Billie 6d
12 hours in to my day I wake.
Mind still buzzing from the latest instalment
in a long series of dreams you feature in,
this one involving you pushing me up against a wall
and making out,
in a house that I knew was yours but looked different.
Flipped and rearranged.
I could feel the weight of your body on mine,
and even now I can still feel your hips on mine
as I thrust back against you,
you smirking and your body reacting with a growl,
I spent half of my day with you,
and the other half without.

I ate 6 cookies in a row,
got motion sickness from looking at my computer screen,
or maybe it was the lack of eating,
and sometimes I feel like I’m in a house full of strangers.
My sisters barely leave the rooms they declare ownership over,
the youngest sleeping until 3
(although I’m sure her dream wasn’t better than mine)
and the other closing the door to the lounge,
shutting the curtains,
turned off the light,
sealed herself inside like a fallout bunker,
neither of them say a word to me.

My mom has already left by 7:30,
gets home at 6; and immediately goes to bed.
She seems more ghost than human these days.
I don’t disturb her,
she needs all the sleep she can get,
and so now I’m back to the activities of my day,
hoping for something more interesting,
putting off work because sometimes I just want to breathe.

Stay within my dreams,
like a movie theatre where I’m the only one watching,
and the actors are everyone I know,
I ask the usher if they can play a double feature this time
and they gladly oblige.
The concession stand has been out of food
for as long as I can remember,
I can feel the sounds rumbling through my chair
and the lights flash before my eyes,
dancing in front of my face.
There’s no pause,
or rewind,
or second screening.
And sometimes there’s a problem with the projector
and I never see anything at all.
Sometimes I’m startled
and sometimes the usher gives me a blanket
and tucks me in,
sometimes the theatre is locked
and I bang
and bang
and bang
on the door before turning
and seeing you
and everything goes black.

I used to avoid sleep,
to avoid the movies I’d be subjected to,
claiming it was so I’d get more done,
but I’d actually spend those extra hours staring at my wall
and thinking too much.
Nowadays I’d much rather catch a movie instead,
catch a glimpse of you,
catch a cold,
will you go to the movies with me.
Because I want to watch you in my hands instead of on a screen.
i see you more in my head than in person nowadays.
Aa Harvey Jul 27
Julia Roberts

I worship you.
Your beauty is divine.
Simply unbelievable;
You are the fruit of Eden’s vine.

The one who could love;
The one who could be.
The one who could be worshipped,
For eternity by me.

Not just a woman,
Much more; that’s for certain.
You make my heart purr like a tiger.
I kneel before you.  I give in.

Your beauty is blinding me,
It’s crippling my insides.
I’m burning with desire;
My passion is on fire.

No one can be so beautiful,
It just can’t be real.
Is this a mirage I see before me?
She must be there, for my heart she doth steal.

I gladly offer my soul to you
Julia Roberts…My Goddess.
I’m in love with you…
But please shave your armpits.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
JAC Jul 27
Since we last were here
the chairs have greyed with age

they, like us, were once a gentle blue
now they lay aching in the pre-show

the walls quake with the noise of decades
and the air is stained with concession salt

like living memories that were never ours
dissolving in the flicker of the picture

we remember so many first dates
and missed childhood kisses

that we forget the film
is even playing.
I love constructing a nostalgia for something that never happened, it's exactly as I said: like I'm living a memory that isn't mine.
an incorrigible
boor now
delight in
noir till
she goes
down a
hoax if
I make
jokes still
let her
sit behind
the kind  
that modern
love might
catch her
in such
a smear
Aa Harvey Jul 10

Rapid Eye Movement, after the darkness;
At last you have finally got to sleep.
Your own private show, with no popcorn eating fool sat beside us.
It’s time for a film…they call it a dream.

A bright white light shines over in the distance;
Maybe this will be a premonition,
Or maybe a long distant memory, that you have forgotten;
Or maybe a nightmare, that you have tried in vain to keep hidden.

So wish me away, to a far-away place;
A land of hopeful stories, with a sunshine landscape.
A place where magical animals roam free
And you are free to be at peace.
A place full of wishes; a place full of dreams.

I dream of a world, full of beautiful people,
Who are righteous and interesting and there is no evil.
I have no need, for a nightmare tonight;
I need sunshine and to dream, of a happy life.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 28
Snowing in mountains
Howling wind answers to none
The lost ruins calls

Frozen time collapse
Sleeping child rests before Falls
Mirror lake commands

To see the unseen
Promise of first Autumn Moon
Shall show you the way

But beware, my friend
Inside the Mountain's stomach
Riches of sickness
These haikus are inspired by The Hobbit.
I needed to watch something whimsical to take my mind of...well, my mind.
Head's pounding away with ideas and anxiety as well as my overthinking and paranoia of the worst case scenario of my life.
But I'm still here, and I'm very grateful!
107 followers?! I can't believe it!
Thank you ever so!
Truly! ^-^
Love you always!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Red Brush Jun 27
Fate in oblique wisdom gave,
A lonely soul a gentle heart.
Lost, he sought a love to save
What hope life had torn apart.

In time he saw her facade cave,
And felt her tenderly impart
A meaning to him that would pave
His path to glory; A legend's start.

A champion, proud, saw just a knave;
A tool to use, then take apart.
Into the ring, Creed swaggered brave;
What lay in wait was Rocky's heart.
A poetic synopsis of the classic movie, Rocky (1976).
George Krokos Jun 13
On the silver screen
where it most likely was seen
a black and white film.
Written early 2018
PoserPersona Jun 10
Black and white country
Novel youths hitchhike state sites
Kodak Kodachrome
Digital photos
Novel youths hitchhike websites
Black and white country
I feel, to add to the thrill
of a blockbuster thriller, new gory slasher,
they should offer kiwis at the doors.

The concentration it takes to eat a kiwi
in the dark is not for the faint hearted.

Ultimately you have the risk of being
stuck with a funny fuzzy tongue feeling
which will put you right off your popcorn.
2nd of April 2016

I wrote this when I was trying to write a poem for every day of April in 2016 (spolier alert: never ended up writing a poem each day in the end, only the first week or so)
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