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Ylzm Apr 4
We were told we're free, for we choose freely.
Eve believed; we too, are as desirous.
Creators urged us, to choose their choices,
Our preferences influenced, they believed.

Blind men, unsure, step to step, staggering
Knocked down and pierced, in circles wandering.
Pain, inevitable, but they rejoice,
For free they are and they'll walk, each their choice.
ChildofGodyay Oct 2018
I am afraid to be free of fear of man, but to be trapped with my personal desires preferences.
Lord, my heart is yours.
Maria Etre Feb 2018
I may not be your
cup of tea
I might be
everything that
fills a cup and more
We're all raised differently
I may be tea for you and ***** for him
it's all about your taste buds baby
Bésia Davis Dec 2017
I dont like roses, never did, the color isn't even that nice of a shade of red honestly, and why a thorn? How can my hand love that? That is just not for me, I'd rather hold a sunflower. But does that mean a rose is hideous? No. I just don't agree with the expectation others assume it should be praised at. But I still can see how someone could find beauty in that rose I'd never like to hold.
Maddy Van Buren May 2015
no matter how much sugar
or honey you pour
poison is poison
what's dead is gone
and cannot be revived
the boy with a bite
will always leave a nasty mark
on the hands you gift him
and no one will sweeten
the way your corpse rots
it's unfortunate to think so
but whatever you've mixed
at the end of the day
is what trails down your throat
foolish to believe
what's killing you
isn't the poison
but the sweetness you once poured
over and over again
into a glass always half full
optimism filled prison cell
you are blind to think
your poison may not be the reason
you are coughing up your dignity
and dying of his laughter
mistyholly Feb 2015
i have a secret
i may be bi
its wonderful, really
i really wish they would understand though
i hope you dont judge me fore having a preference for girls
sorry, its just me
boys are pretty cool too
Matthew Harlovic Nov 2014
I drink coffee
                  She prefers tea
           together we make the perfect


© Matthew Harlovic
A poem in response to Maddie Henssler's poem "Happy buzz buzz".
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