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LaFayette Oct 9
Hey you forgot to close the blinds again
You have to know the distance isn’t far
I can see right through with the lights on
And now you are getting ready for bed

Who takes a shower this late at night
And no, I’m not sitting at the window for you
I am an accidental viewer taking in a show
I swear I’m not a creep, just right place right time

How fast do I have to look away embarrassed
To still be considered a mannerly gentleman
And not some disgusting ******, enjoying it
But to be honest, you look too good to stop
Erian Oct 8
His wildflower heart
Set a spark in my chest
That no other could compare
To these October showers
And our unfamiliar bliss
Anna Sep 5
Today I felt the heat
The sun's fire burned me
It was 34 degrees's day
Soft but sticky droplets of sweat
They were going down my back
While I was throwing myself under a shower
Into which water would soon enter
In Bethooven Rhythm
By touching your keys, my body
Your cold and refreshing touch
Dry air, puddle vaporizing
And all the steam I used to do
From my hot bath rise
It became tiny
Thin ice cubes
In the form of water
In rhythm of Bethooven.
m h John Sep 1
we watched as the sky
opened up to us
and showered us
with its rain
however the only difference is
the rain was fire

and we were wooden
Mary Aug 1
I’m a total mess and need a shower
I have a meeting in less than an hour
There’s no hot water – we have no power
Should I **** it up and take one now, or
Call in sick to work?
emilie Jul 12
I was in the shower, gazing out of the window.
The sun was setting.
An airplane flew south and it made me think of you.

we could travel somewhere far where we've never been.
hold my hand while I look out the window.
so many hills and mountains I can't climb.
farmland for miles, maybe a few lights.
I wish we could, but we have real lives.
4/x for him
Shannon Jul 9
Run through expensive hotels
Just to come home, play Mario Kart in our underwear
A high-stake love, we burn like fire and cry like monsoons
Holiday flashes become traditions,
Movements of our hands and our arms keep the peace
The making of our love sneaky and frequent.

Ask you to run away with me into the moonlight
To never be seen again
Messy wild and barely free
Eighteen with too many cares and too many scars to hold alone
So let's hold them together
You can't heal my wounds
But you help relieve the pain

Four hands and two hearts ache for one another
Let's build a fort under your desk
Stay there till the morning light.
Movies I can't help to sleep through
Making out through every *** scene
l'll spoon you, kiss your bare back
Hold you tighter than

Drive until there's no more road,
Hands on knees light in the rearview mirror
driving in lingerie just for the ******* risk

Showers shared soothe the soul so hold me close and dear
Wash my hair and I'll wash yours.
The spot in my back that only you can reach.
Feel your heart beat through your chest
Your wet hair slicked back
Piercing blue eyes that melt me like wax and a flame
you are my flame.

We're messy and wild and inconsistent and angry and loving and full of so much.
Keep me safe and ill keep you wild
Until you return, my dear.
Anastasia Jul 6
Steam and humidity
Fogs up the mirror
The musky scent of my shampoo fills the room
Waterdrops beat against my head
Sound softened by my scented hair
Music plays from across the room
Water skids down my flesh
I sit and think
About you
And wash away
Bad memories
I scrub
My skin
Until the hot water burns
A vampire bloodgasm in the shower,
They hide the body in the mist.
As the fog begins to clear,
The water washes the blood away,
With “help” written on the bathroom mirror!
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