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Karen M Jun 10
Xylographed initials made by lovers over
Yonder in the suburb parks where the human
Zoo keeps them under watchful eyes.
The last 3 lines of an A to Z poem I'm working on.
at the foot of the ladder, a monkey fell~
six stories of rungs and she rings his bell~
he sat picking daisies off his fallen spell~
hands cupping petals of air being his quell~
poor little monkey's a shaken as hell~
his eyes run circles around the pink pastel~
as shocked onlookers stand visual at his well~
in his cage, his cousin's saddened at their shell~
at the foot of the ladder, a zoo's a cell

Logan Robertson

It's like the monkeys, once free, are dropped from the sky
into Pandora's box, staring at the four walls. Sad. Sad is
their captivity in the zoo. To decipher their language of continuous e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ings, bickerings and fightings are easy-I am unhappy.
Life's a zoo, you know?

This one's an engineer
This one's an architect
This one's an addict
This one's a preacher
This one's a lover
This one's a teacher
This one's a crier
This one's dead
This one's a scientist
This one's a mathematician
This one's in a bad place
This one's a helper
This one helped too much
This one's lying
This one's working
This one's watching
This one can't move
This one is sick
This one is singing
This one's a dreamer
This one's a doer
This one just gave up
This one took that one's place
This one's building walls
This one's building infrastructure
This one's lonely
This one's destructive
This one's blind
This one's deaf
This one's fine

And this one is writing
pable Feb 8
Did you know that elephants can fly?
And fairies never die?
What about, that cows don't cry?
Or even that pigs can fry...

Have you ever seen a snail walk?
A t-rex draw with chalk?
A goose soar like a hawk?
Or a unicorn talk...
about politics?

You haven't heard a penguin laugh?
Or seen a gorilla fold in half?
Found a beanstalk taller than a giraffe?
Not even seen a duck choreograph...
a music video?

Did you see that buffalo fly that kite?
Watched the peacock dive from height?
Met a llama thats actually polite?
You didn't hear the goldfish recite...

Well I must say
you are quite absurd,
for I
have experienced them all.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
हामी चिडीयाघर बनाएर
स्वतन्त्रता कैद गर्छौ
संग्रहालय बनाएर युद्धका
बिजय, पराजय कैद गर्छौ
पहिलोमा जिवित
दोस्रोमा निर्जिव
यि दुइ बीचका हामी
कति जिवित र कति निर्जिब छौ  

संग्रहालयलाई चिडीयाघरमा राखेर
चिडीयाघरलाइ संग्रहालमा राखेर
रचिरहनु भन्दा
सबैले शान्ति निर्माण गर्न लागे
धर्तीमा बिजयका कथाहरुमात्र हुनेछन् ।
शैली : प्रेरणात्मक
Eno Sep 2018
If you look closely you’ll see
A pattern
Between those rocks
Two lines
One greener than grass
The other a shade of grey
And if you stay with it
There’s a hollow space underneath
Big enough to fit a metre or two
Of rope ravelled
There’s actually more pattern
The colours more shaded
And movement
The original stripes gleam
Away from the light above
It’s a body
A thick hide
Of resilience
And distress
Seeking solace in what’s left
Behind the fingerprints
In a glass cage
Of a zoo
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
A city is nothing but a menagerie
caging different shades of insanity
dusty streets, concrete tombs, lingerie
costumes shooting up profanity

Here I stand
no shade of dignity
*** of cash in hand
shaded with apathy

Things I do with these creatures
in the concealing night
a spoon and a woman, double feature
finished and feeling contrite

Cross the bridge to leave the zoo
back to my normal life
conscience I must subdue
while I lay down next to my wife

I am sorry
I just miss the thrill
I am sorry
I just miss the feel
I am sorry
I just miss the comforts of the landfill
and the parroting comatose safaris
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Monkey Monkey : Part Two

Apes are our equals,
So set free our people!
Let them find the freedom they have never had.
Let them live once more in paradise.  
Treat them as you would a man.

The chimpanzee is just like me.
I think I’m related to the monkey in this theory.
So set the Baboon free!
Plant a tree!

Build a home and tear down your zoo.
Let my people be with their own;
Not just here to entertain you.
The monkey mind is the equal of mine,
They have such ingenuity.
The monkey mind is free, compared to mine,
So set my people free!

Lock us up in your cages, or let us become free.
Let us be free to ***, wherever we please.
In this concrete jungle of yours, we can no longer await death.
We can no longer live here, in such a filthy mess.

Set the monkey free from captivity!
Let it do as it wishes and it will make itself happy.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Monkey, Monkey : Part One

Monkey, monkey, climbing up a tree,
Eating a banana, or laughing at your friends ***.
Monkey, monkey, with your friends and family.
Monkey, monkey, you’re so happy and free.

Monkey, monkey, chewing on a leaf.
Monkey, monkey, swinging through the trees.
Monkey, monkey, your so hairy.
Monkey, monkey, you live in bliss.

Monkey, monkey, you look so funny;
Monkey, monkey, you’ve got such a happy grin.
Monkey, monkey, you’re so cheeky;
But now little monkey, you’ve been caught by me.

Monkey, monkey, don’t fear me;
Monkey, monkey, stop screaming!
Monkey, monkey, worried about losing your family;
Monkey, monkey, you’re no longer free.

Monkey, monkey, welcome to the zoo, your sanctuary;
Monkey, monkey, imprisoned by me.
Monkey, monkey, you will make me wealthy;
Monkey, monkey, you will make me happy.

Monkey, monkey, you’re there for them to see;
Monkey, monkey, behind bars sat in your tire swing.
Monkey, monkey, why aren’t you happy?
Monkey, monkey, do something!

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Bryce Jun 2018
Ar ar ar
Merry deathmas

Massive boon of life, you
No man feasts on your bones

Not those very fungi


Fi Fum drum you Protoctist ****
Shear the skin from the fun
White and node of muscled life
Make your narrow bed of marrow bread

Yeehaw life's a draw
and death presents a certain

Theres no mystery in
the biggest mystery
That it goes
with 777ccs of force
and maybe 1200 horse

and divine giant you
cud and horse and seed anew
stool of toad and brush of mold
return to state before
there was...
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