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Seanathon May 16
Just a blind man can have faith
In the firmness of world beneath his bed
So I also will believe in myself and my God
And that I will arise anew each day
To begin again
For as long as he wishes
I am his
Perdue Poems Apr 8
I sit beneath the willow
As all my thoughts run free
Skipping through the meadow
Of true tranquility

I sit beneath the willow
As winds begin to blow
I feel the stumble of my thoughts
Into the valley's low

I sit beneath the willow
As rains begin to pour
I hear the gurgle of my thoughts
Till thoughts I think no more

A cloudy sky is all I see
A mind of dull torpidity
I sit beneath the willow
I sit beneath the willow
Äŧül Mar 10
Beneath the crescendo,
There are a few notes,
Softer but no less mellow.
My HP Poem #1735
©Atul Kaushal
Athena Feb 8
Everything fell apart
as ravaging hunger
and yowling cries
mild nurture
and womanly sighs
the night ground out
splendor in a shaded cove
beneath the willow tree
she lay
sheltered from the chill
and snow
long awaiting the warmth of day
she wrapped around her
the leaf of an oak
and wore natures love
as her winter cloak
steadily she slept
the treeline as her pillow
and in a few sweet hours
she would die
beneath the willow
Shofi Ahmed Jan 15
The lost mirror sunk down the sea
gone beneath the abyss no eye can see.
That doesn't stop the moon melting
over the water in a waxing spree!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 12
The eyes are on the Moon
it's so beautiful.
Beneath the light
in the dark it blooms!
Seanathon Dec 2018
Let it go
Release your hold
Lie back at sea
And be

Turn your eyes
Up to the sky
Into the fire
Stare back, daringly

Cover not
Your wavering life
Of the underneath
Be free

For all is heaven
All is earth
And all around
Is all to see

Open your hands
To grasp no more
Open your mind
To stars ablaze

Let night consume
Your morning plans
Let waters wash
All fear away

Let first your thought
Be not of me
Not of yourself
But all of these

For all is heaven
And all is earth
And all around
Is all to see
Beneath St. Elmo’s Fire
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
It's a secret
Often a vanishing silhouette
into the manifold shades of the night
beneath the endless stars!

It's open in plain sight
seen many a time
in mesmerising first light!
juliet Nov 2018
everybody knows concealer’s for eye bags
dark circles
hangovers and
bad decisions
and everybody knows that makeup’s what makes you pretty
but nobody knows the beauty beneath
you’re really pretty on the inside. don’t forget
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
You please reach pinnacle heights.
Error is the way to being bright.
Hide away all your cruel intentions.
Careful to barter and beg your way out of the tension.

Why not, why not!
That is what we need to drop.
Soaring at new heights to grow.
Flying away as we go!

So I want you to not die.
Find your self deep beneath the comfort of the arms of the mountain, where you lie.
The calming hands of time.
All we need is different emotional minds.

Why not, why not!
That is what we need to drop.
Soaring at new heights to grow.
Flying away as we grow!

Please, please hear me.
Please hear my cry.
Please save your self from this apocalypse of life.
If you scream that is no good.
You are your own masked crusader if you could.
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