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everyone wants to be

and memorable

I would be lying to you
If I told you I was any different

though lately,
I've been thinking a lot about

how swallowing your
electric individuality
and concealing your
perfect imperfections
hurts less.

because when you are

and forgettable

you don't need to worry
about people taking
more of you
then you want to give.

they don't want it anymore.
darling, you've done a number on me.
time is always moving forward
and everything  changes
but what is meant to remain consistent
is still unclear.
a little 4 liner for ya :)
dmperez Dec 2016
on my knees
before my muse
drinking of her inspiration
If only
Someone senses
Either he(she) is a mad
Or a poet(Poetess)
Or could be the both

A test
Is enough
Pour some liquid in a glass
Ask, what do you see?

I don’t know what
Mad replies

Poet(Poetess) never makes
Let you down
When he(she) is full,
He(She) sees half empty
When he(she) is thirsty,
He(She) sees half filled

Only if
You are sensible enough
You will know

When to add
More liquid
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Is the glass half-filled or half-empty?
Don't cry

Still they exist
For what they have left

The Precious Ink
Genre: Observational
Theme: Writer as such is not a face or a body, they are words, a precious one. Writing stays, thoughts get life.
A Skyline Of Words,
Made Up Of Streets And Titles,
Waits For Your Finger’s To Stroll And Your Eyes To Ponder On These Poems,
Written By Architects And Versed By Engineers,
Under And Inspired By The Sun, Moon, And Stars.
We Invite You To Get Into Your Mind And Drive In Through This Skyline Of Words,
And Study The Art.
Ink Is Putty In The Hands, Where Creativity Starts.
So There’s So Much To Read And Write In This Society Of Written Works.
Many Poets And Poetess’ Spent Years Building Their Skyline Of Words,
Their Cities Of Poems That Even They Themselves Call Home.
As For Me, Here I sit On The Other Side Of The Sea, Under The Moon And Stars,
Looking At So Many Names, To So Many Titles,
Of So Many Cities Holding So Many Poems.
I Get Into My Mind And Think, Then I open My Eyes And Drive Into The Skyline
That We Call HelloPoetry.
Aug 25, 2018
What made reading this worthwhile for you??
nish Aug 10
was i born a poet
or did i become one
i suppose,
these stars were always enchanting
but only now did i learn
how to express that.
If you've ever had the pleasure of kissing a poet, you'd know just how adventurous they taste

The saltiness of the seven seas mixed with the sweetness of the stars

They taste like tsunamis and high tide

Like black holes and supernovas

Like flowers and forest fires

They taste like heaven with a dash of ****

Like a tall drink of inspiration and a shot of death

They taste like late nights and early mornings

Like old night-time and burnt toast

They taste like new experiences

Yes, if you've ever had the pleasure of kissing a poet , you'd know just how much you crave for more
Lyn-Purcell Aug 3
Dreams sing and dance to
cacophonous praise from
many hearts
Thank you guys for supporting and believing in me!  ^.^
Lyn ***
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