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Vernell Allen Jul 26
You were not the
Monarchs fluttering
in my womb. Just a
consequence of drinking
too much. They drowned
in the regrets I swallowed.

But some nights
I ***** the memories
wrapped in cocoons
and place them in old
shoe boxes.

And someday when I am sober
I will untape the wound,
release the butterflies,
and set myself free.
Gd Bubb Jul 19
Stood waiting on the shoreline
my fingers grasping as many rocks
that my aching bones can handle.
Patiently waiting for the tide
to reach itself out and consume me
until I can attempt to walk myself home.
The weightlessness of the abyss
that I find myself trespassing in
as the demons swim past with their teeth.
The lack of colour fighting from the sky
as if maybe it too had given up on you.
You're the deepest ocean in the world.
Times changed.
We all are new.
We all are missing.
We lost the pieces that used to define us so well.
We lost ourselves over somethings that never really felt so real.
We run towards temporary happiness,
We get hurt and instead of healing we keep the hurt as a souvenir of the experience.
We hate changes, we live in our nutshell.
Friends and loyalty lost its meaning in our life long ago.
We drag ourselves from one day to another.
We aren't living...are we?
We want change but we don't want to change.
We want to live but we don't know how to.
We are stuck.
rei Jun 22
my spine crawls at the realization that
"i am back for the million of hours lost
when i wouldn't accept that i wanted,
or at least discovered, death's reason."

my back breaks when i finally drop
the load of toxicity that i used to have,
the toxicity that i now visibly contract at.
but others are the ones who have grudges seeping into them.
at least, i think

i am back
but i will be gone
because commitment gives me mr.anxiety as a counselor
Gd Bubb Jun 15
I am not bound by my emotion.
Something that isn't even real.
The blood keeping me alive
feeding my mind with these
predefined perceptions that
constantly influence my skin
to raise when I hear your name.
I won't be bound by my emotion.
Victoria Apr 25
Here's a manual on how to fix Broken People
WARNING : Do not attempt, it is never a good idea to fix a broken person unless they are willing to recognize that the need to be fixed
1. Start by finding a broken person
2. Once you find their flaw, point it out to them constantly
3. Work on that flaw with them
4. Change that person until you can no longer recognize the person you were trying to fix
5. Move on to the next person and repeat steps 1-5 until 6
6. Realize you're the broken person
Nick Acosta Apr 10
The mind churns and turns like clockwork
Using positive thinking like a machine uses gears

However there’s an area in the mind where dark thoughts lurk

The mind also unlocks repressed secrets to expose our biggest fears

Negative thinking bringing pain to the observer

Washing over the feelings the masses like an immensely powerful fervor

Keeping the head above water may seem challenging

But given the right resources and surrounding

You too can make it through the dark without losing the light

No matter how dark it may get
it never leaves your sight

For self care is the torch leading the way

Sometimes it’s about the journey not the destination

However that doesn’t mean the destination can’t be as great is all I will say
Alaina Moore Mar 14
Faint whispers in the day and dark.
Smiles fade into clever camouflage as the truth builds walls miles high.
Mirror tells lies, and truths I can't stand to observe.
Body rejects sustinace; swipe left, try again tomorrow.
Mind glossed in walls that reverberate, ever growing louder.
Skin crawls like a million earthworms worms dreaming of becoming butterflies.
Decaying in plain site, hidden behind a thousand "okays" and "alrights."
Verbatim honesty escapes my tounge.
Soul ever inching toward the light.
Jade Welch Mar 13
Did she save you...
Pick up your pieces and fit them back together oh, so perfectly?

Did she save you?
Or were you just too afraid to be alone?
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