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Justin Zheng Jan 5
are you a small baller?
one who hides, meek, in the shadow of his own father?
who's ambitions is controlled by none other?
than the king known as LaVar Baller?
no small ballers tonight
Eyes on the ball
Sweat falls to the ground
Be ready to move
In my own little world, there is no sound

But all around
are people

The adrenaline spikes through my blood
Stronger than it ever does

All of this
fuels me
energizes me
readies me
for the game

This is why I play
This is why I play

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the ball…
Lily Dec 2018
On the court
History is made
Around the world.
On the court,
You can see how
People show their
On the court,
The impossible
Becomes possible.
On the court
Is our home
Away from
My 9 year old brother Simeon wrote this, and wanted me to share it with you guys.  He is in love with all things basketball. :)
Alexiss Dec 2018
I want to love you.
I want to give you the world,
But when I took my shot
You said "airball."
Slam dunk crash
Loud sound, a thunder dome
Intense clapping; it's time
Michael Jordan, save us.

Janus, my ****
In my pants oopsies
Micheal Jordan, slams and dunks.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
You want me to wear
logos in my hair
and purchase
the matching scarf?

A billboard for sale
at the human scale
Sporting your brand
Oh, what a larf!

Go Team Go!
Print on a throw
For the low price
of fifty-four dollars

I'd rather be happy
not buying your sappy
stuff that you sport
on your collars

you tell me to buy
because i'll look fly
and fill up my closet
with swagger

Believe when I say
not one single day
I'll fall to the dance
of your dagger!
We are walking, talking billboards.  How much does the NFL pay you to advertise their brand on your body?
Sehar Sep 2018
From -
“you’re a girl, you cant play.”

- To -

- Now -
“you play like a girl”

From orders to insults.
From bonds to bullying.

Did we ever really evolve?
musing over sexism on the basketball court.
yet the
orange pealed
this bubble
that led
Krzyzewski to
an ordeal
where his
sport coat
cried sin
once a
rival then
our fluorescent
clothes made
a maiden
call where
ludicrous had
this run
Battle goes to Tobacco Road in heat of tournament!!
sunprincess Feb 2018
Basketball is a fine sport
Little boys learn to play

They run around a court
and chase a ball all day

Then those boys grow up
and join the mighty NBA
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