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Midnight conversations
Are my favorite thing
People seem to open up more
When their brain is fogged
With a strong desire for sleep.
You get to know people
You thought you already knew.
And people who thought they know you
Learn more.
It’s a quieter type of conversation
One with flying thumbs
And a deafening silence surrounding you.
And I find peace
Knowing that I’m being heard
Without having to speak.
He wanted to go to the mountains and breathe in peace with a cup of coffee to witness the beautiful sunrise.

She wanted to go far away and drown into the waters for she loved the sea. A place where she can relax and adore the sunset.
I read him the poem I wrote not long ago
He tsked in disagreement and said to me,
“Little one I’m not lonely, in fact I’m surrounded by the most beautiful companions”
As he looked me in the eyes I think I understood.
His purpose was to bless the creatures of the night, comfort the eyes of the lonesome, and caress the souls of the broken, while guiding those not waiting for the sun to guide them, but setting out in their darkest moments to find tranquility.
Paths are easier to find, not when the world is lit by sunlight, but when softly illuminated by the moons grace. Maybe I was slightly judgemental earlier hehe.
I know exactly what I want to say
Every letter, syllable and comma
So I’ll type it down

Polite and eloquent
But I’m getting my **** point across

Emojis, gunky gifs and text speech
**** & SMH

**** that’s not what I want

But that’s how you reply.
Blank Oct 9
I am dancing
with your demons,
and you're dancing
with mine.
And for a moment,  
we forgot we're in ****.
We're not living, we're just killing time.
Popleocan Sep 30
Melted into my cushion below.
Wood before me, ceramic circles.

Cold vibrations buzz in the air,
Carrying tales.
The same... but different.
Repeatedly blasting my eardrums,
Gripping my mind in a chokehold.
Pounding in messages all the same.
Dreadfully, droning. On and on.

Where is it coming from?
The icy daggers that pierce me deeply,
Killing my hope?

In front, on cushions of their own.
Countless figures lined up with circles.
Shadows, smiling and laughing. Repeatedly.

Same stories. Same atttibutes.
Distinct figures externally.
Each internal voice... the same.

My ears lift like feathers.
Flying in hopes of warmth.
Only to meet the same,
Instruments under each figures nose.
Eating their flesh on ceramic circles.

As my wings fold, I sing my song.
Warm but filled with color.
Scented with lavender.
Tasting of pepper.
Rainbow vibrations warm the table.

The figures become clearer.
My friends, family, strangers all near.
Talk of themselves everyday all year.
My words distinct. Reach every ear.

Strange questions and tales; none true.
Alone at the table but surrounded I sit.
Wishing to hear my words returned.
My wings stay chained, my heart cold.
How many jokes have I told?
How many smiles have I seen?
How long has it been?

Speak for them. To drown them out.
Leaving smiles on every mouth.
Have no friends and get no help.
Speak to them, talk to myself.
I dont know how to add bold text and italics on my phone.
Lydia Sep 25
You sat there reassuring me
"Baby, I love you"
you pulled me closer
and I could see the reflection of myself in your eyes
"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me"
is it selfish that I want you to go on?
to keep telling me just how much you love me and to stay looking at me like that
I want to see my reflection just to have a glimpse of what you see in me
because it's in those moments where we talk like this that I really can see the true love you have for me
and it feels so good when its just me and you
locked away somewhere tangled up in each other
So I tell you "I love you too"
and it's as easy as that for you to make me feel like I'm the only one in your world
Lightheart Sep 12
He said “that one there,
“she seems sweet and kind, but she’s actually a nut.”
(he says he’s a nut too so I don’t mind)
she smiled and said “you know I always wanted to be a nun”
(she misheard “nun”)
(they’re both old)
He was confused.
I explained to both of them,
we all laughed.
They are joyful people.

The next evening,
my dad brought it up
the man laughed and laughed some more
he gave me a hug and said “I’m sorry,
“I tried to imagine you in a habit,
but if I ever saw you in one,
I’d burst out laughing.
Because your face is so joyful,
and your eyes radiate joy
and I would never be able to keep a straight face”

And I think that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said
about me.
Even with all my pain and struggles I can still radiate joy?? It makes me happy.
serpentinium Aug 21
the girls were betrayed by
the gravity of that far-off divinity,
which shocked & troubled the young.

“after all, everybody talked through

“nobody attempts to deny that.”

“he’s an awful brute.”

“the very worst. i knew him.
a sneering fellow—rather handsome,
but he was collecting the living,
i believe.”
black-out poetry created from pg. 11 of ‘The Age of Innocence’
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