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Ronza Jairy Sep 28
Giving precious time
to those who don't honour it
is a wasteful sin
Samantha Babe Jun 29
I was the sunshine that they called
In a call, I would be there
In smiles, I could share laughter
In cries, I would be willing to be your shoulder
Everything you expected would be my pleasure
Even in hearts, I would be at my best
Time can be my friend
In every seconds, I would make it count just to be with you
Cause that is the right thing, right?
When everybody seems to disagree
You can count on me
I would never fail you
Even if it is too much sometimes
Like a suffocation in a sleep
I woke up like feeling nothing from the night
But ****, that's not even appropriate!
I'm a slave to someone's emotion
I look highly to people without looking my own
They're already stabbing my back
Their favors that I was so blind were just a gratification to their selfish needs
With the smiles they show was a lure
All they had to do was to pick me in their convenience
I had a purpose according to them
I was the cheerleader.
But I woke up
After all this time, I know how to get tired of everyone
The sunshine is now a cloud
Sometimes in vast colors, sometimes in hard pouring rain
I was greatly unfair to my younger self
But it's not too late to walk away
Cause what is important is that you have woke up from blindness
And to know what is really you deserve for the world.
This is dedicated to the people who used & maltreated us, took us for granted and so unreal to our genuinity.
the day you left,
you forgot to close the door

you didn’t say goodbye,
and you left my heart sore

I’ve kept on wondering
why, from you, I got no consideration,
why you had to leave me in devastation

first, it seemed obscure
but now I see, you’re just a boy
trying to grow up, so immature

and I might push other men away
because of the scars you’ve left on me
because I’m afraid that just like you, 

they will use my feelings to play

so, in order to give myself some closure
I’m going to close that door
and you might have won the battle,
but I have won the war.

- gio, 16.06.2020
Uzzie Oct 2018
If only I could sing
to only express myself in  melodies
breathe in my tune and dance in your ears
With background beats
plugged by foreign instruments
which every artist can play but me...
Maybe its my disability to wording that each and every time I gather my words , my expressions built to sentences
I am never heard...
so allow me to be an artist today
let me express my words in a melody
I won't stop you if you can relate
but if it goes deeper
allow your soul to dance to my rhythm...


To a woman who lays cold without pulse , dead, because of her sexuality.
To a woman who was taken advantage of because she was not in her right mind.
To a woman who stares in front of the mirror doubting herself because she lost her sight in miserable visions.
To a woman who lays in bed at night waiting for him to arrive and fill her with bruises because of his mistakes.
To a woman who depends on the streets.
To a woman who looks forward to darkness to fill her worth.
To a woman who's waiting for her beauty to be validated by a man...
love , its time to know your worth.

To woman who drowns herself in erasing stretch marks
I see you behind those make-ups
as much it breaks you
collecting pieces of your worth.
I understand that you are broken
crying silently.
I understand you cannot express yourself coz you fear jugdement from flesh just like you and I.
I understand that you just enjoy being numb to your feelings
Its what hugs you most.
Woman , you need to know your worth.

I see why you seek recognition
I understand you want to be heard
You want to explain yourself in words that you too dont understand
but you looking the wrong way for acceptance.
You need to understand that a woman was not meant to be understood
A woman was not meant to be just curvy, skinny, light
SHE can be whatever the hell she wants to be

You are more than a "WOMAN"
You are Gods precious gem
You are the walls that make a home stand
You are the daughter that God took time to carve
Prepared you for different seasons
You see,
my kind of woman dusts herself after falling
she smiles even when tides turn
she understands that beauty isn't about her physique
my kind of woman needs no permission to be herself
My woman makes broken look beautiful
She needs no fixing coz perfection is enhanced by her imperfection...
she dances in her imagination allowing herself to live in her dreams
has her own melody
and she's poetic in her own rhymes.
My kinda woman is an artist
creates her own tune
expresses herself and dances to her feelings..
Now that's my kinda woman.
dani Apr 2019
Women are unconsciously unaware of their powers
We are all filled with so much passion and affection
We could move mountains with our souls
If they were set on fire
Foreign factors will try to creep into our minds
And convince us
That we are worthless
The reason behind it
Is that there is nothing in this world
That could truly carry us women
We must empower ourselves
dani Apr 2019
Your eyes resembled the ocean
I would forget how to swim
When I would stare into your soul
I would find myself
Swallowing water, choking
As water entered my lungs
Unable to say a word,
You stood there and watched
As I slowly became one
With the ocean
dani Apr 2019
She didn’t understand herself
Her mind was in a state of pure chaos
She didn’t understand the powers
She had deep down inside
Her soul was burning
With an igniting flame
But she didn’t understand what to do with it
She didn’t understand right from wrong
Her wings that made her fly
To the highest of heights were cut off
And burned
Her head was in the clouds
While her feet were on the ground
Constantly having the desire to fly
But was unable
Not understanding why
An outside force was dragging her down
Which made her think the worst of herself
Without her vibrant personality
She felt nothing
She would try to fly nevertheless
And would always come crashing down
Constantly hurting herself
Making it worse every time
She was left broken, beat up, and bruised
Feeling unworthy
When all along it was you;
Who didn’t have the capability to fly
In the process of healing myself...
Katryna Apr 2018
Sa laro ng pag ibig,
Walang mechanics,
Walang rules,
walang score

Meron lang players.
Pero walang kakampi
Malas mo kung kilala mo ung kalaban mo pero di mo kayang talunin.
Malas mo kung may gustong kumampi
Pero ibang laro na ang gustong laruin.

Sa larong 1 on 1
Sinong aasahan?

Sarili **** strategy
Strategy na nakabase sa kalaban.
Hey warrior, Keep going!
Luisa Dec 2017
That’s it, I’m done
You don’t deserve my time.
That’s it, I’m gone
You’re not worth a dime.

That’s it, I’m free
I have walked away
That’s it, I’m rising
Every dog has their day.

That’s it, I’ve deleted
Both your Facebook & Instagram
That’s it, I’m smiling
I feel sorry for your newest fan.

That’s it, I’m feeling better
That you’re no longer in my life
That’s it, I’m ******* grateful
I never became your wife.

That’s it, I think I’m healing
I’m starting to feel more like me.
That’s it, I’m no longer interested
In what you’re doing Lee.

That’s it, happiness is coming
Only to me & not to you
That’s it, your door is closing
I no longer love you Lee, I promise you that’s true.

Be with Liz, be with Ria
or be with old Jill Cole,
No matter who you’re with though
You’ll always be in your hole.
Luisa Nov 2017
I can’t believe you cheated on me
I can’t believe you lied
I can’t believe how you used me
I can’t believe the tears I’ve cried.

I wish you were Mr. January
I wish it hadn’t been just a mask
I wish you weren’t a Narcissist
I wish staying faithful to me hadn’t been too much to ask!

I gave you every little piece of me
I gave you all I had
I gave it freely in the name of Love
I gave it all to a sociopathic cad.

Why do you do it?
Why can’t you be true?
Why all the lies & other women?
Why leave me so broken & blue?

Lee you are nasty
Lee you are cruel
Lee you will end up lonely
Because, Lee, you are a narcissistic fool.

I was your soulmate
Your sun, moon & stars
I was your once in a lifetime
An amazing future should have been ours.

I miss you, I want you
I wonder if you ever feel the same
Then I remember you’re a covert narcissist
and are clinically insane.
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