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Asiah Mangham Nov 2018
Filter these bones of what you call the past
Unravel my heart from the taste of you
Sweet but Bitter
Salty yet Pleasent

I'm In Love With Another
Amanda Nov 2018
We once fit together seamlessly
Somewhere along our route we began unraveling
Memories of us became clouded with betrayal
Sometimes I have to ask myself Why?
I guess every good thing comes undone eventually
Another ****** attempt at freeverse. I'm trying to expand my horizons.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2018
the gods told me to **** him
in my dreams, a warning,
I was born to be his fate
as he was made to be the break
upon which I would unravel
yet now his chest, so warm,
breathes softly beneath my head
his lips raw against my neck,
I knew that he had hunted me,
that I was doomed to die by his desire
his tongue lashes out to feel
the blood beneath my flesh
run cold as his hands consume me
Persephone Salix Nov 2018
a thread
was snagged
a long
time ago

ive been
ever since
am i too far gone?
Eleanor Rigby Nov 2018
You grab the thread
And start walking away
And I, still pinned to a twig
Unravel, unravel
And become but a trail
Behind your sail.

-- Eleanor
BlueInkDitty Oct 2018
Maybe at the edge of tears, with light on your hand
Maybe at the end of a world, that was made of woe and pain
Maybe with the cloud that comes running down your cheek
Maybe with the sound of courage inside your heart so weak

It could be you, under the rain beating at my feet
It could be me, the black ink spilled on your white sheets
It could be you, sofltly smiling for slow decades
It could be me, the eye trapped in these dark grey shades

Who knows what can happen
Here in this heart, beneath the sun ?
Hidden behind your gates
Here in this heart, it all awaits

Maybe at the tip of lips that stayed closed for too long
Maybe at the top of hills, a line between right and wrong
Maybe with the stars of gold, shining in your mind
Maybe with the words of love, those you could never find

It could be you, holding the arm of a good friend
It could be me, with memories buried in the sand
It could be you, with joy and mindholes at the seams
It could be me, always gentle or so it seems

Who knows what can happen
Here in this heart, beneath the sun ?
Hidden behind your gates
Here in this heart, it all awaits
stopdoopy Oct 2018
A woman once
                                        Wished on star
                                        From lands afar

                              "Please oh please
                              Bright twinkling light
                              Give me a child tonight"

                    And the woman prayed
                    Every night for years
                    Her plea fell on deaf ears

          Until a goddess
          Who made me swoon
          Heard her tune;
          The Moon

Begging she had heard
The mother of Earth
The call answered
With a "birth"

          Transcending her planet
          Coming to ours
          In a pomegranate

                    Inside the botanic
                    Did she travel
                    Until cloth unravel

                              Child Delivered
                              To dainty hands
                              Such divine plans

                                        Celestial now infant
                                        Baby and parent
                                        Woman loves ancient
For Houkyou, the title is what my friend calls their daughter and the whole poem is based off of it.
Jesse stillwater Sep 2018
"where it stops nobody knows"

Just a few words connect
threads of thought
in a passing moment

A fray dangles
by a strand of fiber
— a conspicuous      
an interesting
thread to pull:

    If it begins to unravel,..
it just might not stop
until the tapestry
is a tangled ***
of unspooled thread

Jesse Stillwater ... September 2018
be careful when you pull a loose thread
poke a sleeping bear :)

Thank you for reading :)
Sachiko Aug 2018
There is beauty behind the scars of your heart.
I can see it with the wide view that you’ve been hurt.
But, I am willing to accept it no matter how intense the sting.
You thought maybe you’re black and white.
I can see it your true colors bright after the rain.
You’re the aftermath restoration of the thunderstorm.
A form of a rainbow when I look up when I am bored.
I become alive from my lifeless life without any movement.
I am like a leaf being watered with sunlight full of brightness.
I can see you look at me in much dearness.
But I was too afraid to tell you my own secrets.
We both played fair mind games in search of trust.
I can see you want to unravel every pieces of the puzzle.
Dissecting every part of me you’re willing to be *****.
As you won’t give up finding truth beneath the portrayed label.
You are the first person who seeks more than the picture.
So, I quietly hide in the woods with my thorns lying in my own bed.
As I love your flaws as well, but I was not ready to be revealed.
For you, I want to accept my personal truth and become a whole.
As I closed my eyes and I murmured “I wasn’t ready to be with you as I moved along”.
We all want to be loved but afraid to show who we really are.
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