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Most of the brine has got to boil away
Most of the air has got to choke you
Most of June I spent in jail again
I don't mean jail, exactly
Up in the pine tree
Red squirrel looking down at me

I am losing control of the language again
I am losing control of the language again

Most of the things I used to hold onto
Most of the things I used to say to you
Most of the ways I knew around the local roads
Are disappearing daily
High in the cottonwood
You were looking down at me and you sure looked good
Hair hanging down in the leaves
Your neck tilted back to make a rainbow

I was losing control of the language again
I am losing control of the language again
from Full Force Galesburg, 1996
CJ 4d
There is a glass of water
with some water
Is the glass half empty or half full
That's what you be thinking
but I'm here thinking
there's no glass, no water
You are dreaming
Am I wrong
Are you wrong
Amanda 5d
All this emptiness is filling me up slow
Can I be full of nothing?
Don't know
What a contradiction
his head was full of air
eminent domain he had shared;
as though the wind had yelled
King Almighty, are you there?
IC Sep 15
Just do it
Don't hesitate
I rather make mistakes while I'm alive,
than no mistakes at all
annh Aug 28
Brims curving gently
Beneath the glimmering sun
Bonnets in full bloom.

Period drama bingefest seems to be rubbing off. :)

β€˜Nothing could have appealed more strongly to Miss Wantage's youthful taste, so as soon as she had changed the chip-straw hat for an Angouleme bonnet of white thread-net trimmed with lace, she sallied forth once more with Mr. Ringwood, tripping beside him with all the assurance of one who knew herself to be dressed in the pink of fashion.’
- Georgette Heyer, Friday’s Child
Myrrdin Aug 19
It isn't that I'm not enough,
No one could have filled that void,
I know I am not too much,
They were just too full to hold me,
I don't need to fit anywhere,
I am already the space I belong in.
Nathalie Aug 12
My fingers dance across
your chest and a smile
paints my entire face
in queen of hearts
My love for you
flowers more and more
each day
As the nature of
my heart grows to
know the heroic
masculine that you are
We merge into
this blissful stream
of light while
hope floods
our eyes with memories
of dreams full of life.

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