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didn't come easily to her
she could see
every reason to
not be brave
wast the last plan
the last option
that she would take
Poetic T Oct 2020
Life is not wealth but

For wealth can easily be lost.

   But moments always last a lifetime.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2019
A moment was all it took for my heart
To violently shatter and painfully fall apart
Will I ever halt these frustrated tears?
At this rate I will be sobbing for years
You let this relationship crumble; you can't deny
Smashed my heart completely; watched it suddenly die
My home now haunted by ghosts without names
Is it a graveyard for both of our shames?
Abandonment I attempted but failed
Every goal they followed and veiled
It seems impossible to shake
Apparitions my mind creates
The best part of being the last one to move on
Hearing you are better with me gone
I drain my pen of daily sorrow
It took being empty to fill with hope for tomorrow
It's getting easier to close wounds and mend
Write the damage to better defend
I hate I so easily let you back under my skin
Beaten into submission finally say you win
Sometimes the ghosts win.
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
Every smile I have ever faked
leaves a residue
of questions on my lips.
“Why is it,
that this smile can’t be real?
Why is it,
that the world is so easily convinced by my lie?
Why don’t they try to break
this facade when they see it
in which I am trapped?”
Isrella Uong Feb 2018
some seem so easy to fall for
some seem so hard to fall for
why do i always seem to fall for
those who seem so hard to fall for
but so easily
February 18, 2018. Why.
Madeon Aug 2017
Men with difficulty forgive and forget quickly.
Women easily forgive, but never forget.
Aŧül Nov 2016
I imagine that moment when I'll hold it,
My breath I mean while I hold you tight.
Yin & yang we will complete each other,
I'll be dad of whom you'll be the mother.
Never will I betray you by being so weak,
For me to climb you are the highest peak.
I will be really strong and faithful to you!
Heights of Friendship can easily be found in a worldly legal marriage as then there is nothing stopping either of the partners.

HP Poem #1234
©Atul Kaushal
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