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Grace Haak Sep 2
Type type type
Delete delete delete
Why all of a sudden is writing now a feat?
“Just write what comes to mind!”
But my mind’s wiped clean
Like the blank white page on my laptop screen
Nothing flows, nothing spills
Tauntingly the cursor blinks
I’m certain I’ve forgotten how to think
Nothing circulates, nothing pours
Hauntingly my fingers tap
I’m certain I’m about ready for a nap
Nothing runs, nothing spews
Dauntingly I press some keys
I’m certain I’ll never be at ease
I type type type
I’m finally overcoming my feat!
But I read it back, one word at a time
And now we’re back to
Delete delete delete.
me @ my college essay...
Tony Tweedy Aug 23
Throughout my life I have made a study of the human soul.
I have found there to be broadly 26 categories and accordingly have labelled them alphabetically.... "A" souls, "B" souls, "C" souls... and so on. Each type having their own characteristics.
Unsurprisingly the 18th group is the largest.
Chris Saitta Jul 7
She is the typesetter’s “e”

The once-rounded uncial script,
Unbroken like the solemn vow of a monk,
His whisper, a shepherd of words under the cowl,
Murmurations of the Holy Mother to the lambswool shroud of candlelight.

His candle-flock of dreams to some hill of penitent towers, war-cowed
And broken open like faith-unfended helmets, littering the ground,
With their unspeaking tassels in babbling pagan sound of wind,
That hill too, once-rounded bare under the glittering apostles of twilight.

In the abbeywork of air, calligraphy was a cipher of souls,
He unwrested demons from an inkwell of sunsets, smothered them in blotting paper,
Freed the incarnate whole to the book of hours, nib-pointed in quills and illuminated in gold,
Line by line, in Carolingian winding sheets, he returned the misshapen to the fold,
To the carpet page of home and the warm ligatures of their waiting women.
So the shutters of the heavenly house could blow light in slanted rays to a wilderness in storm.

But he never tamed the aero-elongated, descender of Troy in a “t,”
He never knew the unholiness of the underscore or fonts as ******,
Or the world unwilling to know itself in serif robes of ancient lore.
His life was a simple rounded-out syllable of one man,
Left in the muddied, unintelligible text of faith and war.

She is the typesetter’s “e” and now belongs to any hand.
For slide video:

Uncial script was predominantly used between 400-800 AD and is a majuscule script (only in capital letters)
True uncial scripts were unbroken, meaning the pen wasn’t lifted.
Carolingian script was the predominant minuscule script between 800-1200 AD and was used in the Medieval ages.
Other calligraphy terms include “blotting paper,” “carpet page,” “ligatures,” and “descenders.”
Mickey May 9
I became the type of person I once feared. I began to notice that I saw the same type dripping off of faces everywhere around me.
I wasn’t scared anymore.
I felt the recognition as I became familiar with it and there was some kind of comfort in this familiarity.
Cause we are all becoming this type.
Aren’t we?
But we will stand together.
Our hidden unity of a shattered youth.
Joanna Charis Mar 13
He knows now that I like him

But he tries to get away from me.

He finds another girl to play with,

and to spark on my jealousy.

I kept thinking about it

and I wondered why.

I thought, to myself,

that maybe,

I was not his type.
I’m not asking for someone who looks like a model or has money.
I’m not asking for someone perfect or just subservient and obedient.
I’m not asking for someone super kind hearted or someone perfectly innocent.

(If you cover 4+ of these email me or text.)
I’m looking for someone I can make jokes with and laugh
I’m looking for someone who respects my privacy and is honest
I’m looking for commitment
I’m looking for someone who brightens my world just by walking in the room
I’m looking for someone a little below average
I’m looking for someone smart or artistic (musician or painter or illustrator.)
I’m looking for someone to curl up with by the tv and have long conversations with.
I’m looking for someone with an open mind and that is ok with a little awkward
I’m looking for someone who is ok with someone a little “old fashioned”
I’m looking for a someone who is a little “broken” I like things that aren’t perfect
If you know anyone like that please contact me. I’m looking for someone to give me a reason to look forward in life. If there is anyone like this I’ll have a reason.
Lily Jan 28
You’d think that after
All this time I’ve spent typing,
That I could spell “the”.
I always type too quickly and then I have to go back through and edit all my "tehs" :)
Pete King Jan 20
I'm not quite sure how I got here,
Or why your stare makes fear feel safe.
It's like you can read the aura of me,
But maybe you just read my face.

You cling on tightly to my hand,
And search for secrets in it's embrace.
But, you'll find no truth in reading my palm,
It's all written upon my face.

I'm not courageous, and nor am I bold.
But hey, at least I've got your hand to hold.
jas Jan 20
my life has been ripped to shreds
my heart has been ripped apart
instead of living
I want to be dead

I want to be rid
of all this guilt

you don't understand
how I feel this way
it's comprised
and you're the delay

I've been broken
and beaten
to the core

its been years
I kicked you out the door

yet you're still here
haunting me
I can't find a way to breathe
can you believe
all of the damage you've caused me
in this lifetime

must be a record
when I put it together
if it's not me it's her
I've been hurting too long
been put in the wrong
and it's just too much

can't believe you ripped me to shreds
into tiny pieces
I let you lead me on
all along
so my mistake
wouldn't have it any other way
I'm already gone

ripped into pieces
none of me is decent
that's left

youtube instrumental love hate hurt shred ripped apart left no yes hard
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