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If I won't be remembered for my songs,

I want to be remembered for your words.

Never stop talking my love.

Never stop.
Seanathon Feb 22
You are ivory magic without a single tusk taken
Boxes of fun without a single gift opened
More gold than any pocket, more silver than any second place token
You are the pounding crescendo in my head unbroken

Yes, I like your sound
Take a box, one that rocks....
Seanathon Feb 8
For old times sake
Old minds sake
Rewind and scratch the sidewalk
With a wingtip gliding by fake
With old kitten lips pressed to the reed
And the quiet patter of kickdrum feet
Would you play it one more time for me?
With the chattering of Ivory teeth nearby
Would you let the Cool Jazz river run deep?
Walking down the same road
with blasting exceptional high-note trumpets in my ears.
The cold’s making my ******* hard and I enjoy the sudden thought of you.
I imagine you getting out of the shower
With steaming mirrors and drops of water on your arms.
How much **** could fit inside your garage I wonder.
I knock on the door.
How is your heart tonight?

Warm ***** and a warm glass of tea.
“It feels like a hug from the inside”
A sentence that could always make you laugh.

I look around while you are staring at my thighs.
Those few square meters are my lake:
Getting rid of my thirst in there, like a small animal,
while looking at the effortless romance of the surroundings,
the simplicity of tiny things and the scattered parts of you
hanging on the walls
vulnerable and careless for what’s about to come.
(your paintings or me? - who knows)

And then we talk and talk
And then talk some more
About things that make us laugh or even uncomfortable
And I always find amusing whatever you will say:
effortless as the surroundings and the charm of your little cat.
(43 seconds of silence)

I keep changing positions on that 2 persons blue couch
Knowing that you notice my inability to stay still.
I don’t know how to behave myself.
I kind of give up after 1 hour and 37 minutes,
switching between a cat and a tiger
Completely unaware of how I should control myself
around your sizzling energy.
And then I shamelessly put my lips on your forehead
And at that moment you know that
I want to make love to your messy brain
giving up on the idea that there is any chance for it to stop.

And ****, we kiss, with our two mouths making glorious music
Beating on the pulse of my right wrist.
And  I want to **** the confusion out of you,
But I **** everything else of you instead.

And there I am, laying half *****, feeling desired and trapped
in those ******* vibrations of my legs:
all because of your fingertips
that want my juices like thirsty snakes coming out of your arms.

And we are at that space and moment where I can’t do nothing
But smile full of **** hoping that this could last.

And the door opens and we say “ I will see you on Thursday”
And I am inelegantly faking my confidence for the inevitable.

The druggy satisfaction of a night at your garage
Tasting like the first cigarette of a very,
Cash Carlos Jan 14
Listening to jazz,
in a blue haze of smoke,
each note like a lounge lizard
along the wall looking for shade,
and you,
so sultry in that dress,
winding your way
down the boulevard
like a princess without a crown,
can't you see this music
is a trombone filled with glitter,
and music men
only love you when they're high?
Seanathon Jan 11
You are snowflakes dancing in the draft of winter
Upwards and yet with all the warmth and kindness of the hands behind the window

You are springtime in December
Let me climb my way through you into the coolness of an April day for just a moment or two
Julia Lee Dec 2018
I was lured to the diversions of paradise
by the lethal gleam in your eye

Swaying to rhythms of the wild isle
I lost myself in your embrace,
seduced by freedom and simple desires

I cried out for you in pleasure
as your tongue caressed my inner thighs,
completely disarmed
by the ****** unraveling

And I enjoyed every ******* moment.

If it not for reality,
we would fly among the stars
Dream Fisher Nov 2018
Tell them a story kid
Show them a world brand new
Or a looking glass unseen
Show them the world as you see it
Eachmilidh Oct 2018
You make my life feel like a movie
A transition piece

Sitting on your bed by candlelight
In your hockey shirt
With smooth jazz on old style records

My legs on yours
Nose to nose
A lightly brushed thigh
Your lips pressed firm on mine

If this were a movie
I'd rewind this scene
And pause
Marla Toledez Oct 2018
It's been too long
Since I've felt at home
In that concrete kingdom
Where my soul is from.
I can still remember
The smells of the city,
The hotdog vendors yelling
For pedestrians to buy their wares.
I miss it like I would a child
Walking down those streets
As the sun beats down on me
Giving me peace for a little while.
The songs of the streets
Resonate through my ears still
While this cool night air
Makes the jazz music take flight.
I'm not cut out for this retiree's haven.
I need to go home
Where I'm at home
New York.
I thought I'd be home by now.
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