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Life and death been close
to both managed to find
life with Helen and
I've cheated many times
both now and in the past
but somehow I've made through the
I know I'll make the rest
of the way I still love
her so she's still 
my heart afraid that I'll let
her go but I never will ever let go my survival depends on
holding her close to all our
memories So I'll keep a light on In the hall
at night In case her spitte should one night come calling for me and take
me away with
Keeping on In the hallway at night In case Helen spirits should come my
Dream Fisher Mar 26
Let me tell you of a girl,
Eating a simple lunch under a tree.
Pretzel sticks, an apple, and peanut butter for dipping.
The sky was blue, the sun shown bright.
The kind of day you might describe
As indescribably perfect, unnoticed.
Walked through but not talked of.
She sat embracing it as children played
In a pool near by on this warm summer day.

Let me tell you of a boy,
Who ran to play with his friends
A boy with blue eyes who couldn't swim.
Running with squirt guns around a poolside,
The pavement slick like ice but
The child did keep caution too
Until a kid behind pushed him in.
Flailing arms and voices screamed out
As a girl ran to see what was about.

Eyes closed, water had its hold
As a girl knew CPR keeping him going
Coughing and coughing, maybe it could work
Choking but alive looking at another with worth
Only long enough to fall back out
On the wrist of  the boy was a medic alert.
"Peanut allergy treat with epinephrine"
GulRukh Sep 2018
If she would ever return to you
Trust me
You won't feel the same love you do right now
You'll change,
your mind had been infatuated to a much higher level
that returning to the joy and peace won't feel same again.
My Infatuation Cause My Fall
Alberto Jun 2018
Nights like these
Who’s right? Who’s wrong?
Am I living or have I been missing?
Will I wake from a dream
Find myself 80 years old stuck in the past
Nothing but questions,
No answers to report
Nights like these had painful days
Unrecognizable from others
In the way brutally disfigured corpses
Failed to be identified by the authorities
Another cold case
Nights like these
You are distant but your memory
Brings me back to my youth
Peter Balkus May 2018
I see you, pigeon,
landing on the tree, with grace.
I'm watching you,
in case He's not watching.
Just in case.
George Krokos Mar 2018
It is just as much a case of mistaken identity
to regard one’s self with too much indemnity.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
With a glit of hope
And a Faith of life
Once I visited, a holy Place
Within notime, I get my name
Case 2, Bed 7
I was coined,
New Identity of mine,
Get introduced
Scientific notations
With Inhuman sense
Next to me, I asked, “who are you?”
White Gowned Interrupted, saying,” Case 3”
Technical birth, after me
Calculated values of our life
My Heart raced High
They termed, “Palpitation”
My Head turned round
“Dizziness”, they sound
After a small chat,
Silence of Unknown was there
The Big Man said,” This is not my Case.”
I was left restless
Then, Referred
In search of Hope
Referral Continues………….
Searching Humanity.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
5 0 0 pieces or more
spill over six accounts
5 0 0 holes for fingers
opened over my skin
so  when  will i learn
to use my feet to seek?
so  when  will i learn
the blood  i  squeeze
will in time run dry?
the gills  that i cut
will swallow the knife?
no time better than now
no time like the present
  to remember to breathe
remember to walk toward
  not away
a comet on legs leaving
trails of  meteorites
no  time  better than now
the ropes of the past lace
through the toes to the wrists
how long has it taken?
how lucky am i that i
filled the flesh canvas
with angry scars and
still  have the  knife?
5 0 0 pieces or more
spill over six accounts
5 0 0 holes for fingers
opened over my skin
the detective is done
with the cold  case  blues
the detective is done
penning I 2 U s
there are enough mountains today
tomorrow and on for the detective
to be insane as long as they want
the detective is done
  with  the  cold  case  blues
   so case closed
So many pieces over so many accounts. I've hit so many angles, conjured so many demons, found so much harmony in the echoes of an old, rightfully retired dissonance. I'm at another point in life where I'm ready to initiate a paradigm shift and say a so long. This is the last personal narrative I plan on writing for as long as I can help it. I'm really looking forward to putting all that **** in containment and concentrating on creative projects. If you've liked what you've read so far, keep an eye out for a collaborative project with Toby (of HP) sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing.
- Zan
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