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Osiria Melody Nov 2019
You're just a piece of CrumpledUpPaper,
Tucked away
                     under the
                                     subway seat

With scratched-out letters and dried up ink,
Will a pair of eyes even

       of feet
                     t  a   p e        
                      r  m  l  d
                               ­       over you
                 ­                  manyyy
                 t  o  r  n  ,  

You haven't even been recycled yet!
And so I'll pick you up,

Take you to the recycling bin,
And PLOP, in you go like a lillypad on a pond

Filled with rain, drenched in soluble ink
What were the words that were written?

On a midsummer's day or a quarter-winter's night?
I ain't sure and I'll never know

I saw a piece of crumpled up paper on the ground.
Stan Oct 2019
Do you think that
In 300 years
Will think
Or remember
What you have done



Who you were
Who you loved
What you were
What you loved
IncholPoem Apr 2019
When  you  were  


then wind  lefting

the  sea-travel

to start  to  walk

on  soil.

    Whenever  you

came  out  from

bathroom  to


the   sun  hug

with its  rays.

Whenever  you

try  to  sleep

on the  bed

at  that  time

the    body  forget

to  take  rest

think  just

about  you.
Mo Mar 2019
Whenever i try to tell you.
To tell you whats,
Whats inside me

What‘s trying to break out.
Out of my head,
Out of my heart,
Out of my love...
Based on a true story
ami Jan 2019
if we live we live together
if we jump we jump whenever
if we stay we stay forever
if we stand we stand wherever
Kivanc Jun 2018
I wanted today to dissappear in flames of my cigarette,
Didn't you notice it whenever I felt sad in my veins.
Longing has already captured my dreams about to happen,
Ending of this poem made me feel selfish and sad again.
Describing my feelings in English sometimes hard, but I will make it one day...
it can strike anywhere

like matches,
converting sulfur into flame
and setting fire to the couch

it can come to you at anytime,

you might be
pondering your most
deepest thoughts
about the universe
in the shower,

retaining some boring lecture
from your college professor,

manicuring your lawn
and watering your garden,

wolfing down 5 cigarettes
on your smoke break to
cope with the stress levels,

checking out books at the library,

flipping over your chicken
on the barbecue grill,

in the middle of helping
your kid out with their
science project,

listening to a song
that makes your
little hairs stand up,

in the end of a good book,

sipping a cup of coffee
and staring out the window
from your kitchen,

from the longest trip to the grocery store
to the shortest distance to the sun,

from the worst day of menial work
to the greatest copulations

it can occur,
whenever and wherever
don’t lose that thought
fill pages upon pages
with ink from your pen
as soon as you can

for me,

this one happened to me
when I was walking my dog
and picking up the dog ****,

two teenagers drove past
doing 45 in a 25mph zone
and the passenger hung
out the window and screamed,
“LOSER” at me.

my immediate thoughts
were to throw my
beer can at their car
but I didn’t think it was
worth the waste

and then,
I wanted to throw
the bag of **** at them
but you and I both know
those kids lives
aren’t as nearly as valuable
as the dog **** in my hand.
Creativity and ingenuity can hit you at anywhere, at anytime.
Cat Lynn Aug 2017
Can you recall the poems of last year?
Do you remember your favorite ones? Weren't they dear?

Have you looked up the poetry of the past?
Or are you more interested in poems that have a futuristic cast?

Both are adored, but the future more preferred.
For we desire to read things that have never been seen or heard!

This is not a sin, but even the poetry of the old can be breathtaking!
But they have been simply forgotten! Their existence is breaking

What shall we do? Ignore them? Throw them away?
The poems of the future will become the past anyway!

Shall we allow what is newer to take their place?
Or shall we revive the dead and give them a warm embrace?

Can we bring back what has been lost?
Is it really worth the cost?

Would you want your poems to go out of sight or out of mind?
Have them be lost and hard to find?

Is this really worth the argument? Certainly not!
But it's something to think about.  This could mean a lot

To someone out there...
Many poems are on this website, they have been here for years!
If you wish to take on a challenge, continue to read

Find a poem that is AT LEAST 1 year old or older
that inspires you and provides something that you need to hear
Copy and Paste the Poem and the Name of the person who wrote it in here
And if you wish, explain why you like this "old" poem
Let's help those old poems come back to life!

(Thank you David T. Carratola for your help!!!)
hazem al jaber Nov 2016
whenever ...

whenever you feel lonely ...
just remember me..
as the beat ..
to your heart...
whenever you feel breathless ...
just remember me ...
when i kisses you ...
and took all your breathes...
whenever you want to see me...
just lay into your bed...
think of me ...
till you get asleep ...
to dream of me ...
whenever you feel bore...
just pick up the phone ...
to hear me...
to feel more deep ...
how much i love you ..
how much i really miss you ...

my sweet bird ...
whenever you need me ...
need to be with me ...
need to touch me ...
just use your imagination ...
no matter how you think ...
no matter how things comes ...
just let your heart tells your brain ...
how to hug me ...
how to get me there ...
through your brain ...
into your lonely night ...

same i always do ...
whenever i need you ...

love you sweetheart ...

hazem al ...
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Win it or lose it
Get it or forget it
One thing remains for sure
If you win, then the world knows you
If you lose, then it’s always try again
So always remember, give you best whenever you give a test.
Once the test is clear it means you are qualified to compete with the rest and others.

Deal with the past when in present
Deal with the past in the present
When dealing with the past in the present, if possible even ascertain the future.
Mistakes from the past will make their presence felt in the present
Deal with those mistakes, find the error and make sure the same does not happen in the future.

We live in a world where everything is uncertain and undecided
A world where dreams are part of everyone’s life
A world where we ourselves don’t know what will happen at the next moment and at the next turn.

We live with a hope that if not today,
then tomorrow something better might happen,
something good, which will change the present and shape the future in a best possible way.

We live in a world where every effort is made in the direction of not only survival, but also growth, keeping in mind the uncertain future.

We live in a world where everything is uncertain and undecided till the last moment in time
Still we don’t forget to smile
We don’t give up in what we are doing as our work
We try and keeping on trying till we get what we want.

The world belongs to those who try and in doing so they don’t give up
Never give up in life
No one knows when everything will start falling in it’s proper place
It’s time to learn one thing for sure
If you give your best, then hope for the same
Definitely a day will come when you will get the best and nothing less
So always give your best and hope for the same.
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