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Mark Mar 2020
You left the fog that took your heart from us:
We linger there within your numbers left;
To add, subtract in all to equal thus;
Your eight and twenty-four's are now bereft.
Our sorrow pleas that you could play once more!
Perhaps there's golden baskets where you are
There by your baby as you were before;
And each by turn would sparkle in a star!
The clouds conceal your form but not your praise
But take you into fame of higher realms:
A mentorship for greatness and its ways,
Yet now forgive; our sadness overwhelms:

And mourner's mourn where yours and Gigis keep
Tho' graves unmarked, let markings be our weep!
Antino Art Feb 2020
Dear Basketball,

Why am I not six foot six.

If I could reach just a little higher,
I would score you with ease.

We’d make a winning team.

You’d be my world
spinning on the tip of my finger.
We’d shoot for the moon
night-in and night-out,
with no fear of falling
because your gravity
is the force that
grounds me.

We’d have a bounce to our step:
you striking the pavement
like a war drum and me
walking on air
with my head in the clouds
of Southern California.

We'd turn soaring
over expectations
into a high art.

Imagine this: the first
sub-six-foot Asian minority
in the NBA
wins the MVP!

And they would pay us!  
Never mind the money.
We'll earn a wealth of respect.
We'll command conundrums.
Coaches across the league would
call us a problem and
scratch their heads drawing
up defensive formulas on white boards
named after us.

I realize that’s a long shot.
I'm taking it.

You won’t even see me flinch

even if you did hit me
between the eyes
and broke my nose
on that inbound play,
I’d grin
in the face of the opponent

like how my four-year-old girl
handled pneumonia in a hospital bed,
I will emerge from any cold spell
with child-like hope
and a Gigi-like game face,
jaws jutting out

Because adversity
is what brings out greatness
and struggle
is what proves you
are still alive.

I could be trailing
by 20 for an entire game

I could have zero points,
but no doubts
that the next shot is going in.

I'm taking it.

Even if it means
fading away
into the darkness
over multiple hands
outstretched with
our goal that is the basket
nowhere to be seen

I'd throw my hopes and fears
into the wind for you,
regardless of what the defense throws back.

If basketball is a religion,
then I am a devout practitioner,
putting up prayers from behind the arc

And when things don't bounce our way,
I won't blame you.

Defeat reveals what you're
fundamentally made of,
so I will work on my form:
fingers along your grooves,
toes pointed ahead,
follow through.

I will work on my endurance:
hustle beats skill any day

I will work on passing you
and the wisdom you bring
to the next generation,
so they can score whatever it is
they dream

I will work to give my daughter
the best possible shot

I will lead by example.

Championships come and go:
what we are working towards
will last forever

And guess what, Basketball?
I will still be far from six foot six,
making it very hard to play you well.

That’s no excuse.
That just means I will practice dribbling low
to the ground and moving
like a shadow beneath their feet.

No one can guard
what they can't see coming:
we'll fly under the radar.

I'd give you the best of me
to let you bring out
the beast in me:
an apex predator
with a forked tongue
through bared fangs
and black skin thick as
battle armor

No amount of hisses and boos
can block our shot.

We'd go the distance,
crossing over
into the unknown and
through whatever
physical and emotional
contact comes next

I will hit the floor for you,
rise up
and sink my free throws
on a limp.

If I needed 81 points
to win you over,
I’d bring back each one
in an autographed bucket,
even if it takes 82 games to do it.

We could spend a long,
loosing season together,
and I would still wake up at 4 a.m.
to see you
in an empty gym,
while dawn turns the sky
from purple into gold.  

I’d savor every drop
of sweat the comes from
running back and forth
for miles in your shoes
between your two bottomless baskets.

I don't care how tall I am.
We are chasing the footsteps of
immortal giants,
if only to write our own legends
that will never die.

Even if I had just 24 seconds
to do it,
I’d spend every last one
believing in miracles.

It’s a long shot,
but together,
we can’t miss.

Long Live You,
Your Number One Fan
Lily Jan 2020
I was bleak
Dying upon the floor
I wished I had sought
The lost
The rare and radiant, the angels

In the recent wake of Kobe Bryant's death, we should all be reminded that we shouldn't take people for granted.  Say what you feel while you still have the chance; you never know when those people will not be with you anymore.
Austin James Jan 2020
No tears seem to express.
No words seem to explain.
My heart has sunken into my gut
As the world is hooded with pain.  

A jack of many trades.
A master of them all.
An artist in the greatest form
Whose paintbrush was a ball.

This life makes little sense.
Souls taken far too soon.
We must cherish the ones we love
Because our time, we cannot choose.

The Mamba lives forever,
In the hearts of old and young.
The hope you gave to many
Will be shared for years to come.

The memories will never fade.
Your legacy will live on.
A hero of the game we love,
But a legend far beyond.
My heart is broken and I wrote this. The only thing I could think to do was to share it because so many people are feeling the way I'm feeling right now. Lost. Confused. Sad. Angry. But we have to remember that we are stronger in numbers and we're all grieving together so I hope ya'll enjoy this.

RIP Kobe and Gigi. You will be sincerely missed.
Don Bouchard Jan 2020
While the world
And I
Mourn Kobe's passing,
On nearly the same day
Jihadists invaded villages...
West Africa,
Burkina Faso,

Villagers ordered out
Into the open areas
Gunned down,

An attendance question opens,
"What happened in the world?'

Kobe Bryant is gone.
Private helicopter crashed.
The world is on its head.

We hang our heads
In mourning.

Jacque's turn:
"My village was
Attacked Saturday.
Forty people killed.
My wife and children...
The people are fleeing
To the capitol,

[Awkward, this revelation.
How will I ever justify
A week of Edgar Allan Poe?]

We bow to pray.
The life of the classroom. God help us.
Defied gravity,changed the game’s formalities and all you have to say is mentality. For the lord of the rings mastery to appear images of 81, a man who shots ended so many suns and trailblazers. Your impact was nothing short of a Big Bang crater, a creator to so many future hoop legends that’s why I’m writing “Dear heaven” cause he did more for us than any lakers possession. A father even in the end, I salute as your jersey ascends there will never be another bean Bryant again.
JK Cabresos Jan 2020
on the
morning sun

just a month
of a
newly year

a lot of
painful memories
has come
Taal Volcano Eruption, Australia Wildfire, Corona (Wuhan) Virus and now, the death of one of the basketball Legend, Kobe Bryant.
Big Virge Jan 2020
We've Lost Another Giant ... !!!
We've Lost Another Giant ... !!!

The One And Only ...
... Kobe Bryant ... !!!!!!!

His Daughter Too ...
As Well As Seven More ... !!!

I Feel Cold Like SORES ...
To Now Know That Kobe ...
Won't Be Seen Anymore ... !!!

It's Such A Shame ...
For Him To Pass This Way ...

At Such A Young Age ...
What Can A Fan Say ...

His Game Amazed ...
In SO MANY Ways ...

And He Went Through A LOT ...
To Get To ... The TOP ...

Accusations ...
And Other Stuff ...
That Never Stopped
His Pursuit To Be ...
A Basketball GOD ... !!!

There's So Much More ...
That I'd Like To Say ...
Just ... NOT TODAY ... !!!!!!!!!!!!

It's A Time For Respect ...
And A Moment of Silence ...

Because We've Just Lost ...
A TRUE Basketball GIANT ...

The One And Only ...

KOBE BRYANT ... !!!!!!!!!
So So SAD ....

RIP Kobe, this one's for you !
Sethnicity Mar 2016
I moved closer though never over no charge just credit

You jaune pourpre couleur & calculated in two points like Magic

We mind bleu as you pirouette through D waters sea

Breezily done

& one

They called Lakers cuz da Walk On um
Thinking about lost love in the Paint. Shout out to Kobe Bryant
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