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Heera 6d
'And where will we meet again?'

'At infinity..'

'But it doesn't exist you said'

'But you said, when love becomes everything..it is infinity..
So i will wait for you there'

'But thats just what i made up.. i don't think its true. And i believe you don't believe in it anymore'

'I didn't believe in friendships either before you came along'

I smile at the simple explanation of his, in my dreams atleast truth wasn't altered.
Just fiction
Heera Dec 5
'it's tough but I'm trying to understand all you say'

"Its not that tough if you try honestly" I smile at his efforts

'I guess so

and I finally had someone who would try for me :)
Heera Dec 1
'You have so many people to talk to... You probably are kind to everyone. How am i any different'
My sadness was apparent from the statements i was making.

He considers my mood and with equal melancholy adds..
'Yes, i talk to everyone.
But you are the one i wish good morning as soon as i wake up and good night, just before sleeping.
There are other things like that, which i do but don't say'

I will never understand if he did that to make me feel better but in that moment, i felt a spark, the one made of trust and happiness.
Another memory
Heera Nov 17
'I created a playlist for you with all the songs that you love'
I tell him as casually as possible.

Laughing at something, he questions 'And you named it ****** SONGS'

'Do you even know anything apart from ****? Everytime our conversation is all about ****'
I question a bit ****** yet smiling at how he was always funny

On hearing no response i added
'I named it 'Yours''

'Why so?'
His question looked genuine..

'Because that way it will feel like you are here and i'm giving it to you.'

I say it while taking enough courage to not sound cliché, not knowing those songs would be the only part of him that would be forever mine.
Just memories again
Heera Nov 13
'There are all of these weird type of guys i dislike...'


'You know a lot of them too'

'any specifications?'

'why do you ask?'

'i wanna know'

'Like...they don't like disney or animations'


'why do you wanna know? Want to be like them?' i giggle

'No. So, i can avoid that'
His way with words once again made me smile with the kind of smile, no one else was capable of producing.
Just some memories again
Heera Nov 10
'So what is the best memory you have with me?'

'All of them are best, isn't it?'

'Just say you don't remember anything'
Sensing his lie, or i must say his attempts to not hurt me, was very easy for me.

My answer cracks him up
While agreeing on his defeat he adds
'You know me too well.. for me to lie to you'
Just memories
Heera Nov 7
'I don't understand what wrong did i do?'

'nothing wrong'

'is this because i broke someone's heart too? But i did because i didn't want to lie'

'No. Its not that'

'then, why am i punished? For a sin i never committed?'

'You aren't punished'

'But i'm suffering. It hurts. This is a punishment, worse than death'

'I will say again that you aren't punished'

'Then what is this? Why do i feel like this?'

'You are freed.
From who you were.
From the people that you don't need anymore and people who don't need you anymore.
Neither of them were bad for you back then.
So they were there.
But if they don't leave now..
You wouldn't grow.
You wouldn't change'

'I don't want to change!'


'If change means taking away everything i love, i hate change. I always did'

'But nothing you truly loved, left you.
You loved love.
You loved being there for people.
You loved being honest and loyal
You loved being a good friend.
None of which has left you'

'but people have'

'Because they need to.'

'So i'm toxic'

Like a little bird leaves its nest on maturing from an egg.
They left you when your purpose in their life was over'

'This is nonsense. They had the choice to stay. They just didn't'

'Right. Because they didn't have to.
To feel your love, they don't have to and can't either, sit there in your nest forever.
The warmth you gave, was necessary for them to grow.
They grew. Now they will make their own nest to give warmth.
You have to wait for the one that makes nest with you.
Not the one that needs your warmth.'

'But, i'm bitter'

'you aren't.
You are like the tiny caterpillar. Worrying, its fate is death inside the cocoon.
But you will someday understand, to breakthrough, you have to be buried and tied'

'and, how do i trust you?'

'You needn't. Your heart already does'
Idk who exactly is speaking in these two sentences. Just something i feel
acacia Nov 5
something here is going to have to go.
maybe it is the look in your eyes                          [you are wrong!]
or maybe it's the fact that you don't wanna let go       [i know you!]
tell me something i haven't heard before.     [don't be mean.]
everyone has the same opinion. you seem to just always want your way.                      [how could you? don't you remember all of the things we've been through? don't you see me standing in your way?]
                      yes, and as i can see, you're still in my **** way.
  [will you please?]
                                             your time is almost over.
     [that's alright.]
is it?
                                        [you should be ashamed.]
                     you don't have to tell anyone.
[no one wants to know, anyway!]
                                  when i die, cry to me at my grave. we'll see if i care then.
                    [you're always thinking about yourself.]
                                       you don't want to trust anyone else.
[don't you want to help me?]
       always thinkin' 'bout yourself.
                          [you don't love me!]
always thinkin' 'bout yourself.
more inspiration, the strokes.
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