If you ever attract a zebra,
remember they are wilder
than they look
patrolling the ice.

Remember that while you
stick around in your zoo,
they travel to other zoos
to do their business
and probably meet
other penguins like you,
and lions,
and tigers,
and every other animal.

Sure, the zebra will think of you,
that little innocent penguin,
waiting in her little zoo
for him to come back to her
for another game or two,
but remember, it’s not just you.

It probably won’t be
as he caresses her and her.
It probably won’t be
as he doesn’t mention
you to any other animals
except for his zebra friends
who probably have penguins
just like you
whom they leave behind.

Because Omaha isn’t your zoo.
Buffalo isn’t your zoo.
Atlantic City isn’t your zoo.
Philadelphia isn’t your zoo,
and you aren’t his one and only;
You will never be his only one.
Mr Uku Feb 17
The pangolin's a scaly chap
His armour's made of keratin
If you attacked him with a sword
You really could not get it in
Written for World Pangolin Day.
Please do not attack pangolins with swords. They are very nice and deserve to be allowed to go about their business unmolested. Thank you
Alec Jan 15
Popping pills
Tripping over window sills.
Climbing slick walls
Squeezing through narrow halls.

Tumbling and turning
Who’s singing?
Boa constrictor wrapping around my ribs
What’s truth and what’s fib?

Swirls and twirls cloud my vision
Like staring straight into the sun
Stretching my hands out reaching for something
The bells begin to ring and ding.

6 fingers 3 arms
Should i be alarmed?
Am i being embraced?
Fingers dance and trace.

My mind is a track, my heart in a race.
My blood is blue, my heart is gold.
Was it their heart i stole or my life i sold?

I lose the love,
The bad things begin to consume me
Breathe in and out, it’s such a thrill.

Even to the trees, i am overtly sappy.
Jump! Sing! Dance!
Caught up in this maddening trance.

Am i alone inside the room?
Or is the room alone outside of me?
Are these human hands grabbing at  me?
Or are they demons that trace my heart unseen?

Is this an enchanting seductress?
Or is this the “big test”?
Sanity becoming less and less...

Fingernails raking down
My mind isn’t even in town.
Do the pills control my mind,
Or do you?

Are you my Queen?
Am i a King to you?
Or just a another jester for when you’re in the mood.
Do I mean anything?

You’re the Queen of too many hearts,
The minute you look at us it starts.
Off with our heads!
Sanity and common sense are dead.

We run around each other like rabbits,
Can’t keep calm! Can’t even sit!
Constantly moving, following you.
You cage me like an animal in a zoo.
I’m stuck on a leash,
Forced to follow you.

Grasping at straws,
Flowers begin to talk.
Need more meds!!
Dragons fly around my bed?!
Fires start in my head.

Where did i put them?!
My gems!!
They make me happy!!
I need them to be me!

Careful little rabbit or i might kill.
Sickly smiles and terrifying wiles,
I must’ve gone mad!!
Should I be sad or glad?

Tea time, TeA TiMe!
The madness is only mine!!!

Won’t give it up,
Drink from your poisoned cup!
Follow closely behind.
Or the darkness will catch you in a bind.

I may be the Mad Hatter in this zoo,
But i was once an Alice too.
Don’t trust any Queen of Hearts,
For Her wits will drive you mad, unable to outsmart.
Samantha Dec 2017
I looked through
A poetry zoo
When suddenly
I heard a
And I fell through
Should I ever knew
When the wind blew
I should listen to-
At the bottom,
It's sticky and gross.
Filled with... something,
That I never wanted most.
A small creature
Walked up to me
Little and fluffy
But looks like a tree.
And it said...
"My, my, Sam!
It's like you stepped on Pam.
Don't get turned into ham."
I replied,
"Please don't lie.
Ham is something I like.
How did you even know my name?
I can't tell, but it's not like we are the same."
"How can you be sure?" it said with a smile.
"For you haven't seen me in a really long while."
What else could I do, I thought to myself.
I watched closely as it sat on a shelf.
It yawned and seemed to be sleepy,
But I found this rather creepy.
I just had to run through the water,
But the air got hotter and hotter.
The farther and farther I went,
The more I longed for a vent.
But soon I found
A dark cave with no sound
With nobody else around.
I stood for a bit
Not wanting to sit
But then I heard a-
The lights went on
As it seemed like a dawn
A cave room for a party
Maybe for a smarty!
Like me...?
Filling the cave were
Little teddy bears... sound, not a stir
They had big beady eyes
And dark red fur
Which I could not despise.
One of them said,
"Happy birthday!"
I was awfully confused,
Was I being used?
"It's not my birthday," I said.
This, I started to dread.
"Who's that behind you?" spoke the little one ahead.
I replied, "Who?"
"Oh, the boy over there.
The one with the sharp teeth
And the creepy smile."
"Wait... WHAT?"
I looked behind me
And saw nobody.
Rebecca H Aug 2017
My dark lipstick is
an act to look tough
and my nose ring is a joke;
I belong to the zoo.

Twisting and screaming
I wriggle out of your tight grip, you say:
how the hell do you live with yourself
for ending up in a choking clench?
Oh, my feet must have slipped
into your lethally poisonous death grip.
- i'm not going to apologise for standing up for myself. -
Martin Narrod May 2017
Tangley Wangling

Fruit Jews in Tutus at youth group, maybe just a few with their screws loose. One self-rolling righteous group, their brothers grinning
Within the depths of their white-heads at the brim of a wet blanket suckling the needles catering new drug use. Two by two, elefants and woozels, hippopotamü's confusals, spongey-butts outfitting the rye n' wines refusals.

The luxury of a coccyx felt from the fingers turn to sunrise, where the water's weight some surprise them, in an integers shock-appraisal. Lucky loos by the brothel befit these new arrivals, though some tyrannosaurs despise 'em, smoke as much as you can if you've got 'em.

But don't let your antiques get you down, an ornithologist lends herself to your bookends, and even that nighthawk roosting makes your car alarm sound second rate, it's seconds late as the aves rave to the ravens, and they pontificate. Owls hoo-hoo and hooting, branch off with the others and start colluding. They just wanna get you home, to get back those prosthetics you've loaned.

Canoodling barbarians on their way back from the aquarium, demand  their fires come from oblivion, which sends sparks of arguments from the sharks and the bathylkopian oblivions, where we found that this water's warm these citizens, demand recompense for such grandiose living expense, three pence to use the phone, twelve rupees towards the sofa, and even a deutsch mark for every sit or every look at sit, it's just a chair, a doubly set of wooden legs, idling under a table plank. Pirated by the buttocks, such bullocks it is, and that's just it!

An archaeologist on assignment discovered that the future of the rhinoceros exists upon the olfactory exaggerated proboscis, the result of flushing unused anti-biotics, and is currently working for dimes out of college to deluge this quite deprived yet interesting biopic.  

The films of the junky, grab at the balls thrown about by The Monkees, and the musicians wearing those stickers on their breasts, are victim to XXS cotton denim vests, unzipped and barely covering themselves, added to by the accessories and rings, jewelry if anything, a pearl necklace and nubile sacrifis.

And the trollops frolic, diurnally dispose of logic, doing the hoopty-hoop, the alley-oops, with mom's high school flute in nothing but cowboy boots!

These are, the new discoveries of our species, carved into the marble and wet frescos, in the street reliefs, spray-painted and air-brushed motif, this creates such gatherings for throngs of people who've unachieved their needs, who've displaced their parents and display their racist grieving beliefs to trash indigenous language pleas for francophonian linguistic greed that have splayed their hellacious treaty in what's considered to be modern circumscribed and ill-painted cuneiform visually conceived, vocal graffiti.

So that the neu-faux derogatory delegates stress to sudatorium, it has regressed to moratoriums, we've now cancelled this sport consortium of awful and flagrant art performances.
Traveler Apr 2017
Would I
Should I
Could I be
The kind of spirit
That you can see
In your life
In your face
Or would you
Leave me
Out in space?

All the gods
live in a zoo
In the heavens
On display for you
Traveler Tim
xerez bridglall Feb 2017
The way you watched as I ran ahead in search of elephants,
Is not the reason I feel in love with you,
On that crisp autumn day.
The way we both agreed on how terrifying it would be to zip line over the man made jungle,
Was not the reason I held your hand so tightly.
The reason I feel in love with you was how excited you were to see the red pandas,
" Like they're ready for a wedding"
The reason I held your hand so tightly,
Was because the butterflies in my stomach were threatening to make me fly.
Erin Nicole Feb 2017
Roses are red,
violets are blue
monkeys like you
belong in a zoo
but don't be afraid
I'll be there too
not in a cage
but laughing at you
Im only joking
im just bored
I just wanted to
say hello to you
So enjoy this poem
that I made for you
Hope it makes you smile
and helps you enjoy your day
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