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Thinking for myself was one of the first things I did.
I had original thoughts.
It was like *******.
Done alone, in silence. Easy and reliable.
If help was necessary,
There was a pictorial in National Geographic;
Last years Christmas Catalogue,
Or Supergirl,
Flying skyward with one knee cocked.
To think was to develop, to grow into maturity.
Best results were achieved by turning off.
That's hard to do, but doable.
Unplug your podcast ears;
Turn down the Foxbits;
Start your own Blog.
We can think for ourselves
To avoid Jihads, insurrections and revolutions,
We think them necessary to clear our heads.
Talia Jan 11
Empress won’t impress
just to please

With a vendetta against aggression
she brings violence to its knees

Tiger striped thighs tantalise
though single handedly she
plays tonight

on a mission, led by zebra striped eyes
she rides the northern lights

Peace and presence, her only weapon
an Empress needn’t corruption to threaten
A version of me reading this is on instagram @talneedsapenname if anybody is interested!
Frannie Jan 4
Acknowledge the hurt,
Identify how you feel,
Wipe the slate clean,
Establish boundaries,
Commit to forgive.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
I stand on the ledge of a pattern
a single exhale could plummet me back into the deep
I know those monsters
I’ve fought them many times

she smirks

she knows this time
she already won
Alvin Agnani Dec 2020
I see through the looking glass that mirrors your reflection.
"I shan't be the last" - a promise from the undesirable.

But it would seem your ears are clogged with ink and horrid venom.
Ignore my gaze, my compliments, and everything I give you.

One day you will realise that you were never alone.
It was merely your IMAGINATION.
Do not lie to yourself. Somewhere, someone sees you for who you are, and accepts you wholly.
Jocelyn Nov 2020
No more hesitation,
I do what's best for me.
That's the end of the equation.

No longer will I be a supporting lead.
I'll become the main character in my life,
and finally start to see.
And just stop giving you the knife.
GHOSTiePOST Sep 2020
Broken jaw

Limp wrists 

Why am I pretending to be weak?

It's the easy way out

My substances walk themselves in

Now there's no crutch left to lean on 

Excuses as empty as my stomach 

I think it's time to feast  

I've preyed on those who couldn't speak

And learned to run without feet

So why is this temporary challenge 

My ultimate defeat 

Been playing victim long enough 

That ***** can take a seat

I'll pull the chair from underneath

And hope he falls into the deep

No reflection in the mirror

Just what's left, hollow as ever

Anything that might be missing

Is a piece I took

With no plan to replace

Self destruction comes too natural

I don't want to die

But that doesn't mean I want to live

The distiction between the two is action

Comeback season is now in session
Northern Poet Sep 2020
Tired, stressed
And depressed
I'm a mess
Got no ******* money left
Can't go to sleep
Or get out of bed
Can't stop thinking
About next month's rent
Don't know where I'm going
And forgot where I went

Always thinking about
Time better spent
Abusing myself
Just trying to clear my head
Is my only friend
The start has faded
There's only the end
All the King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put me
Back together again
eleanora santino Aug 2020
i thank the sun
for its light
and warmth
i am kin to the earth
no longer afflicted
with a muddy mind
i am green now
i have grown.
all i can do is grow. it's my only option.
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