Your neck tilted back to make a rainbow

I was losing control of the language again
I am losing control of the language again
from Full Force Galesburg, 1996
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