Lily 2d
~You take up so much of my mind, I don't know how my heart is still beating. Oh yeah, it's beating for you~
Lily 3d
~I want to watch scary movies with you, and laugh together afterwards about how scared we got~
Lily 5d
~If I had my whole lifetime and another, I could not even begin to thank you for all of the good you have done in my life~
Lily 6d
~I wonder if you have even the slightest idea how I feel when I hear your name~
7d · 145
The Middle
Lily 7d
I feel like a lab rat, like I’m being watched
And observed and my every move monitored.
Maybe even more so I feel like a puppet,
With different people pulling me this way and that,
Trying to get me to side with them or with her or with him.
Why can’t I decide for myself?
Or even better, how about you work it out
On your own?
Do I need to constantly be that friend who you
Talk to each other about behind their backs?
Do you think I want to be that friend who
Constantly has to choose between pleasing
You or the other?
Some days I feel like taffy, and you two are little kids
Baking in the kitchen,
Bickering about something that won’t matter in ten minutes.
You don’t realize the damage you do to the taffy
As you stretch it beyond recognition.
If you break the taffy,
Do you get a prize?
I'm always caught in the middle
Lily 7d
~Every night I wrestle with myself, my mind saying we will never happen and my heart saying we need to happen~
Lily Jan 7
~You are always the first person I look for when I walk into the room~
Lily Jan 4
~I don't know exactly when I fell in love with you.  I just know one day we were best friends and the next day I wanted us to be more~
Lily Jan 3
~Whenever I see you before you see me, and you're just living your life, I think you are the most beautiful, because you're not trying to impress me, you're just simply yourself~
Lily Jan 2
~My life instantly gets better whenever you smile or laugh.  And when I make you smile or laugh, I’m in heaven~
Lily Dec 2018
~I hope one day I'll have the guts to tell you how much I wanted to kiss you tonight~
Dec 2018 · 397
Cigarette from the Past
Lily Dec 2018
My past is too much of an influence on my present,
I know it's a problem.
But whenever I look in the bathroom mirror,
I see my 15 year old self,
A cigarette hanging out of her mouth
Just like the one that is currently in my mouth.  
Her hair is still dyed dark purple and out of control,
Spiking out of her head
Like she just stuck her finger in a light socket.  
She takes the cigarette out of her mouth
And smoke clouds up the mirror.  
I watch her hand reach up through the smoke
Into the real world and take my cigarette
Out of my mouth and toss it in the trash.  
I can't decide whether I've gone completely crazy
Or if that encounter was the
Best thing that ever happened to me.  
Why can't it be both?
I decided to try an exercise where I looked at a painting and then wrote a poem about it, and this is what came out of it.  Let me know what meaning you find in it. :)
Dec 2018 · 186
On the Court
Lily Dec 2018
On the court
History is made
Around the world.
On the court,
You can see how
People show their
On the court,
The impossible
Becomes possible.
On the court
Is our home
Away from
My 9 year old brother Simeon wrote this, and wanted me to share it with you guys.  He is in love with all things basketball. :)
Dec 2018 · 197
Words of an Angel
Lily Dec 2018
You were an amazing band mom.
You were stern:
“Come back here and pick up your uniform!”
You were kind:
“I packed you a lunch for your long day.”
You were an incredible principal.
You were stern:
“You really need to start turning in your homework.”
You were kind:
“If you come to my office after school, I will help you.”
You were a wonderful mother.
You were stern:
“Come here right now and put your clothes away!”
You were kind and loving:
“If you ever need to talk about anything, I’m here.”
Even though you were taken
So suddenly from us yesterday,
No one will forget you and
How you influenced everybody in your circle and
Today is one of those gloomy rainy days,
And I know why.
It’s because even the heavens are crying for you.
On December 26th, the Lord took my good friend's mother, Heather, up to heaven to be with Him.  These are all sentences she either said to me or I heard her say.  Her death was very sudden, and she will be missed by so many.
Lily Dec 2018
~I want to kiss you under the mistletoe and hold you in the candlelight~
Lily Dec 2018
He was in love with her,
The kind of love that kept him up at night,
On the kind of nights that dragged on and on without respite.
He would fall asleep thinking of her,
Dream of her all night long,
And wake up with her name on his lips.
He turned a thousand shades of red whenever
He talked to her, and her gorgeous green eyes
Peeking out from behind her dark bangs made
Butterflies soar in his stomach.
But she was not in love with him,
And messed with his mind for fun.
She was with a different guy every night, and
He never knew that her true intentions
Were anything but true.
He reached for her, but his hand
Was only met by a shadow.
It disgusts me how people take advantage of others
Dec 2018 · 134
Another Christmas Poem
Lily Dec 2018
I know you’ve seen many Christmas poems today,
And will in the days to come,
But mine will be different, I pray.

Amidst all of the gifts and presents,
Among the crowds of relatives and good food,
We cannot forget who is always in our presence.

*** the Father and *** the Son,
And *** the Spirit, are present;
The Trinity, three in one.

Although the presents are fun,
And you realize your crazy uncle is actually kind of cool,
We have to leave time to remember the birth of ***’s Son.

If not for him, we wouldn’t be here;
Without his birth in lowly Bethlehem,
All of the gifts and happiness would disappear.

So praise *** this day
That *** arranged the ****** birth;
Praise *** every day
That He sent His son to Earth.
Merry Christmas to all!  May *** bless your festivities! <3
Lily Dec 2018
~I want to text you and tell you I miss you, but I'm scared of what you'll think of me~
Lily Dec 2018
~I want you in the most innocent way; I want to kiss your cheek and hold your hand in mine~
Lily Dec 2018
~I get out of bed in the morning because I want to see your smile~
Lily Dec 2018
~I miss my head on your shoulder and your arms around me~
Lily Dec 2018
We were in your backyard,
Beautiful rays of sun
Shining through the clouds.
You were the most gorgeous ray,
Running through the trees,
Daring me to chase you.
You stumbled on a root and I laughed,
Then ran over and pulled you up.
You were out of breath,
Your smile was a mile wide,
Your glasses were askew,
And your hair was a mess,
And I had never seen anything more beautiful.
You twirled me around and
Pulled me close to you,
And our cheeks touched,
The warmth of your skin warming my heart.
That’s when the storm clouds rolled in,
A trademark of Michigan summers.
You grabbed my hand and started running
Towards your house with the
Bright yellow shutters.
“Last one in is a rotten egg!”
you yelled over your shoulder.
I could see the rain coming,
A great sheet of gray sweeping across the fields.
You squealed as the rain falls from the heavens,
Soaking both of us before we make it in the door.
“Close your eyes” were your words,
And the next thing I knew was your arms embracing
Me from behind, and the soft scent of a lilac candle.  
I opened my eyes, and saw the blanket fort you created
And decorated with fairy lights.
“Please stay with me”
You whispered in my ear.
And I said, “Of course.”
A combination of memories and fantasies :)
Lily Dec 2018
~Your smile makes my heart sing~
I've seen lots of people do these, and I wanted to try it to get out my smaller thoughts that haven't made it into a poem :)
Dec 2018 · 477
My Angel (10w)
Lily Dec 2018
Pictures don't do you justice, for
you are an angel.
Dec 2018 · 165
After the music fades
Lily Dec 2018
Neon lights flash from every corner,
The bass shaking the floor.
The hottest pop songs blare from the speakers,
Students throw their hands up in the air,
Their entire being involved in the here and now.
Even the principal is jumping up and down,
And smiles preside everybody’s face.
It smells of cheap cologne that barely masks
The sweat and tears of the lives that are changing at this dance.
You and I are in the corner,
Standing a little too close to each other,
Laughing at our friends forming a conga line.
Suddenly, the drums fades from the speakers,
And is replaced by a graceful piano and
The beginning measures of a favorite love song.
The DJ yells into the crowd, “All couples come out to the floor!”
My face immediately flushes (are we a couple?),
And I am even more aware of you next to me,
Your hand inching timidly towards mine.
Taking a chance, I close the gap between us,
Turning and gently resting my hands on your shoulders.
Your smile glows, projecting happiness
Into my very being, and you
Lay your hands on my waist, shyly, as if asking permission.
My heart pounding, I lean forward and kiss your cheek,
Your freckles warm and soft under my lips.
I give a start as you wrap your arms around me,
Prompting me to rest my head on your shoulder.
“Stay here,” you whisper to me.
And suddenly, I’m engulfed in your embrace,
And the slow piano music floats into my ears,
And your beautiful minty scent floats into my nose,
And my eyes close as you sway me back and forth.
I don’t even realize when the love song ends,
Because you are all that’s on my mind.
I hope our song lasts forever.
You're the type that holds me after the music fades
Dec 2018 · 2.0k
Us (10w)
Lily Dec 2018
It was us against the world…
We could have won.
Dec 2018 · 214
Why I love you
Lily Dec 2018
You fall in love way too easily.
You are fascinated with the human nature,
And what makes us so unique and complex.
You think everybody deserves a chance at love.
You don’t just think everybody is beautiful,
You know that and truly believe it.
What you sometimes struggle to understand
Is that you are beautiful too.
You are mentally strong,
A natural born leader, and
A really fun person to be around.
You rarely let your sadness get the best of you,
And you are always encouraging and upbeat.
You are a great teacher and
Enjoy helping others out.
You work day and night for your friends,
Because you are always busy thinking about
The needs of others before your own.
You are an expert at giving advice,
But constantly take other’s burdens on yourself.
You know the right words to say
When I’m hurting, and will back off
Immediately if you realize you’ve crossed a boundary.
You know when you’ve done wrong
And sincerely feel sorry for it.
You listen lovingly to every word I say,
And try to help me with everything in your power.
Just the fact that you listen to me can
Make my whole day.
You inspire me, because you’re
So talented and skilled yourself.
I strive for your talents, and every checkpoint
I reach along the way,
You are there with me.
Every small victory of mine
Makes you the happiest person alive.
You just want other people to be happy.
I know that’s cliche, and so many people claim to want that,
But you actually carry it out.
You help people to live happier lives every day.
Even if you don’t change the world
One day with your neuroscience,
You will have touched the lives of everybody
You have come into contact with along the way.
That’s why I love you.
You’ve changed my life and heart and
You didn’t even know it.
For one of my best friends :)
Nov 2018 · 309
The Fragrance of Dead Roses
Lily Nov 2018
She was a rose, pressed into the pages
Of a book, meant to hold a place.
Instead of a page in a book,
She held a place in his heart,
Which she thought she would always have.
But eventually, bookmarks are lost,
And stories are forgotten,
And all that is left is
The smell of the binding
As the book closes for the last time.
Just scribbles
Nov 2018 · 626
Your Car
Lily Nov 2018
Normally, when you're missing someone,
You think you see them everywhere.  
You see their face in everybody's face that passes by,
Hoping against all logic that it's them.
You hear their voice in everybody else's,
Thinking for just a
Heartbreaking second that you hear their laugh.
But not me.  
For me, it's your car.  
Every car I see that's even remotely a gold shade,
I think is yours.  
My heart leaps, and a kind of
Happy panic shoots through my chest,
And sometimes I physically jump.  
Then when I look closer, it's
Not you in the driver's seat, and it doesn't
Have the same dent as yours does on the fender.  
It's not the car where our hands intertwined,
Our lips touched,
Our souls met.  
It's not the car where our favorite songs
Blasted from the speakers and
Our voices joined together in a familiar duet.  
It's not the car where I sobbed into
Your shoulder during a panic attack, and
You kissed my hair and whispered memories of
Sunny days and giggles into my ear.
It's not the car where you told me about
Your hopes and dreams,
Flinging your hands this way and that,
Showing me all of the places you wanted to travel,
All the wonders you wanted to see.  
It's not the car where I finally took the chance
And leaned across the cup holders and
Pressed my lips against yours, and
They fit so perfectly it was like
We were a lock and key.  
It's not the car where I fell in love with you.  
But I think it is.  
Every time.
This has been in my drafts for too long! :)
Nov 2018 · 313
Too Scar(r)ed
Lily Nov 2018
His hands linger on
Hers a second too long, and
She wants them to stay.

His smile makes her
Want to sing for joy, for it
Pierces her dark clouds.

His passion for life
Makes her long for one with him,
Always by his side.

She has scars, scars that
She thinks deem her unfit for
Love. But she is wrong.

She knows that these fears
Are holding her back, but they
Are hard to escape.

He would love her for
Who she is, not where she’s been
Or who she’s been with.

His hands linger on
Hers a second too long, and
She wants them to stay.

And this time she’s brave enough to take them in her own.
Nov 2018 · 818
He Didn't
Lily Nov 2018
He didn’t grow up in a good home.
He didn’t have a supportive mother.
He didn’t have a father worth speaking of.
He didn’t know how to read or write.
He didn’t know that 2+2=4.
He didn’t have any friends.
He didn’t know that such wonderful things existed.
He didn’t play or run outside.
He didn’t have the permission to.
He didn’t graduate high school.
But he didn’t drop out.
That night, he didn’t stop drinking.
That night, he didn’t use his head.
That night, he didn’t care.
That night, he didn’t put on his seatbelt.
He didn’t see the car coming.
He didn’t hear the crunch of the metal.
He didn’t hear the screech of the tires.
He didn’t wake up.
A writing prompt urged me to write a poem based on the things that "didn't" happen.  This is what came out of it.
Nov 2018 · 189
Loving you is killing me
Lily Nov 2018
Why do I miss you so much?
Why can’t I go a day without thinking about you?
You’re going to be far away soon,
And I won’t ever get to see you.
Why am I so attached to you?
Why do these feelings feel so natural?
Why do you make me want to follow you
Wherever life takes you,
Listen to every word you say,
Hear your gorgeous laugh every day?
Why do I want to be with you always?
Even now, laying on my couch at 3 am,
I wish you were sitting next to me,
With your arm around me,
Pulling me closer to you.
I would lay my head on your shoulder,
And everything would be fine.
But you won’t ever be here with me again,
So I must make “fine” on my own.
Why is it so hard?
Nov 2018 · 715
Late Night Drives
Lily Nov 2018
The gas meter read
Full, and our hearts were open,
Our walls were torn down.
Nov 2018 · 211
Bloody Hands
Lily Nov 2018
Your hand in mine was
So warm, so calming,
So comforting.
Our fingers intertwined,
You squeezed my hand gently,
As if to say, “I’m here.”
I rubbed the top of your hand
With my free hand,
Trying to consume your soft skin,
Wanting not just your hand,
But all of you.
But when I look down at your hand,
It’s red and raw, blood
Rolling from your knuckles all
The way along your arm.
I pull away, disgusted.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Nov 2018 · 266
Her Garden
Lily Nov 2018
The lavender lilacs line the path that my bare feet tread,
The grass tickling my toes.
Bees buzz among the sunflowers that hang over my head,
They flit around the primrose.
The sun’s rays warm my skin,
And I breathe in the glorious spring air,
Not thinking about where I’ve been.
Just where I am.
At the end of the path is the old wooden swing,
Where she and I would swing for hours,
Each other’s hands we would cling,
While she told me all the different kinds of flowers.
She showed me the hollyhocks and bluebells,
Daisies and buttercups,
And all of the lesser known flowers I have
Long since forgotten.
She laughed when I couldn’t remember
The name of the tulip,
And her soft lips brushed my cheek.
I sit down on the swing and listen to it
Creak as I push off from the ground,
And the memories come rushing back
That are associated with that sound.
Every afternoon spent here,
Every flower name,
I wish I could remember every one,
In my mind they be engraved.
I close my eyes and picture her,
Her circular glasses, golden brown hair falling,
A pencil tucked behind her ear.
The mole on her left cheek.
Even though she’s long gone,
And our kids are all grown up,
She will never be forgotten.
She lives on in her garden.
Oct 2018 · 854
Feel This Moment
Lily Oct 2018
When I hear the words “marching band”,
I think of 4 am’s eating donuts on the bus,
Piled in big heaps to conserve warmth,
Not caring who we were laying on.
I think of lips on fire,
Sectionals that drag on and on in
The scorching sun, and staying
At attention for longer than you can bear.
I think of impossibly quick changes into uniforms,
Asking your friends to zip you up,
Band moms wiping off bibbers and shoes,
And when you’re all ready, realizing you didn’t put on your mic.
I think of falling on turf during
25 mph wind gusts, hearing the hail smash your instrument,
Not being able to feel your face,
But knowing you have to play on just the same.
I think of eating at weird times,
Breakfast at 4 am, lunch at 10 am, and supper at 10 pm,
But knowing that when you get you get a chance to eat,
The band dads have got you covered.
I think of laughing so ******* the bus
You’re crying, sobbing even, sprawled across
Your best friends, and you think you’ll never calm down
Enough to ever play your instrument again.
I think of the drum majors’ voices yelling
Over and over again until the freshmen finally understand.
There’s always that one that never does.
I think of the moment of utter agony
Before they announce the last place in your class,
And you’re squeezing your eyes shut, praying
That at the very least, you won’t be last.
I think of that moment of utter relief
After you hear the last place in your class,
And it’s not you, and your prayers have been answered
That at the very least, you were not last.
I think of the last competition of the season,
When the seniors are bawling and it seems like
Your entire world is crashing down,
And nothing will ever be right again.
This poem could go on forever,
But finally: finally.
When I hear the words “marching band”,
I think of that triumphant moment right
As your show ends for the last time,
That last horns down,
And you know you’ve given it your all,
And no matter what your score is,
You feel in your heart that you have put everything
You have out there,
All the music, the drill, the blood, sweat and tears,
Out there on that football field.
And that moment, you can get no where else, but
Marching band.
The last band competition of the season was a couple weekends ago, and the last song of our show was Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write this poem; I love marching band so much!!
Oct 2018 · 464
Lily Oct 2018
my hands are so small and incapable

his arms are so nice

he massages your arms when he holds you

and then everything is all right
Oct 2018 · 138
"Just a Sprain"
Lily Oct 2018
Early morning soccer game,
Field still wet from midnight rain.
Get there early just in case,
Never thought I’d leave with a brace.
Get in the game at minute 17,
In that moment I am just a happy teen.
Scored one goal, right through the hands
Of the clumsy goalie, my power she could not withstand.
Scored goal number two a few minutes later,
I think now that goalie is my number one hater.
Minute 30 now approaching,
And the goalie’s box I am encroaching.
The ball rolls slowly between us,
But my incredible speed is a big plus.
But instead of sprinting like she was,
She dives to get the ball, defying all physics laws.
Her hands clip my feet,
And I flip over her, which must have looked like a great feat.
Yet my knee hits the turf at an awkward angle,
And I know it is severely mangled.
Struggling to stand, I call for a sub,
Wishing that I had just joined the chess club.
I hobble over to the bench,
Hoping against hope that it’s just a slight wrench.
After an hour of wincing and stretching,
It is obvious that more goals I will not be fetching.
13 minutes for two goals and an injury,
And a few weeks of painful recovery.
Remember, I didn’t cry from the pain;
After all, it’s “just a sprain”.
One of my worst fears is getting injured.  It finally happened.
Lily Oct 2018
Every day after school I ran through it,
Skirting around the trunks,
Ducking under the leaves,
My laughter echoing through the trees.
My cherry orchard.
My friends used to walk through it,
And when they got to my house,
They would always have red stains
On the bottoms of their shoes from
My cherry orchard.
Every year when the blossoms came out
In early May, I would take pictures for
Hours, enjoying the peace,
Playing with the symmetry when you looked down a row in
My cherry orchard.
And even though the trees were
Stripped from the ground and burned
I still visit it,
My friends still walk through it,
And every year I will look back at
My pictures and remember
My cherry orchard.
The cherry orchard across the street I've always thought of as mine was destroyed, but I'll never forget it.
Oct 2018 · 452
The Girl in Lane 7
Lily Oct 2018
I saw her first across the bowling alley,
Laughing at her own gutter ball.
She flipped her long black hair
Over her shoulder;
She wore a golden cross necklace
That bounced lazily against her
Beautiful olive colored skin.
Lady Gaga blaring from the speakers
Prompted her to dance back to her friends,
Who smile at her antics.
All of a sudden, she looks over at me, and
I try to pretend I wasn’t staring,
But it’s too late.
She smiles shyly, without her teeth,
Just a slight turn of her pink lips,
And her cheeks redden slightly.
Whatever manliness I still had in me
Melted when I saw her smile.
I smile back in what I think is a cute way.
My friends cries break thought my thoughts,
“It’s your turn!”  “Go already!”
Yet I can’t break my eyes off of her.
She goes to her friends and sits down,
Sips her Coke quietly.
I look at the clock.
I’ve wasted five minutes of the game.
I blame the girl in Lane 7.
Just a couple characters I observed at the bowling alley a few weekends ago.
Oct 2018 · 700
That Afternoon
Lily Oct 2018
If I could live that afternoon again,
What would I do differently?
Would I distract you so you miss your turn,
Turn the music up a little bit louder,
Hesitate getting out of the car?
Because I do wish I could get it back,
I wish that we could have that heart to heart again,
Discussing life and death,
Everything in between and afterwards.
I wish I could see again your red, curly hair as it
Billowed over your forehead,
Your hands rarely on the wheel,
Your beanie slipping from your head as the
Wind flew through the open windows.
I wish I could hear again your gorgeous tenor voice
Belting out your favorite musicals,
Your lyrics,
Your anthems,
What you are too afraid to say but you can sing it.
I just wish to see you again, the real you,
Untainted, untouched by the world.
Who you are when no one is watching.
I beg you to let me watch, just like you did
That afternoon.
You are beautiful.
Don’t ever forget that.
Who said that platonic love isn't real?
Oct 2018 · 371
Social Anxiety
Lily Oct 2018
Too many people,
Too many faces, and not
Enough time to breathe.
Oct 2018 · 301
I found all I need in you
Lily Oct 2018
Why do I find myself staring at you across the room,
Watching your curly hair bounce on top of your head
As you laugh at your friend's joke?
Why do I find myself getting butterflies in my stomach
Whenever you text me,
And with every little heart emoji and kind word
That feeling intensifies?
Why do I find myself hearing a song and thinking,
“You would love that”?
Why do I find myself waking up in the morning and
Looking in the mirror, wondering what you will think of my outfit?
Why do I find myself wanting to lay my head on your shoulder When we sit next to each other, as if it's calling me,
Saying everything's going to be okay?
Why do I find myself wishing I was always in your arms,
Always talking to you, always with you?
Maybe because I've found all I need in you.
Sep 2018 · 450
Lily Sep 2018
Sometimes, I like to stand out in a lightning storm
And hold my arms up high,
Praying that someday someone will be born
To fix these problems nigh.
The scorn, the crimes, the hate;
They need to stop someday.
There really is no reason to berate;
We’re all going the same way.
All headed towards death,
The same fate entertains us all.
So why then do we fight it,
This expected and natural call?
Sometimes, I like to stand out in a lightning storm
And hold my arms up high,
Praying that someday someone will be born
To fix these problems nigh.
But when the lightning strikes too close,
Striking fear within my heart,
My thoughts stop spinning, running, and
I run back home to you.
Things are looking up; thank you to all who offered me words of comfort.
Sep 2018 · 440
Just Hold Me
Lily Sep 2018
When I’m wracking with sobs
And I can’t breathe and the
Tears are coming down my face
Quicker than Niagara Falls,
Don’t make jokes.
Don’t smile and giggle and
Try to make me happy,
Because that’s just going to
Make me feel worse.
Please don’t change the subject,
But don’t ask me to talk about it, either.
My heart is breaking, shattering into
Millions of pieces, everything I’ve
Ever known is void of meaning.
Why would I want to talk about that?
So please, all I ask, is that you are there
With me, hugging me, rubbing my back,
Planting little kisses on my forehead.
I don’t need some long pep talk,
I don’t need some comforting speech.
I just need you.
Just hold me.
I'm sorry I haven't been as active lately.  Please, I don't want to talk about what's wrong, just be there for me.
Sep 2018 · 526
Can a place be a person?
Lily Sep 2018
I want to go some place where
Nobody judges me for what I look like;
My race, my hair color, my skin tone, body shape.
I want to go some place where
Everybody always lifts each other up,
Compliments them on the little things that
Make them feel like somebody is actually watching,
That somebody actually cares.
I want to go some place where I can have my freedoms,
And do the things I love to do without restraint.
I want to go some place where I can laugh
And no one will say my laugh is ****, or witch-like, or fake.
I want to go some place where internal beauty is appreciated
More than external beauty,
And where compassion, honesty, respect, and intelligence
Are more important than what shoes you wear or
How you do your hair.
I want to go some place where love is not taken for granted,
But granted brand new and fresh every day.
My only question is,
Can a place be a person?
Sep 2018 · 493
Pointless Passions?
Lily Sep 2018
Yes, math is important.
No, I’m not denying that.
Yet, you, my teacher,
My instructor, guide, mentor
Do not need to act this way.
You say that if I can’t do this math,
I will never be successful in any career.
You said that if I can’t understand
Something as “simple” as this,
I will never make it in the real world.
Don’t deny that you said those words,
Because the whole class heard you.
What about my English, my writing,
The things I will never, in a million years,
Work with math for?
Are you telling me I’m going to fail in that?
It’s just an B- in your class, it’s not
The end of the world.
Maybe I don’t learn the way you’re teaching,
Maybe I need to do things differently,
Maybe I’m struggling with things at home.
Maybe I could say that your math is as
Pointless as you say my writing is.
I do not mean to offend anybody, I'm just frustrated.
Sep 2018 · 387
When the Final Bell Rings
Lily Sep 2018
I don’t think some of you know
How much you mean to me.
Every time the bell rings, and
I see you coming out of your class,
Reliable, every day,
Calming me and reassuring me that
No matter what is happening,
The world is still moving.
Every time you smile at me in class,
Even though we don’t really talk,
It brightens my day and
Makes me realize that maybe
Mankind isn’t so bad after all.
Every time we share a laugh,
A football game, a tough test,
A change in the school,
I grow closer to each and every one of you,
Even though you don’t realize it.
But when that final bell rings,
Will you be there?
Will you be with me past final exams,
After the final bell?
Because you will know who your real friends are
When the final bell rings.
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