My Poetess

Rain fall, close the doors,
Keep us safe inside with the warmth.
Love is found within your flaws.
Dream a dream and it will be yours.

Timeless, try your best;
Do not forget what they all said.
Priceless is the heart inside your chest;
Not many people can truly explain what they feel inside their head.

Curvaceous and sexy;
Still I need to find out what hides beneath the skin.
On the outside everybody can see the beauty that I see,
But I want to know every part of you, completely.
What do you hide within?

Take my hand, I need your touch.
Could you be the one with whom I fall deeply into love?
Hoping for a change to lift me up;
A new direction I would take with you, if I could.

A mystery to me, you still remain nameless;
Unknown answers to questions I could never confess.
I find in you the voice of an angel, with Mona Lisa’s smile
And you are wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

The artist would snap his paint brush in two,
After painting your nude,
Because no beauty could compare to
My Poetess.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
kiana 7d
my picket fence
is ablaze
the white paint
begins to flake
as the fire
of my thoughts
uses its flame
to burn me down
plank by plank
theres nothing left
nothing left to hide
there's the burnt house
that I am
doomed from a previous fire
I could not contain
Amenah 7d
whispers usher the buried, regrettable staircases of the ugly past
I dread to climb
fearing the scabs of yesterday to bleed anew.

what unwholesome lies I had strung
the threads of which interlaced with My reality
till I couldn’t tell either apart;
what hues I deceitfully brushed upon the dismal horrors that otherwise were colorless,
those terrors reborn to a novelty akin to Beauty.

blurring the lines between falsity and truth
I wonder now
whether it was merely for some higher justice
or just to hide my ugly self from infamy?
(Part one)
Joshua Nai Jun 27
I wonder.
What is poetry in person?
Can I touch it?
Can I feel it?
who is poetry?
a person made of experiences, dreams, nightmares, humour, joy, love, and so much more...
I wonder.
I would want to say Hello.
If I meet it some day I want to say hello.
To say thank you for giving me space to express myself like no other way...
Hello Poetry!
That is what I would say...
Thank God for poetry ahhhhh
No doubt

You are lucky
Indeed you are

She will care you being a healer
And beautify you being a poetess

And the most interesting
You are searching two individuals

And here,
She holds, the both

Surely, she will make you live
Till eternity

Trust me
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Cells die, Words don't
Aa Harvey Apr 23
The Poetess

I need a Poetess to steal my heart,
In the depths of the dark night air,
That carries her cries, near and far…
I see before me,
An angel of my forever heart.

Her words shall guide me towards her heart
And in the depths of the dark,
I shall let her take my huge heart.

For I have no need of it to live, when I am with her.
She keeps me alive, with her Heavenly words.
Words of trust and promises of faithfulness;
These are the charms of The Poetess.

For she could be trusted to speak from the soul.
I could once more stupidly believe her promises to never go.
So I write you a poem from the bottom of my soul;
You words are worth loving;
My Magnanimous Noun.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jeff Gaines Mar 9
There is this gal across the pond …
in and from
a different time than me.

Her words, her spirit
have lifted me up
and given me much to see.

Her views of life
lived and perceived
hold so many things of value.

I hope you read them
sooner than later.
Make a promise, shall you?

From notions and memories
and a precious little girl ...
You will love journeying her magic realm.

Board her ship
and enjoy the sights
resting assured with her at the helm.

Relish in her life
as I have on this moment.
Relish in her words and hold them dear.

Finding a soul such as this
may happen only once
and it makes it all worth being here.

I adore you, sweet Mary.
You've made my life much brighter
and my outlook outshines even this.

I hope on your journey,
all your journey's
you never, ever find
anything but well-deserved bliss.

Godspeed Mary Gay Kearns!
I'm not sure, as I already don't remember, who found whom. It doesn't matter. I have discovered a TREASURE here at HP. And if YOU don't ... you will have missed something GREAT in your life!


Find her here:

and here:!date=1949-01-18_07:34:51!
They told us she didn't exist
in this day and age
everyone and everything
a turning of the page

They told us not too look
we wouldn't find her here
in the words or the actions
no pinnacle, no peer

They told us it wasn't her
yet upon the battlefield we knew
amongst the pain and sorrow
a Warrior Poetess, true
For all the assembled words
all the emotions, all the pain, suffering, and love

they still exist. :) modern day Joan of Arc's
Sumera Khizar Feb 13
My heart, fly higher without fear of falling
Let your dreams to be higher than the skies
Learn the art of accepting love with open arms
Open your heart and let light enter inside
Oh my heart, scream when you'll find love.

My heart, even after fall I remember being with you in heaven
My dreams are too high for me to reach
I've learned the art of accepting pain in the name of love
I closed my eyes so the light will not blind me once again
Oh my heart, stay silent and hide away all my pain...
Sakhi Jan 27
She was a girl so tough,
Soft inside but showed to be rough,
Out came her vulnerable side,
Just during the tranquil nights.

Known as the girl who plays basketball,
But when alone, the poet inside her calls.
She must avoid the dove,
To not fall in love.

But every story has a prince charming,
Sometimes serving as a warning.
And there came one for her,
Who made her lose all her nerve.

He treated her like a princess,
But had his benefit in that.
His princesses were many,
The girl didn't know any.

Found out he cheated,
Though her heart bled,
She got up and took her pen,
And now the boy is a mere fan.....
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