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B D Caissie Sep 21
Gazing through the window at generations of flowers in the garden of her long-departed youth.

The pendulum of time passes in consonance with the rocking of her chair until she smiles her last breath.

Connor Jul 4
The weight of your lover as you're cuddling,
Their usually tense body so relaxed and
comforting, the slight pressure of them on
You makes you feel so safe.
The almost subconscious movement of your
Fingers as you run them through your lover's hair,
The pleasant texture of soft hair
And the occasional appreciative groan
Keeps you from stopping.
The sound of their quiet breathing is
Slow and steady, and you,
Being half awake, mimic their
Breathing pattern as best you can to try and
Sync with them as their chest
Rises and falls against your body.
The full feeling of being completely warm
Makes you never want to move from
This exact position for a long time,
It's addicting.
I have found that I am almost always craving cuddles now that I know how amazing it feels to cuddle with someone you love a lot.
Ainnoot Jun 24
She doesn’t want to be loved, just wants to be felt.
She wants a full feeling, not something fulfilling
It was a quiet, beautiful night,
With death my last fight,
I breathed  my last,
The dice was cast.
Tonight there was a full moon glowing,
The stars were sparkling,
All the Angels around me smiling,
Happy and cheering,
Me, to heaven they were taking.
As the hearse took me to the graveyard.
The city was blazed with lights
And around my soul was a halo of heavenly light.
My grave was already dug,
A beautiful Angel came and gave me a hug,
She whispered softly,"READY."
Though you are dead your soul can see everything. It never dies
Amanda Jun 9
Nothing horrible has happened yet today
Maybe for once things will go my way
My tummy is full and I am in alright health
Now I am ready to start bettering myself
I started using an app called Moodpath today to help me figure out why I have been behaving so crazy these days
Bhill Jun 4
Times have changed, and that's a fact, and it's not always real kind
When you look back and compare what was, you see patterns ... are we blind

Look at what exists today, pay attention to the real
The real is now, it's not before, and sometimes not ideal

We should look back and learn from it, so we can change the model
Let's not repeat the stupid things, and go forward on full throttle....

Brian Hill - 2010#135
Watching what is happening today and reading what happened yesterday sparked these words...
Twaffle May 23
You tried fixing him,
far from what it should be.
But every bits of your love,
filled the void of his scars.
And once he was completely healed,
leaving you with nothing but bitter goodbye.

You don't have anyone to rely on,
and the sadness you took away from him,
became your lingering regret and it broke you instead.
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