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Lily Jan 2020
I was withdrawn,
Then to my forest edge you came one day,
Sailing in on a
Bed of clouds
With a rainbow smile.
Although I tried to climb the trees,
Your bed of clouds was too high,
And you didn’t dare go down into the forest,
For fear your cloud would break.
The sweet pang I felt as I watched your
Rainbow smile ascend on your bed of clouds
Would not be soon forgotten.
But as I awake from my dream,
Your memory fades
As the wisp of a cloud.
Happy New Year everybody!  I hope your 2020 has had great moments already, and that there are more great ones to come! <3

Inspired by Robert Frost's "A Dream Pang"
Lily Dec 2019
In my dream,
I walk alone, and it’s
No voices but the wind’s.
The wind begs me to sit,
And I find a tree and sit
On its roots.
A bat flies out of the tree,
A black shadow against an even
Blacker sky,
A dark heart in a dark soul.
The last leaf in the forest stirs,
And then Winter arrives,
I try to hold our memory in my head,
Of when this forest was green,
And we were new and fresh,
In my dream, you appear
And I meet your eye.
But your memory is absent
Quicker than it came,
And I am left alone,
A cup of Frost with a dash of Hemingway! This was inspired by Frost's "Waiting: Afield at Dusk", and Hemingway's short sentences.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Here comes the cold weather! :)
Lily Nov 2019
You left me at dusk,
Gaunt and sad and gray,
And when the morning glow arose,
I could find you not.

The night before was faded
Like a withered rose, and
I could scarcely recall your smile,
Your sunflower smile.

Why were you taken from beside me?
I hope there is a reason, as the time
I’ve spent since you left has been
Measured and is of little worth.
Inspired by Robert Frost's "Flower-Gathering"
Lily Sep 2019
Bring the buried flower,
Bring the burned out candle.
Bring the closed notebook,
Bring the ended hour.
Dig up the flower,
Strike the match,
Open the notebook,
Begin a new hour.
Bring the writing you’re afraid of
And regenerate it, and
Make it speak.
Scatter your poems left and right,
Because the world can’t wait to hear
Your words.
Inspired by Robert Frost’s "To the Thawing Wind"
Lily Sep 2019
Lovers, forget your quarrels and
Listen to the flower,
The breeze,
The finch’s tune,
And find the love in them.
And win the fight within
And then, lovers, your
Fight will be
A hundred miles away.
Inspired by Robert Frost's "Wind and Willow Flower"
Lily Sep 2019
In the dark
The beast,
The inward struggle
Is not asleep.
The cold creeps,
Comfort grows far away,
My heart doubts
But we arise with the day.
Inspired by Robert Frost’s "Storm Fear"
Lily Aug 2019
Sadder than any words
My thought
Comes softly down
Ending again at you.
Inspired by Robert Frost’s "A Late Walk"
Lily Aug 2019
These dark days
Are beautiful as
The bare, withered tree.
The birds are gone,
But the gray is silver.
I have not yesterday,
But I learned the love
Of the beauties of today.
Inspired by Robert Frost's "My November Guest"
Lily Jul 2019
One of my wishes
Was not
Withheld, that
I should steal away,
Finding open land
Upon my track
I held.
They would not find me- they knew
All I thought was true
To me.
Inspired by Frost's "Into My Own"
Lily Jul 2019
Many a summer ago,
I dwelt with aching heart
Far apart
On that forgotten road
I hear
The small, dim, summer star
Tireless, but slow and sad
But among them all
She’s the only one that
I've been reading some of Robert Frost's poetry lately, and it's just so beautiful, I decided to start a series based on this inspiration, called "'Frost'y Thoughts". :) This one started out as a black out poem and is based on Frost's "Ghost House".  Please let me know what you think!

— The End —