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Jack and Sill
Swallowed a Pill
Ran up to the Hill
To kil* a heavy Monster

Jack shot and Missed
Sill shot and Killed
The ugl* heavy Monster
Let's Cherish Childhood.
Oh I don't like Hello Poetry's system of automatic selection and marking of offensive words and displaying it as ***, because it often fails.
More often it marks those words or parts which are not at all offensive. It fails to understand the context in which the words has been used.
To avoid this I have myself tried to put *
East Wind Aug 16
Give it a shot
Why not?
In time, you’ll feel it
If you just let go
Go mad
Let love
Get married
Have children
I’ll be proud
As your maker
Your raiser
I say when,
You should just jump

But I can’t
I doubted my self
Far too often
But now I know not
I forgot what it was
But my memory
Flooded back
Thank God
I know what it’s like
To look deep in the eyes
And just know
Without having to try
That I like him
And I am willing to
Give love a shot or maybe not...regardless, don't let the pressure you to just give it a try.
I guess that one person was right, "You'll know when you know because it will bite you in the ***."
In this game we call life
All the actions we take
Doesn't matter compared to
Impressions we make
Siloutte, the reflection
Lasts after the date
Like a scent in the air
That is ever so faint

Water marks on the floor
Finger tips with spray paint
Or a warm summer breeze
In that moment feel great
A mark left on a cushion
Or lively debate
Color outside the lines
In good fashion, be late

With a frown upside down
Bring a smile to their face
And when life's full of pain
Reaching out to erase
Needing only an ear
To support and embrace
A foundation together
Creating a base

Don't look back; time is now
Not a second to waste
There's no need to ask how
Take a step; set the pace
Form an infinite "Wow!"
Life before is replaced
Through adversity plow
The God's nectar you'll taste
Written: August 9, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Hexameter format]
M-E Jul 12
I ve got a loaded gun
In my mouth
It has a big barrel
And a sensitive trigger

I ve got a loud, screaming gun
A semi-automatic tongue
I can't control it
It shot a lot of people and beloved ones

I locked my gun
But my gun has no safety mode
Its a Houdini in my mouth
Unchained and unlocked himself
And spat wounding words

Sorry, truely I am
I regret what I ve said
My gun expressed, but again
His sweetness made me forget
And you can't forget the wounds

I try to talk and impress others
My tongue froze and harden
As if I dunk it in cement

I ve got a loaded tongue
Pressed to my temple
I ve shot my subconscious
Now, I must repent
Nigdaw Jul 5
Never had an object
Been imbued with such faith,
Spinning in the air
From rifled barrel, towards
It's target, aimed and released
To the freedom of atmosphere,
A short flight, where it was
Just a piece of metal
Until deadly intention was found out,
Sinking into warm flesh
Momentum gradually lost,
In skin and internal organs
To rest, job done
Inside a victim of circumstance.
KateKarl Jul 4
One shot at life
At mud, and straw
A heavy hand
Sweat burning into my blisters
Blood striking iron
The sun striking me

One shot at an escape from my lot
At an endless horizon
Exotic lands
Infinite knowledge
Respect at last
The sun guiding me

One shot, as pure as fire, for him to entice me
One shot more, my mind is open
One more shot, I accept his offer
One last shot to celebrate, his trap is sprung
My life! Open to me at last!
The sun hiding from me

One shot at liberty
Escape the fiend’s cage
The sting of the whip, sinking into my soul
Man is not meant to endure all pain
Resist all evil, free your soul
The sun signaling freedom’s rise

One shot to end a tyrant’s reign
A single flash, and his kingdom crumbles
A single roar, and his chains are shattered
Bodies fall, voices silenced, the sky rains red
My time is short, the demons upon me
The sun now blinding me

One shot for salvation to find me
Salvation in sheets as white as angels’ wings
Find this land that God forgot
Restore my body, my soul
Chance upon me, and take mercy
Sun shining on my tortured corpse

One shot of life-giving pleasure
Clear, and sweet
Deliver your joy
Make the desert of my throat flourish
Give me one last feeling of peace
For the sun drains my life from me

One shot between this life and the next
One ball, cold as ice, smooth as glass
What’s the difference anymore anyways?
Blinding light, stifling heat, why cling to one?
Escape the chains at last
Only the sun left to condemn me

One shot to end it all
Anonymous poem of a friend
Arden Mar 28
I know how many stories is tall enough
I know how much Windex I have to drink
I know long I have to be alone in order to hang myself
I know where to cut
I know how many pills I have to swallow

So you ask how come I keep trying and keep failing
Listen you have no idea how ****** windex tastes
Listen I can't get to the roof of the buildings
Listen All the pills are in a safe
I do everything wrong
I can't even die correctly

But I don’t want to **** myself anyway  
My uncle shot himself
And I watched my grandmother lose a son
I watched my dad lose his best friend
I have seen what it does to people and
I have felt that feeling

I don’t want to **** myself
I just want to be in a coma
mere Mar 27
i was wrecked.
but in the end,
you gave me wings
to fly again with you
in these cruel things.

but who would've thought,
that the person who lifted me up
with the wings he brought,
will also be the one who will
cut them off?
Amanda Mar 5
I want to take shot after shot after shot of *****
Or whiskey
Or even gin

Any and all hard alcohol
To mask the resounding pain
Ricocheting throughout my worn-out body
As if it were a pinball machine

Swallow some poisonous liquor
Because I remember many years ago
How ***** intensified the irresistible attraction I held for you

YET.. there was always a tipping point
A few chugs past tipsy
Then I would begin throwing up
Finally intoxicated enough to set my mind free from your ribcage for awhile

Too sick to think about you
Because I would be
Too sick to think about anything

That is the only way I can hope to halt this overwhelming longing
To be embraced in your arms
One more time
An excerpt from a letter to, well, you- know-who..
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