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The essence of affection
A virtuous condition
Factors in certain traits
and affirms who we make
Descriptions of conduct
are attributed properly

Spot of tea
Cuddle please
Come with me
Long journey
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Different people
Characteristics same
The similarities distinctly evident
To the eyes
Evidently hidden
The mind agrees
Hidden to be revealed
What’s the deal
OpenWorldView May 2019
born an empty sheet
traits and external forces
affect your choices

so, death is certain
all the time before the end
is yours to paint green
Try your best.
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

I'm not the kind to give on up,
though often I may feel like it

I'm not the kind to let you down,
my hand will always be here.

I'm not the kind to hold a grudge forever,
no matter what you've done to me.

I'm not the kind to stray away from you,
I will always be near.

I'm not the kind to treat you bad,
even after what you've done to me.

I'm not the kind who doesn't care,
I will always worry.

I'm not the kind to bring you down,
I will always pull you up.

I'm the kind to try to do the best to you,
even if you have not done the same for me.

Now go back and just read the sentences in italics.
I have never done this before but always wanted to.
Tell me what you think...
Jayantee Khare Apr 2019

your pride tries to optimize
my persona, to suit your needs,
and if it doesn't, you criticize...
Yet, you're good enough...

your prejudice makes you
suspect even my good deeds,
and you demean me for them too....
Yet, you're good enough...

your control freakiness
makes you restrict me
even if i act right...
Yet, you're good enough...

your self centeredness
wants me to fit in the standards,
you define and ever-changing ...
Yet, you're good enough...

the veil of your hatred
doesn't let you see
my love and concern for you...
Yet, you're good enough...

Sometimes people have personality traits, difficult to deal with, but still they are good enough. Better to be grateful for their positive side
Desire Jan 2019
Have the faith to pray.
Have the desire to dream.
Have the will to fight.
Have the grit to achieve.
Have the passion to want.
Have the goals within reach.
Have the discipline to push.
Have the voice that speaks.
Have the positive attitude.
Have the courage to smile.
Have the guts to take a stand.
Have the love that stretches for miles.
Have the character of one wholesome.
Have the patience of a rock.
Have the morals of one holy.
Have the spirit of a warrior.
Justin Zheng Dec 2018
so i guess ill just let it out
and shout

and let my words come out
this **** aint so cool
not when subtle asian traits thinks im a fool

like come on i wrote two posts now
and i still have zero clout?

like social media is whacko
im a ****** jacko

master of none
played my cards all; now they’re gone

hella raw, you can feel it; right?
or if not, then tell me please, just don’t be silent, aight?

this **** got me burnin
idk whats happenin

idk why its coming out like this
but it does

and these poems i type
they simply absolve

the feelings i feel inside
lol i guess subtle asian traits aint the right place
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