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gracie 1d
this is a poem for
the little poetess
who sings through the day like
a yellow-feathered finch
and spills honeysuckles from her mouth
to those who do not deserve them;
the hopeless romantic
who wears her heart
on her overalls
and speaks her mind just in case
somebody hears her;
the silly girl
who welcomes winter
and radiates warmth
through her fingertips as if
her touch alone could thaw the world.
for hannah
VeronicaPonce Jan 11
the beautiful, lie unclothed.
hand in hand they lie unclothed.
hand in hand. Male with Male, Female with Female, Male with Female.
the bare girl crosses the bare breast of her lover.
with measureless love, arms and hearts with measureless love.
the breath goes with the breath of the friend.
the kisses. the wrong is right.
supple and awake.
they pass the chemistry.
I too stay a while to love you.
should be afraid to trust myself with you?
i am not afraid

we all just need love.
hadnt felt inspired in weeks.
sudden burst of inspiration.
i belive tyler and is fight stole all my inspiration.
where is my muse?
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
I believe a good poetry is not about rhyme, it is an act of deep communication.

Poetry is a form of expression, could it be imagination, an emotion, an inspiration, or so many other reflections. A pure form of art with the power of healing. In harmony it connects hearts stimulating the reading mind, nevertheless it means more to the writer.

All things can’t be painted, all things are not visible, and all things can’t be touched. But Poetry does it all effortlessly connecting words to which whole world try to understand, but most of the time, it is misunderstood.

And the poet/poetess is the one, the healer who finds comfort with words.
Genre: Experimental
Theme: For some, Poetry is essential part of life.
Temporal Fugue Nov 2018
The tendrils of words succumb
to the craft of mind and hand
prosing until both are numb
the drive, the will, demands

To touch her heart and soul
her spirit, if he can
allowing her to feel, his goal
as much as she, can stand

Pouring forth liberally
some, not as he had planned
emotions raw, at full capacity
passions and fires, fanned

He showers her in *******
lines, syllables, verbs, and nouns
a soft and sensual discourse
and in her mind, resounds

It's not just the thought of ***
while making love, to mind
it goes beyond the word, the text
with every sultry whispered
:D Wordy passions ignite
when she reaches out too me
it all flows without a fight
it's poetry
you see
Cné Nov 2018

She makes love to him with words
spilling ink of passion on paper.
She creates the sensual mood
with each ****** of her pen
splattered on the sheets.
She caresses his flesh
in every love letter.
She kisses up and down his
length in sentences and prose.
She tastes all his masculine scent
without ever speaking a word.
She bites his lip and tilts her
hips in between the lines.
She paints a picture that
makes him hard  for his
release and it only
took her mind.

Tianna Jacquez Nov 2018
Help me understand the method to your madness.
Take me on a journey to where your thoughts and desires thrive.
Be the open page my eyes gaze upon.
You are my favorite book.
Batool Oct 2018
She housed in her mind
a different world;
And in her eyes,
abyss !!
Grace E Wagner Oct 2018
everyone wants to be

and memorable

I would be lying to you
If I told you I was any different

though lately,
I've been thinking a lot about

how swallowing your
electric individuality
and concealing your
perfect imperfections
hurts less.

because when you are

and forgettable

you don't need to worry
about people taking
more of you
then you want to give.

they don't want it anymore.
darling, you've done a number on me.
Grace E Wagner Oct 2018
time is always moving forward
and everything  changes
but what is meant to remain consistent
is still unclear.
a little 4 liner for ya :)
dmperez Dec 2016
on my knees
before my muse
drinking of her inspiration
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