my life instantly gets a little better every time i hear and see you laugh.
i don't care if you love me or not. i'll still love you anyways.
  3d Lily
You call me lovely now
and see
what I will be
when clothed in all your love
my most beautiful me
is coming
  5d Lily
Shi Em
the hardest part about meeting you was saying goodbye,
but i promise you that these tears will soon dry;
because i know someday we'll meet again,
when the spring breeze blows;
when the winter wind comes to an end.
Thank you for the 1.5 years of music, laughter, comfort and joy. Even when the petals are scattered, in my heart you are still whole.
I was lonely when winter comes
Through my eyes, everything was dull
When there’s no one by my side
When ice river was my blood.

But you’ve changed everything
You,the sun breaking the ice in me
Are all I need.
You make me happy,
happier than ever.
You open a window in my soul
Your chest is my pillow
Your arms hold me tight ,
keep me warm
In cold winter days.
I love you,I need you
Like sunflowers need sun.
So thank you,
my love.
I still have screenshots.
From nights
You definitely
Do not remember.
I still have recordings
Of things
You don't remember saying.
Words you don't remember falling
From your mouth.
I still have memories.
From the first few nights.
Mental images of our smiles.
The laughter.
The fun.
Our happiness.
I wish I could
I want to
I need to
The way you looked at
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