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Kagey Sage Jan 15
Passing through mid-century
these jazz oneironauts reached Apollonian heights
while society drifted into Dionysian drunkenness
the merchants caught on too soon
The most beautiful parts of humanity
enamored to serve the ugliest:
The merchant class, the bourgeoisie
Buddha’s undeserving in charge
If only in past centuries
those noble princesses embraced
even more lowly patronages
all this potential today could be staved off
Saved from the drive to be commodified
People stopped buying jazz as it reached its height
No more smiles to appease the whites
Jazz for the few
the noble, the individual in the know

Until this too becomes the simulacrum
The Ornette Coleman on the bookshelf
to signify your snootiness
your refinement from wealth
Aging Dads in thousand dollar sweaters
kicking out their 22 year old kids
for being ****** addled hipsters
meanwhile Bird on Verve is nodding out
and Dad’s girlfriend pops a Percocet
to deal with all the stress
Just Grace Jan 6
dancing in the kitchen
in pajamas

Jazz on while
the third downpour before
the end of the year
strips the buckeye of all its yellowed leaves

a well watered body
worked with the waves
and the strange freshness
of just a little water up the nose

throwing your hair
when tea sounds like the best idea during a storm
And finding your favorite cup in front after opening the cupboards

planetary bounty saying
“It’s your turn”

It’s when
all the kings unite
and rejoice for poppies in full bloom
Innocent, and dangerous

Oui, je m’aime
Oui, moi même,

en fait…
Diesel Dec 2021
jazz so happy, so happy dance
dance so quickly, so quickly jazz

jazzy jazz, jazz dancey sole
my dancey dance, my dancey soul

so dancing dancing, go dancing me
jazzy jazzing, my jazzy flee

jazz go dancing, so dancing jazz
jazzy dancing, go dancey dance

jazz so quickly, so quickly me
jazzy jazzing, jazz jazzy me
breeze Nov 2021
a bittersweet taste hits my evening
as time for a rest enteres the bar
and then my eyes spark search for meaning,
as for some regular not far.

so frivolously the clock is playing,
a beat preserves it as a holy scroll,
albeit, the feeling it keeps slaying,
this buzz just lacks a pinch of soul.

as tapster sees my face is sinking,
he offers me his novel brew,
I, with a passion, try to drink it.
sadly, I'm feeling nothing new.

it doesn't matter if cocktails change,
if textures find another flavour,
as long as barmen keeps the range,
This tavern shall then lose its savor.
Reposting it because I had to change few things: like name, a bit of structure and the rhyme.
Hope you will enjoy it.
When I heard your jazz improvisation
I craved the taste of a fine confection
Your synths were the flame that roasted my heart
Drunk with the notes, your sweet wine collection
Inspired by Medieval Persian poetry
a dancer’s heart
can not be ripped apart

it moves to the sound of a saxophone
a lovely noise of jazzy notes
that warms you like a winter coat

it swings to the melodies
and receives all these remedies

it carries the passion in every step,
moves slowly and feels holy

a dancer’s heart can’t fall apart
it’s filled with peace and joyfulness
it carries love and is sweet like a ****.
a dancer’s heart is a piece of art.

- gio
Betty Mar 2021
Jazz is a free flying bird which sings
you cannot clip its scarlet wings
passion mixed with ice and fire
the burning flame of sweet desire
Thomas W Case Feb 2021
Chess in the
afternoon sun.
Jazz floats over
the silky couch.
Backs ache, while
hearts break.
Bishop takes knight,
and France falls again.

The masks are all
broken under the
cerulean blue skies,
while she eats berries,
and smiles in her
pink polka dot dress.
The pawns are all smug,
and queenie's on the rag.
Italy surrenders, and from
the grave, Charlie Parker
still hammers home
those soft amber notes.
I can smell her heat, and
I think they play
Jazz in hell.
Seranaea Jones Feb 2021

last night i met a wolf  
in a dream where
i was in a car with
the door decidedly open

listening to a radio that
was playing
some soft jazz
on a distant station.

i look and— there He was !!
right next to me sitting
just inches away.

He said (woof) "Hello" with a
mild but manly voice, this fellow
was well over two hundred lbs.

i said "hello" back as He sniffed
at the side of my leg briefly
and then looked at me with

friendly eyes and an expression
which seemed –to me– like
a gentle smile.

He then said (woof) "I just wanted
you to pet me for a minute–
hopefully you wont mind"

so i did..

perhaps it was the scent of what i sprayed
on as i made my way out, or maybe
how the boots surrounded my
thighs a couple of inches
above my knees as the
wind blew across
my skirt like a

and then a voice on
the radio shouted,

"You should be Parked !!"

I woke...

s jones

14 Feb 2021

there is an actual station in Ohio
"WSAX" that is devoted to Jazz,

didnt know this before
the dream...
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