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He standing lonely on the stage.
His mind is full of music and the notes.
His soul is full of sadness.
He holds a saxophone.
And his face is filled with blush.
When the hum comes out of the saxophone.
He plays jazz tonight.
This evening he sings for you.
Jazz filled with love.
Jazz that gratifies the blood.
Ringing in the ears like a bell of the land.
Luna Pan Sep 6
I'm still kinda bitter but i'm not sad anymore all i need is a good jazz concert
Old jazz, glass of wine and the memory of you...
Sean Rosalez Aug 15
I miss putting my hands all over you.
I miss putting my lips on your parts
And when I blow
You you let out the sweetest sounds.
Your curves are just perfect.
Even the way your body glistens in the light is beautiful.
There isn’t any others like you.

You are broken now.
Many years of neglect.
You’re drying up and it’s my fault.
You don’t hold up like you used to.

I’ll love you again
And I will fix you.

I miss you
My sweet little saxophone ❤️
Tyler Harper Jul 29
Hands in my pockets
with a jazzed overtone
Strolling a swagger
Thad jones
Whit Howland Jul 14
I've come to love

and know
the color blue to mean
not a Blue Monday
Blue Note or joke
and don't much care to sing the Blues

or for that matter
give them
because truth be told
most of the time

I want to caucus
with those
pumping and stumping
for a Blue Hawaii
or the warm blue waters

pickling poetically
the clam shell white bottom

of Palancar Reef

Whit Howland © 2019
Seanathon Jul 12
When I listen to jazz
Hot like seeping tea
As it cools like coffee directly in front of me

All I see is the ocean
All I hear is the swishing sound of the sand being turned to glass
Beneath the feet of an unwalking rhythm

Unwaking and amiss
Good jazz doesn’t walk a straight line as this
It’s a drunken rhythm and a deep sip
In love with the indescribable, naturural, eternal bliss
Smooth Jazz
annh Jun 23
...ebony fingers
pick the lock
on magnolia-fluted
with ivory keys...

‘Jazz is not just music, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of being, a way of thinking.’
- Nina Simone
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