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BeLoved Jul 15
Tonight I watch the water hit my skin
No matter how hard I scrub
I just can't get this day to go down the drain
So I guess It stays
This depressed state
At this point it knows me better than my own shadow
At this point it knows me better than I know me
At this point
What's the point...
rig May 20
starlight showers
with the water deep in thought
(no universe in me)
(is that a sigma
or is my neck broken
Martin Boško Apr 28
Droplets of water falling on our skin
Naked, under the showerhead
My lips are moist from kissing your chin
Not a place left dry, everything’s wet

Passionate kisses
Inside the shower
Two puzzle pieces
Are joined with fierce power
The water is running
A cleansing rain
The screams are coming
Overwhelming brain
Sacred water
Lingers on our lips
Taken as offering from a holy altar
By our passionate post-shower kiss
Zoe Mei Mar 16
Brown hair drip
drops down onto
black squishy flip flops
seamless white plastic shower floor.

Then it is tan sand
and saltwater spray;
and the great gray-blue ocean
lies before bare burrowing toes
and air vent breaths
are washing tides
and the shushing breeze.

She is naked and young and alone
tan, svelte and smooth
squeezing sea from dark tangled hair
on a beach
where air smells sweet
salt, not stinking seaweed
and everything the temperature of her body.
The sun burns not too hot or bright
in pastel-streaked sky
rays not of needle glares but cotton.

The standing,
quiet calm
no chatter but seagulls
air enough to fill both lungs:

a world that is plush and halcyon
and needs no reason
I wrote this poem when I was super anxious (obviously in the shower), and I just needed some fantasy to feel okay.
Kamal Mar 1
Swinging emotions
Deafening palpitations
Racing thoughts
Laying down
Standing up
Pacing around

No peace no quiet
Take a breath
Think less
Try harder

It will pass
You will survive
Another day
Another battle

Peace is an illusion
mica Jan 29
this creative mind would never make him like you. no matter how colorful you color your words, or how you decorate it with pretty flowers, he wouldn't like you.

he asked you about the rain, you answered and thought of it as a release. a burst of emotion, just like letting go. but it seems that he had brought an umbrella and avoided your indirect release of feelings, or maybe he took shelter upon a waiting shed. as he stands alone, waiting for the one his heart yearns for, you continue to shower him with your deepest feelings through the form of raindrops that make sound above the roof, desperately wanting for his attention.
a penny for a thought.
Angel Jan 29
I use a whole bottle of shampoo everytime i wash my hair
Scrubbing my scalp until it bleeds
Red running down my face

I use a whole bottle of shampoo everytime i wash my hair
Spraying my hairspray and dry shampoo after
Perfume fills the air

I use a whole bottle of shampoo everytime i wash my hair
Picking up the strands falling out
The shower wall filled

I use a whole bottle of shampoo everytime i wash my hair
Hoping when she grabs me in for a hug
I no longer smell like home

I use a whole bottle of shampoo everytime i wash my hair
Looking in the mirror hoping to keep her out
But realizing i'm just like her
This is a poem for my English class so please feel free to critique
sophie Jan 19
her way of venting is unique
other than poems
which is pretty normal
she thinks

while showering
she sits down
puts some background beats on high
and sings her heart out
it’s all improvisation
but it helps
a little

she sang of hurt and
staying alive
for her friend’s sakes
but never for her own

is she ok?
she doesn’t know
not the best, but not absolutely horrid
Betty Jan 5
A tiny trickle of sand
passing through
the fingers of your hand
that's an hour
just a shower
of amber grains
what remains
of a once mighty boulder
much older than time
it has heard midnight chime
many times
the tick tick tock
of the clock of eternity
and now it embraces modernity
slowly wearing away
day by day
hour by hour
as a shower of sand
in the palm of your hand
The prompt was hour
J Dec 2020
she came up behind me,
curled her long fingers into my scalp
****** in air through her teeth,
and lowly she said,
"How long has it been since you've showered?"
embarrassment is an understatement.
I laugh, shuffling nervously in my seat,
feeling beyond disgusting
replying with
she repeats the word back, tasting it
as if it were a question,
as if she didn't know
then she said it quieter.
"sad. i get sad too. try to take one tonight, okay?
do it for me?"
i hold back tears
for reasons I'm not yet sure of
and breathe.
I want to be strong enough to do it
but I'm not sure that I am
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