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Kleigh Sep 2019
That day, you caught my eye
Looking for a reason why
One day, I saw you laugh
That makin' me fall in love
Today, you're the cause of my euphoria
You make me begin to feel this way
You're everything I wanted and more
You're the one I'm praying for
Hoping that I'll be your girl
But maybe not today

Even I will wait you forever
Nothing else matter
It'll help me to feel better
To live in your melody
Like an energizer of my body
I will dance every beat you make
Slay it, like a piece of cake
I will sing every song you sing
In every word make it shinning
Even I'm not with you from the start
Your music make us unite like an art
Supporting you is just a part
Even our distance far apart
I will love you until the last beat of my heart
Living loving you
Alexander T Sep 2018
someone said young love at its finest
it more than that dude
its life
its living

she is everything
she is still my best friend
and thats more than I could ever ask for
she is love

I know I need to give a little time
help myself get better
for her
for her family
our family

she still loves me
and I guess I was just scared that I would never hear that again
but I know I will
because our love is neverending
even if we cant be together
we will always be the best of friends

she said that
even if we arent together
we will always love
always be friends

and I cant ask for more
just knowing her is a blessing

so to the dude who said
"young love"
ur quite wrong
adults cant even love this way

sure we get mad and argue
but we get stronger each time
because we want to
because she is life
she is everything

this is more than love
more than life
bigger than the universe
that last poem was a little sad, but that was my feeling at the time. and this is the smarts showing through.
Tiptoe travelling while
going upstairs of the building,
her snowy dress is waving
as she act like a ballerina.

Dancing at the rooftop
corners then go to the area
while sensing at the stars
in the gloomy resplendent sky
that wrought like a shape
of her perish love one.

The soul who cognizance
the presence of paradise—
jealous she, who's troubled
due of lifting the memoirs.

"Am I born just to cry
and suffer for all the years?" ,
she shouted at the atmosphere
with her soaked eyes.

No one answered—
just only the echoes of her voice;
lost, depression and solitary
are what she sensed
until there's a melody of air
touches her tan skin.

The artistic rhythm
whispered that she's not—
said the warm air that
kisses her lips when she pout,
A familiar one that
she experienced before.

"Are you my—" ,
she asked and cut
by the air's cuddle
and uttered,

"I'm yours
and your new
guardian angel."
I wrote this poem a long time ago-- I just want to share this with all of you.
A Wegner Sep 2017
'So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.’
- William Shakespeare

Could you be my best for last?
It’s the want that can ache.
Afraid. Content nonetheless,
A golden cage self-made.

Save me and take me
Gollum of my youth.
Haven’t a clue
Where I’m going,
But I’m sure I came with you.
Transmuted from your touch.
This is a climactic heap
Whatever this is –

Offering affairs and wares.
Beautiful stilted tomb,
Cradle my stone bedside,
Accompany the whistling tune.

Tracing every spindling crack
Admiring it like an artefact,
Leave me,
Like a child at a museum
Getting lost and losing track,
Tracking back
Mused, amazed,
Wonderment haze.

Damp shadows cast their way with us
Never to be dust.
Forlorn loss of clarity,
Walls waxed with tears and
forged with alchemy,
Our very own reality.
Eyes flicker in perpetuum,
In love with what surrounds me.
When love gives you life - but changes everything.
For good and for bad and for need of it to never go away.
U Mims Sep 2017
© KingandQueen Productions
If beauty were a flower,  then darling, you're my garden.
You're my sweet, simple daisy when you wear your Sunday best.
You're my crazy exotic hibiscus when you laugh in the summer breeze.
You're my innocent sweet pea when you're wrapped in my arms in the morning.
But sometimes,  
my darling,
you become a wilted rose who's lost among your darkness stained petals and brittle thorns.
I try to be your sunshine, but your winter drives my warmth away.
I tend to you,  my vast and wonderful garden, and am amazed at how my curiosity is never satisfied.
Yet there are still corners that I have not found and patches of you that the sun won't reach.

— The End —