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Dreams in pondering reference
reflections of refined world sense
experiencing similar sphere
intuitive prediction dear
outcome to confirm
stranger of other time
thought that touch the spine
re living that sensation
eternal genesis station
Lucas Mar 16
"Let there be light!"
And thus the first shadow was born.
The mother of humanity
Cast aside without a thought.
For what do we owe this calamity?
Man’s wrath is a terrible blot.

I wonder what you were like.
I wonder were you kind?
I wonder did you mean to free the mind?
I wonder could you heal the blind?

Did you dream?
Did you yearn to be free?
Did you want to sail some distant sea?
Did you simply wish to flee?

Can you forgive your children?
Can you absolve our sin?
Can you forget without chagrin?
Can you soothe our burning skin?

Will I win your praise?
Will I make you proud?
Will I meet you in the cloud?
Will I hear your voice aloud?
Steve Page Dec 2020
God stood at the beginning,
On the edge of that first Monday
On the brink of creativity, ready
To step off and risk his reputation 
On a venture that would be his signature dish.

A world stuffed full of flavours,
A realm ripe with potential
For life, for growth,
...For relationship.
But like all relationships, not without risk.
And so, with a smile of anticipation,
He took a deep breath...
And the rest
is history.

However, although unseen, soon
The infection of heaven's rebellion
Snaked it's way in through the gate,
Made friends and prompted a very short debate
So subtle that man was tempted to partake
Of an apple that caused trust to crumble
So humankind would from then on struggle 
And toil to survive outside that paradise lost
Until such time when Christ would step up and pay the original cost
Of the curse we deserved...

But as a foretaste 
Of that preferred sacrifice
God was pleased to accept 
Flame grilled substitutes,
Instituting a family feast
With crisp, pleasing aromas
Of juices that provisionally provided forgiveness
As a foretaste of a greater high priest
A greater promise
That 'The Lord Will Provide' 
For a new world
Fit for his future bride....

God stood 
On the edge of that first Monday
On the brink of creativity
And saw that it would - indeed -
New year, new beginnings
Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
The merged generations, emerge from first
cold night in the mountains,
This is screen-free Sunday.
I say this is the first day of ever after.
I read a bit
-- Infinite Jest, just a stream that contributes,
from time
to time, finity to finity, a dead man's former
mind fitted into words,
emanating from
the audible version of the words processed
in the Nineties, flowing through the
post I-Mac realm of words to the wise
and otherwise,

flooding the lexagraphic learners of grammar
for sense in silence,
self-reading silently,
breathing commas,
allow our pauses to perpetuate se per
selah… say

la la la
as time flows by, like a wild river in the spring,

Infinite Jest, there is a thread
through environs unimaginable to me,
until the inventions were given as inspirations,

did you know, I heard,
Steve Jobs yoosta
stand in the comode,
and flush it, gnoshit. In a state
like meditation,

zoned out of bounds in mere mistaken chance,
ping ping ping

a good idea, a bell of a thought.

We think in words, not all minds do.

Plenty punishments puns provideo please
if -ish is sortalike… shitilised, four syl-lables
la la la
ra ra ra, boom

sort on those, and mix up the story,
in the bubble you be reading in,

give us a universe, fit into the final bubble,
beyond imagining minds,
this world of words.

Here is where we word wise do as we heard,
when we read what the prophets say,
the angels said… re-
conciliation - nation to nation, peace
on earth {as in heaven BTW}
goodwill… the real deal, to fill the flaw, in the law,
which allowed imaginary places power
in carnal minds.

Jesus fixed that. Jah, no joke, he took it,
the joke on me, I traded for the
joke on you, he said,
I heard.
First day of ever, after the grands and their dogs and disgruntled cats, moved into my fortress of solitude... life is now a serial story epic song.
Traveler Nov 2020
The deeper the dreamer
The more dramatic
The dream
Go back to sleep
Chaotic scene

Royal gardeners
Fertilizing passions
Snakes of a fruit
Angelic reactions

Intoxicating pleasures
Resolving dissatisfactions
A collective conscience
In poetic fashion

It was good
And dreamt
Dream reality
For us
Slumber on!
Traveler Tim
Laura Sep 2020
i am not afraid of the light
or it's ability to show me who i am

when it does not come around so often
leaving me in the comfortable shadows
Norman Crane Aug 2020
His lady Eve passed Adam the apple
in the garden of—even
though He had said: No you mustn't know
good and evil,
so serpentine she birthed the worm,
from a womb of innocence
and rebellion, as he in divine aphelion learned
of sinful inconsequence,
from within a cavity of snakes,
they took twin masquerade masks of death,
arcane and fabled, gold leaf and skeletal,
and laughed at the setting sun,
whose will be done—
to die for their mistakes,
the reptillian led them to their seats,
in a theatre of falling leaves,
front row of decay,
and crowned them gods and scientists.
But from their seats they could not rise,
for it was they were on the stage,
by wisdom caged,
as the snake hissed prophecy:
descendant crowns become collars,
and Eve wept,
tears of spiritual squalor,
       for all the unborn scholars,
choked into submission,
       by sin.
Paul Butters Aug 2020
In our Beginning God created this Universe.
It was during an Eterninfinity,
But old Moses didn’t go into that.

Now space was formless and empty,
Darkness reigned.
And God said
“Let there be matter”
And there was matter:
A singularity
Expanding faster and faster
To create material, movement and Time.

The early universe was a cloud
Of gas and dust
Enveloped in blackness.
So God said
“Let there be light”
And there was light
As the first star was born.

The universe expanded.
First generation stars
Made light elements
And later generations of stars
Produced heavier ones.

And the star we call The Sun
Was born
Mothering The Earth
Amongst other worlds.
The Earth:
A small ball of iron
And rock
Attended by a Moon.

The die was cast
Right at the start
The Formula was set
So Inevitably life appeared
Here on Earth
And here we are!

Evolution would not be possible
Without The Formula
Formed by God
Wherever S\he is.

Evolution is part of The Equation
I feel.
But what came before Genesis?
And how did God come to Be?
Does God have a God?
And that God his or her God?
For we just might be Lost
In a Multiverse
Within an Eterninfinity:
Courtesy of Lady Luck
And the roll of some Ethereal, Divine

Paul Butters

© PB 20\8\2020.
Credit to Moses or his sources
jeffrey conyers Jul 2020
To him, I give all my praise.
To him, I pray each and every day.
To him.
And no other.

To him, I am giving another day.
From him, to see the joy of the world.
To him, I thank him for my blessings.
Don't matter how big?
Don't matter how small?

The mood I operate in is a positive one.
For, why be sad?
When inside I am filled with love?

To him, I give all my praise.
To him, I pray each and every day.
To him, to him and no other.

He lifts me up.
When I am in need of support?
He guides me along my path each day.
He motivates me.
When I need it the most?

And I'm not ashamed to tell anyone about the lord.
Christ, God, One, Lord, Jesus, Messiah, Church, Faith, Grace, Mercy, Messiah, Immanuel, Mother Mary, Joseph,
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