The Toxic Bitch Aug 2018
I don't think you mean it
I think
It's something u do
Without even noticing

But what you don't know is
That i do notice
Cause it affects me
It makes me feel something
Butterflies everywhere

I seriously don't know
How i feel
How YOU feel
I know you'll deny it
Which is why i didn't let go
I don't think i will

U need to show me
That it's me
Not them
That you do feel something for me
Not just throwing ***** everywhere
That you're like that with me
Only me

I need reassurance
Not fear
Fainche Siobhan Dec 2018
At first, it was as breathable
as the ones who venture above
as they enfold within the billowy
and white mass that seem to float
in the air and tickling on their skin
I was merely invading at their have—
a mundane trespasser
whose prone to the temptation and sin
and could devour my whole sanity
I reckoned the longing I'm feeling right now
was the sentence I received for that crime
Lila Oct 2018
My darling daughter,
Oh how proud you make me
With every day you grow so big
So smart, so funny and full of wit
But when all is said and done
You are my perfect slice of heaven
As I am your safe haven
After all you are my heart in physical form
I love you more than you could ever imagine N x
Carla Oct 2018
I dream of a home,
I dream of a place,
A place of comfort,
A place of grace.

A safe haven,
One to share,
One I dream,
Is our secret lair.

I dream that we,
Can cut the sky,
To reveal a galaxy,
For you and I.

I dream that birds,
Lilt in the air,
When we surrender,
To our secret lair.

The white flag is raised,
But instead is a dove,
A token of surrender,
A token of love.

I dream for a happy place,
A place to call my own,
I dream of a place for us,
A place we can call home.
Daisy Marrow Sep 2018
Isn't it lovely, to be alone?
Surrounded by the quiet, peace roams.
I once thought this was a haven,
but now I don't know.

I have what I always wanted;
a room to myself,
far from my family,
and a door to close.
I ask myself, isn't this lovely?
But never have I felt so alone.
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
A home is a home is a home
it's a place, it's a haven, it's a heart
my head, a heavy tome
but here, my pages, they easily part

A feeling is a feeling is a feeling
of belonging, of caring, of staying
here, my mind felt ease, I'm simply being
my body speaks tired, here, I'm not afraid of swaying

A lover is a lover is a lover
for I'm well fed, for I'm blanket-covered, for I'm hot-showered,
I'm being shared, my lover and my bed, and I'm undercover,
I do as I please, I'm undaunted or a coward

A house is a house is a house
sometimes old and weary, cold and eerie, sole and leery
it breathes in and out, familiar rhythm, one with my mouth
My home gives me the feeling that there's a lover in the house, here I saw ice being fiery
Strange to be back home but alone.
HisStuntDouble May 2018
My Haven is a field of yellow

Each single flower

Each little petal

You sway and dance along the breeze

A summer hue beneath the trees

Your fragrance brings nostalgic scenes

Which transform quickly to day dreams

I'd pluck you as a child and grin

Then promptly place beneath my chin

Excited, to my friend I'd splutter

"Does it say that I like butter?"

The joy you gave me as a child

I'd walk through fields of you for miles

Today I lounge upon my back

surrounded by your yellow mass

Whilst mother earth sings summer chants

And blades of grass between you dance

I breath you in and feel the love

Exhaled by natures buttercup
Patricia Soriso May 2018
i have built a room made of songs and unspoken words
struck by the moonlight, my secrets lay beneath the ocean waves - asleep and unafraid

the walls are painted with the lightest shade of blue,
for it reminds me how right and genuine love felt like.
the night sky is my ceiling and every star gleams for my welfare

with complete surrender, tears fell from my eyes one last time,
the word 'home' escaped from my mouth
and my heart finally took its rest
Samantha Babe Feb 2018
I was just a lone star from the dense gas clouds collapsed. Enough to ignite & produce light. It was my birthplace. But i saw your light and we assemble. Then we became the galaxies. Now, I'm placed. I'm home.
MrsFootePoems Feb 2018
I hear of the walls
others have built
to keep you out
but you knocked mine d o w n

I'll let you in
and we can build
our own Safe Haven
I push people away a lot. I don't let them in.
Someone special though, has knocked all those walls down
And I couldn't be happier that he did
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