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Johnny walker Mar 10
Returning soldiers from conflict who have given all their countries full of praise and sent to war by their governments who wave them on their
but on returning soldiers  some off them so severely Injured where are the government representative to welcome them home I'll tell you nowhere to be
do they visit In hospital no these soldier male and female who fought In conflict together side by side counting on their comrades to watch their backs whilst under
It saddens me greatly to see how easily they are forgotten many ending up on the streets homeless why?
after serving their countries so bravely but at the end of the day when the sun goes down I shall remember you
Do not forget the soldier male female who have given all for there countries and deserved to be the treated with respect
and look after when coming home Injured bless them all
Amanda Mar 5
A moment was all it took for my heart
To violently shatter and painfully fall apart
Will I ever halt these frustrated tears?
At this rate I will be sobbing for years
You let this relationship crumble; you can't deny
Smashed my heart completely; watched it suddenly die
My home now haunted by ghosts without names
Is it a graveyard for both of our shames?
Abandonment I attempted but failed
Every goal they followed and veiled
It seems impossible to shake
Apparitions my mind creates
The best part of being the last one to move on
Hearing you are better with me gone
I drain my pen of daily sorrow
It took being empty to fill with hope for tomorrow
It's getting easier to close wounds and mend
Write the damage to better defend
I hate I so easily let you back under my skin
Beaten into submission finally say you win
Sometimes the ghosts win.
Skywlkr Mar 1
It's Holding Me Tight............
          I'm Full Of Freight......
          The Darkness In My Mind Is
                                         Back Tonight.....
Past Couple Day Have Been Good and Bright but Then My Memories turned Of A light........
         Seems Once Again.........
                       I've Lost my Might.........
                   But Staying In the Fight.........
I Use it As Inspiration To Write............... This Darkness I will....... Smite.........
By Using Theese Words I Recite ***
Had good couple days but never lasts long back to it then I suppose
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
Every smile I have ever faked
leaves a residue
of questions on my lips.
“Why is it,
that this smile can’t be real?
Why is it,
that the world is so easily convinced by my lie?
Why don’t they try to break
this facade when they see it
in which I am trapped?”
Isrella Uong Feb 2018
some seem so easy to fall for
some seem so hard to fall for
why do i always seem to fall for
those who seem so hard to fall for
but so easily
February 18, 2018. Why.
Celeste Briefs Sep 2017
I forget my ways
too easily
traditions of my skin
blown away
like pencil dust

In a place
where my soul
has no meaning
I mean not to die,
yet I cannot thrive
in a place
where my bones crumble
like fallen leaves

sweet flavors in my mouth
fade away with time
all is within or without
drained away in the night

all my lost customs,
those dances of my soul
return to me in dreams
as fresh as they are old

I let words slip past my
let them sink into my
wash them out with bitter
they disappear in

I forget my sight
too quickly
place my eyes
in a transparent box,
there they wait
by the light of an
open window
to be released
to find home
Madeon Aug 2017
Men with difficulty forgive and forget quickly.
Women easily forgive, but never forget.
How easily Albany is forgotten
Syracuse firework fields and
The memories of Rochester too

Beneath insanity induced insomnia
In the city that never sleeps at all

It's magic here
But maybe magic isn't all what it's made out to be

This was a farewell road trip  
But I'm not well nor ready
To fly away from JFK
And nothing is fair

Lights obscuring memories of yesterday
And the day before yesterday
And the day before that too

Reverting to light
I remember the night we left
We left after the fireworks

Driving across state lines
I shut my eyes and could still see
Fluorescent dandelion outlines
Closed-eye hallucinations

Chasing down illusions of light
I'd wished for this tonight
It's all I can remember

We forget the time in between because
We live in fear that it's about to end
And our worst fears are always cause
For the strongest amnesias

The time stamped boarding pass in my hand
Won't let me start this over

When I close my eyes now
I don't see the fireworks anymore
Just smokey realities long disappeared
Magic spells now tragic
Into the hells above

The night New York stops shining
Is the night it finally tells the truth  

Tarmac tomorrows
Boarding gate goodbyes
A hundred thousand whys

Nothing ever looks so tragic come morning
Especially in July

Nothing ever looks tragic in the morning
But they're never quite so magic either
Have you ever heard about a morning to remember?

Out the window
I stare at the sun for a little too long
And when I close my eyes
It leaves only an overwhelming
Black hole

There's so much more to the Empire than this
#NYC #fireworks #ready
Äŧül Nov 2016
I imagine that moment when I'll hold it,
My breath I mean while I hold you tight.
Yin & yang we will complete each other,
I'll be dad of whom you'll be the mother.
Never will I betray you by being so weak,
For me to climb you are the highest peak.
I will be really strong and faithful to you!
Heights of Friendship can easily be found in a worldly legal marriage as then there is nothing stopping either of the partners.

HP Poem #1234
©Atul Kaushal
dear my heart is what I'm afraid of
Because I finally feel like I'm enough.
How have you captured me so easily
How did you make me fall in love
Love is what I am afraid of
in all its vulnerability
How easily you could brake me
And then still make me fall in love
Dear my heart is what I am afraid of
because in your hands it rests
Because you can care for it so easily
or make me feel like second best
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