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Allesha Eman May 3
And we sit on the porch steps
our bare feet rest on cold cement  
the space between memories and contentment
starts to occupy your lungs
we watch the distant rain, still too premature
yet you, in fear of the future
run inside.
The moon told the sun
Someone's about to fall in love

The sun replied to the moon
Let's watch her heart split in two
conversations between the moon and sun
Wallflower Mar 29
Good morning,
Good night,
Greetings my friends,
It sounds like a chance
Like a start of something new
even when we're feeling blue
they connect us with strangers
and destroy the unknown dangers
And then "goodbye" is there
to end this whole affair
To leave us in peace
so I could write this piece
I'm just a silly human writing a poetry
who doesn't know how to rhyme- a tree
The end isn't supposed to make sense. It just points out the fact that sometimes being silly and not knowing what to write and how to rhyme doesn't really stop you from it.
On different days,
He became different,
And yet remained the same.
He was amusing.
He was otherworldly.
He had something in him,
Which made him eerily different.

He listened.
He listened wholeheartedly.
He was the only one,
Who felt real.
He peeked into thoughts.
He responded in silences.
He captured the soul and the heart,
So effortless was his gaze.
A gaze that brought smile,
A gaze that brought stillness,
A gaze that sparked question,
A gaze that sparked wonder.
Amanda Hawk Jan 27
The rumbling in the chest
Grows slowly
Growling louder than the storm
Swirling outside the door
A procellous heart
It thunders, lightning flashes
Behind my eyes
The half finished conversations
Spills into an ocean of unanswered questions
And I am drowning
In the tempest of a broken heart
Awake in the dark
A voice reminds me

Open your presence
Let go of that thought
Close your eyes slow

You are held by me
A universe you can't see
A conversation in bed
Anais Vionet Jan 5
I want to speak to you so badly
but I’m just going to sit here hoping
you’ll start the conversation.

Boys are so dense!

I even send an obvious signal:
I didn't pull out my phone and get all busy
the moment we were alone.

cross gender (intergender?) communication can be like contacting aliens
stillhuman Dec 2020
My eyes are fixed on you
while you give a little
of yourself away
to me
in small fragments of memory
and I'm captivated
by your voice recalling
simple moments, harsher stories,
funnier realities
and all at once
the air feels clean
and bright and fresh
like a breath of spring
in the December cold
that sparks
with our connection.
I can't help it, it feels like spring when I'm with you
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