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Free since 1776.
If you're a white man.
Land of the free
And home of the brave.
Black men and women property until 1868.
White Women silenced until 1920.
African Americans silenced further until 1970.
White men free since 1776.

Land of the free.
So free kids can bring weapons to school.
So free that black kids are shot for NOT holding a weapon.
So free that women can't make medical decisions without white men's approval.
So free that people couldn't marry who they wanted until 2015.
White straight men free since 1776.

We've only got one thing right:
Home of the brave.
Brave enough to continue to fight for a corrupt country.
Brave enough to fight for basic human rights.
Brave enough to stand up for what is right.
Even when the cost is their life, your life, my life.
Juhlhaus Mar 2022
Let the dead carry the weight of you
when the road is long,
the climb too steep

—worn treads, bare threads—

out of time,
in place.

A bereaved mother's touch to guide you,
an empty hand to hold

when you're on the brink
of a faltering jump to the sidewalk
she is right there with you
to lift you
over the deep mud, the oily puddles.

In that dark mirror
let her show you the shattered faces
of the ones taken

but still here with you,

still here
in a world seen through her eyes
for what it was

and for all it can be.
These words came to me after a visit to the apartment that was the historic home of Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley in Chicago.
Sanaa Feb 2022
They say love is blind
but my melanin is not
because black skin was all that was present
when george lost his life to a cop
black stood out
when we said our lives matter
black is all they see
when injustice leaves our brains splattered
you can’t justify racism
with “i don’t see color”
because this isn’t just my skin
it’s my culture
it’s all i have left
my only sort of identity
if you don’t see my blackness
you don’t see me
Betty Jun 2021
My name is Martha and I'm very tired
my patience as such has long expired
so you don't want my brown skin next to your white
well madam I'm tired so I'm sitting tight
it's hot and I waited my turn in the queue
and I paid, just like him, just like her, just like you
you can carp, you can moan, you can cause all kinds of fuss
but lady I'm keeping my seat on this bus
because I'm tired
Written as a tribute to Martha White who has died aged 99. Martha made a bus protest 2 years before Rosa Parks made her historic stand. An unsung woman.
A M Ryder May 2021
The world
had to stop
For this victory
I'm joyus
I'm angry
I'm still angry
I want to bring black life
Into this world without
Us having to do this ****
I want us to grow old
Be unscathed
Be unbothered
And flourish
Words of a BLM activist
Aiden Breedlove May 2021
Transgender is more than a word, it is me
Righting the wrongs on your body, until you feel like the real you
Answering the same generic questions when you come out to new people
Not feeling quite right unless you're in that one gender-confirming outfit
Saying you are different, but never being heard by those few people
Giving people a pass on your name and pronouns because your scared to fix it
Ending year-long relationships because they don't accept you for you
Never being able to walk around shirtless because you can't afford top surgery
Determined to be happy when you look in the mirror one day in the future
Excitedly researching surgeons and colleges for your future
Randomly hating your body and having to mindlessly focus on something else
Aiden Breedlove May 2021
What is gender?
What is a girl?
What is a boy?
What makes these people different?
What is pink?
What is blue?
What makes these colors different?
What is it?
­What makes these people different?
You say:
‘Your chromosomes’
But what about ‘x’
What about ‘xxy’
What about ‘xyy’
What about ‘xxxy’
What do you say about these?
Someones genitalia doesn't make them
Someone's chromosomes doesn't make them
What makes a person a person
Is the person.
I am a trans man, who has lived my whole life trying to fit into a box. I'm tired of it. i just want people to understand that no matter what, a person is a person, no matter what they believe or identify with/as.
Butch Decatoria Apr 2021
Separate not Equals.
"If you're talking, you're breathing"
Under Chauvin's knee.
Human Nature #2
Jo Mar 2021
why is racism still a thing?

why is it that some individuals have to experience such pain and trauma?
simply due to their physical appearance.

we all bleed the same color.
we all bleed RED.

we are all the same.
we should all be fighting for equality.
every. single. one. of us

it is so disheartening to know that this is america.
that this is the place that my parents left their home for...

devastating. and exhausting.
Descovia Mar 2021
Black lives never mattered huh?

Hating on Asians is doing what for you?

Latino community. I feel your pain even more so still!

Stop stressing me about white privledge when it's all the colors
that bring life to everything that I enjoy and live for!

Never want to admit it.


Why we on land?

Living on a rock. Fighting over dirt!?

Whomp whomp whomp.

I probably sound like adult talking to a child

from the Peanut series. If I uninterest you.

Forgive me. My English is not perfect.
All of us were forced to make a place not meant for us home.

I refuse to become conditioned
and confined to a state of mind

Where I should withhold my opinion
or not fight for what I believe in.

Believe in your story. It holds your purpose.

When it comes to any of us.

You can listen to who you want!

Live your life. Have fun and be free!

You should take your own advice!

It's hard to hear you over the fact.

When my ideas crash into thoughts of doubt

My brain constantly screaming at my heart.

" NOBODY listens to me!"

Misunderstandings occur, it's not about what is said, it's the concept.

Our words cast spells. Let your actions take you

to great lengths to succeed and prevail!
Only so much words can do on paper or in text.

What is right?
From taking all that is left?

Holding my composure.
All behind this mask.
I'm better off anonymous
All sides of me must stay dominate
Navigate nicely through the nonsense
It feels that there is no other option but


I'm allergic to ******* and ignorance intolerant!

I'm not religious.
I notice there's a war between Christians and Agnostics

What could a God do?
An interference could raise a universal conflict!

I do have faith in the future
Big Brother what is it now?
Our future leaders
What can we do?
Fight the system?
Do we override it?
System error. Time to reboot.
Allow me to just plea the fifth.

I understand the different between polar opposites.

All these people in control
Who's going to be the one
Abolish child slavery and **** culture

I prayed for strength and promised my future children

Before life was even given

My inner peace would benefit more than just one life.

Keep living! I'll never jeopardize anyone's security.  

Safety and love. Should be normalized.

Times have changed. People remain the same. We're
still searching for love. When it exist and it's around our essence.
Maybe, it will be our biggest struggle as humans.

Why you bicker about having common sense

While it's not even localized or fully utilized.

There are matters, in which myself on any degree

cannot come to terms on offering helpful hands just to compromise!

I will seek the truth in all formalized lies.

We are part of a movement on the rise

I'll live for these babies.

I'll die for these babies!

The evolution is coming.

A new wave of change

The light of a glorious star

lives more than just one!

it's now the time!

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