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  Jun 23 Lily
South by Southwest
Tucked away

   down deep

    buried under pages of memories

under folds of aging grey/gray cells

where we put them when no one was looking

then we piled days upon days on top of them

until one by one they became forgotten

like the names etched on stone in the forest of monuments

such are the secret sorrows that go to the grave with us
and only God knows
Lily Jun 19
girls like you
deserve a love that
always feels
like summer,
a love that
sings like waves against the sand
feels like freckles and anklet tanlines
smells like sunscreen and
Mackinac Island Fudge
dripping down your chin—
a love that never ends
like those rays of sun that
spray over Lake Michigan
and tickle heaven.
you part your lips
to speak and
just like that
my world
dipping and twisting
like a kite in the sky
flowing freely like
your baby hairs coming
out of your braid,
like your laugh as it
echoes down the
quiet shoreline,
around the chambers
of my soul.
girls like you
deserve a love that
always feels
like summer—
I pray that
your summer
never ends.
happy summer everyone! <3
  Apr 7 Lily
South by Southwest
I would love to love you
(your quick and wicked mind)
Oh , but turns the page of time
I lay you down in rhyme
  Apr 7 Lily
remember you are eternal
nothing can destroy your soul

relax into life's rhythm
be accepting of the slow

one day at a time one day to live
one moment to enjoy
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