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Traveler Nov 5
The deeper the dreamer
The more dramatic
The dream
Go back to sleep
Chaotic scene

Royal gardeners
Fertilizing passions
Snakes of a fruit
Angelic reactions

Intoxicating pleasures
Resolving dissatisfactions
A collective conscience
In poetic fashion

It was good
And dreamt
Dream reality
For us
Slumber on!
Traveler Tim
Norman Crane Aug 21
His lady Eve passed Adam the apple
in the garden of—even
though He had said: No you mustn't know
good and evil,
so serpentine she birthed the worm,
from a womb of innocence
and rebellion, as he in divine aphelion learned
of sinful inconsequence,
from within a cavity of snakes,
they took twin masquerade masks of death,
arcane and fabled, gold leaf and skeletal,
and laughed at the setting sun,
whose will be done—
to die for their mistakes,
the reptillian led them to their seats,
in a theatre of falling leaves,
front row of decay,
and crowned them gods and scientists.
But from their seats they could not rise,
for it was they were on the stage,
by wisdom caged,
as the snake hissed prophecy:
descendant crowns become collars,
and Eve wept,
tears of spiritual squalor,
       for all the unborn scholars,
choked into submission,
       by sin.
Paul Butters Aug 20
In our Beginning God created this Universe.
It was during an Eterninfinity,
But old Moses didn’t go into that.

Now space was formless and empty,
Darkness reigned.
And God said
“Let there be matter”
And there was matter:
A singularity
Expanding faster and faster
To create material, movement and Time.

The early universe was a cloud
Of gas and dust
Enveloped in blackness.
So God said
“Let there be light”
And there was light
As the first star was born.

The universe expanded.
First generation stars
Made light elements
And later generations of stars
Produced heavier ones.

And the star we call The Sun
Was born
Mothering The Earth
Amongst other worlds.
The Earth:
A small ball of iron
And rock
Attended by a Moon.

The die was cast
Right at the start
The Formula was set
So Inevitably life appeared
Here on Earth
And here we are!

Evolution would not be possible
Without The Formula
Formed by God
Wherever S\he is.

Evolution is part of The Equation
I feel.
But what came before Genesis?
And how did God come to Be?
Does God have a God?
And that God his or her God?
For we just might be Lost
In a Multiverse
Within an Eterninfinity:
Courtesy of Lady Luck
And the roll of some Ethereal, Divine

Paul Butters

© PB 20\8\2020.
Credit to Moses or his sources
To him, I give all my praise.
To him, I pray each and every day.
To him.
And no other.

To him, I am giving another day.
From him, to see the joy of the world.
To him, I thank him for my blessings.
Don't matter how big?
Don't matter how small?

The mood I operate in is a positive one.
For, why be sad?
When inside I am filled with love?

To him, I give all my praise.
To him, I pray each and every day.
To him, to him and no other.

He lifts me up.
When I am in need of support?
He guides me along my path each day.
He motivates me.
When I need it the most?

And I'm not ashamed to tell anyone about the lord.
Christ, God, One, Lord, Jesus, Messiah, Church, Faith, Grace, Mercy, Messiah, Immanuel, Mother Mary, Joseph,
farhan Jul 23
Sometimes I think,
Whether Satan is an impostor of God.
Steven Boston Jun 28
Seed planted
lost lands of confusion
meandering the field of persuasion
the well watered words wearily sewn
out of proportion the yeast expands
yesterdays horizon vast and plentiful
today's frayed threads coming loose
A small poem about the doubt that was planted in Eves mind in the garden of Eden.
vanessa ann Jun 9
longing. yearning. wanting. so many words for
a singular feeling. they never taught me how
to love an enigma. mystery’s an intrigue.
it wrenches you in like

beast in beauty and the beast. joker in joker
now this is not to say you’re a ******* furry or
an anarchist’s *******: you are holy.
holy, as in baptise me

in your aprillian light;
grind my guts into grime
break my bones into brimstones and
let me love you twice

as hard. thrice the hurt.
four times the trouble,
five times the heart

you see, i’m very good at counting.

i’ll even do it for the both of us.
like how it’s been 437 days since saturn tore her knees.
75 days since you were anointed god.
20 after we fell apart and i know

i’m jumping into conclusions again. i know
you never said goodbye. not really,
but what is “see you when i see you” if not a gentle rejection?

you’re very fond of maybes,
that’s how i knew you were god.

so maybe we’ll meet in september,
shades of chartreuse forgotten under our feet.
changes in the weather, changes in the sweater
your touch no longer seduces me like summer

so then maybe,
with bones regrown like eden
i will reach for your temple

and show you how much i love you.
Thomas David Jun 2019
The screams of a person are the screams of a soul:
One is never mere flesh in Phalaris’s bull.
But the pain is from burning of skin and not heart,
Of destroying the doors and the gates and the art
That connect in a manner essential to “me:”
For without which the “I” is a mere quiddity—
An intangible unknown, an unperceived core,
Transparent when stripped of all its decor.

A heart develops not without vein and a lung,
And a thought isn’t seen without pen or a tongue.
But a spiritless body is dead on its feet
As it can’t be revived and no mem’ries accrete
It, as tree in a wood in a book that’s unread
Never falls to the ground or will let its leaves spread;
Disembodied, unloved, unperceived, and alone
It’s a shell of a self--it’s completely unknown.

The worship of word is then a worship of prop:
A mould without fill and a field without crop.
But worship of flesh is a worship of bud
Decaying in flames of Dionysian blood.
Yes, the Word is our God! But the Word was made Flesh
And together the void and the formless enmesh
Into substance and man and a rational “could,”
That is only an “is” when it’s clothed with the good.
Gen 2:7
gabe Mar 22
You are light when suns hide
like the smile on your face
You are gorgeous
like wind I cannot see
you gravitate me
like all planets when I’m not around
you are genesis
like the way I felt when I first saw you
Spirit descends
Taking shape
Nirvanic infinitude
And is carnally crystallized
In an incarnadine
Shrine of flesh,
Bone and marrow.

Let the anima of wisdom
Hear the unuttered reverberations
That ripple as a shockwave
Through this
Vast, multidimensional
And utter
The esoteric secrets of existence.

A verisimilitude of life
Loometh in the irides
Of the
Gasconading celestial
And we
Must wax lowly
Wax lofty.

Trust that something
Interstellar, intergalactic, macrocosmic, multiversal;
Fatidic, fathoms all
Ye, this
Visage of Creation keeps vigil
In the corporeal pulse of plight.

Fulgurant perdition is for
But an
Ephemeral exhalation, Elysium is for eternity;
Gaze heavensward
Knowing the Holy Dove
Shall always
Rise and fall.

Promises await:
A deific covenant
Etched in the
Slabs of our hearts,
(I Hear)
The Requiem of Lovelit Life resolved
In the
Key of the Archean.

Spirit rises,
Dismantling form
And intertwines infinitely
All that is, was, and will be;
Circular & cycling
The Cosmo-Plexus of Empyreal Love
Sees all.

(Se' lah)
“Just as the Empyrean Aethers art infinite and beyond, so our Fulgent Dreamscape. The Vestibule, The Tabernacle of the Soul, is without height, breadth, width, or depth. 'Tis an immeasurable, incorporeal expanse; 'tis the Fulgurant Vista of  ―the Mind’s Sky.
       Our reveries thither beget the Astral Apotheosis hither. Embrace Eos, the Daughter of the Dawn; sing to the Sovereign of Songbirds whence all that reverberates is the Swansong. Surely Jehovah, who forms his name of the Tetragrammaton, shall efface thine ephemeral woe for eternity. ―Elysium awaits.”

Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III
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