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quiel Feb 16
someday, i will flee the echoes of finished years
and when my final breath is drawn,
i hope to slip into the fragile haven
located in between your fingers.
a poem for my flower, written on 120519
Mary Zollars Jan 28
Wilderness in the brightest light
Imagination that always takes flight
Never will it end for all of time
For it shaped the universe in its prime

Chronology has no place here
With the fantasies of fun not fear
No one will let out a tear nor prayer
Knowing they are safe here in nowhere
Aruna Jan 24
I wandered for
A safe Haven , found your
Heart so warm .
Calm and Hale , our
Heart together , forever
Mind yearns.
Slowly and steadily, together
They burned , No other
Heaven is real .
When the heart finds the one finally after years of searching .
Humaira Fatima Sep 2019
I started walking
towards my destiny.

No.... ,

I did not take the wrong turn.
I just took the only path
that I had not known
I was meant to walk.

Little did I know,
I was destined for love.

On my way
I was given a gift.

I just chiseled it,
Contoured it...
And it took the
Shape of you.

You, my dear,
are my Haven.
And your love
is the only path
I travel.
Wren Sep 2019
a small
millennium house
much younger than it looks

a worn brick frame
skirted by a quaint, welcoming
red mulch garden

lace and fine gilt bone china
tucked away in
innumerable glass-fronted
cherry cabinets
bathed in the peachy florida light
streaming in through
clustered windows
framed by luscious,
flowing cloth drapery

pears soap,
soft, satin water,
and ceramic figurines
of angels and saints,
hares and doves

biblical verse, hung on the walls
and photos of relatives
i’ve never met

cushy, paisley-patterned sofas,
always something on the stove

flower arrangements on the mantle
aside a baldwin upright

no, this is not home.
but regardless, i know that here,
i will
always be welcome
a quick bus-ride write... not my best but i still think it’s something ;)
Loved ones.

--I thought being surrounded by them will calm me.


--Is all that they have given me throughout the years.
My mom and my dad uses words that triggers something inside me that's too hard to control. It's like I badly want to give up on myself.
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