Thandiwe Oct 2017

It took me a while.
To look over the mountain of hurt you dumped at the doorstep of my heart.
I told myself that day… Never will I allow a person to hurt me the way you did.
I let myself cry for a few hours and never again. It was a pain I never thought a person could ever inflict on me.
It is funny, that I had to think of you today... four years later… and not feel an inch of emotion.
The radical emotions I felt after you dislodged my inner core took me to the pits of unseen places, places I never knew existed.
But here I am. Standing so firm that hearing your name does not move me.
And to think… back then, your smile hypnotized me. Drove me to a love-craze frenzy, the kind kids get when they are given too much sugar. That was me.
Your smile, voice… could make me feel so invincible. So loved. Shame.
The heart is strong. We give it little credit.
We are strong.
I saw my own strength pull me out of the pits of severe heartache, all caused from loving someone.
Or at least growing to love them.
And you simply had no understanding of how deep in my heart this love went.
One day… Abba Father, I will ask You.
What was going on in this man’s heart and mind. Exactly what was going on?
His words, as sweet as they were, were only digging a deep ditch  that he'll one day throw me in.
What I thought was acts of affection was him digging the destruction of my trust.
I sometimes think of him and wonder exactly what went wrong? Where did it all change?
shakingmyhead I carry no hurt or anger… just wonder.
God… how I thank You, for allowing me to cry. With each tear, giving me a gentle pat of comfort.
Words fail me but memories captured even the smell of the black coffee lingering in my room the day you texted me your “decision”.
I even remember how I was chilling on my bed, wondering why you’d been so distant. Little did I know your distance was brewing my devastation.
Now, years later I look at your pictures and not flinch… just stare and wonder what went wrong.
Funny is life, is love and is a man full of empty promises.
That is what I got... empty buckets labelled "Our Future".
Even "our song" doesn't cut me as deep anymore... I still love it anyway.
And so it’s true. People can and will hurt us. More than we can anticipate. But we rise.
And keep rising.

Chidera Abaratu Sep 2017

It was meant for her
she felt it but yet
to her she couldn't get it

It was in her linage
but yet she thought
she couldn't get there
cus' she was a commoner
and of a forbidden race,a Jew

It was true her family was
wiped out by the Amalekites
leaving her and her cousin orphaned
still destiny had great plans for them

It was true that in the whole
of Persia she was among the most
beautiful maiden but yet her cousin
now her father prevented her from
leaving the house and coming in contact with the king

As she grew into a lady
she became more beautiful and
this actually made her the most
beautiful lady in the whole of Persia

As she was being promised
by her late mother her cousin
now her father gave her the Tresured Medallion
the Star of David when she
became a full blown woman

Since out of love and care
she ran not in disguise of a boy
but her self to the palace to save Jesse
her friend who they captured to make
a palace official but unfortunately for her
she was immediately siezed to be among the Queens to be
something she always wished for but
because of wht they did to her
the palace was her most feared place

At the palace in the harem
she found favour in the eyes of the royal enouch Hegai
and everyone in the palace
making her the most loved person in the palace
Hegai kept the secret of her being a Jew

As time went on she waited
for the night with the king
that single night that would change
everything for her and her family
and truely that night came and
she found favour in the king's eyes
and through this she became the
Queen of Great Persia

We all would be wondering
who this lucky girl is and what her name is
well this is just a little story of  Jewish girl
who was greatly favoured by God
whose name was changed from Hadassah
to Star of Pussa to Queen Esther

This is the longest poem i've ever written and i don't know if it is nice or not
Eugene Aug 2017

ni Reagan A. Latumbo

Hindi man ako biniyayaan ng karangyaan,
O nakakain ng masasarap na pagkain sa hapag-kainan,
O nakabili at nakasuot ng magagarang kasuotan,
Kuntento naman ako sa lahat noong panahon ng aking kabataan.

Mahirap man ang buhay na aking pinagdaanan,
Milya man ang nilalakad ko noon marating lang ang paaralan,
Ipinagpatuloy ko pa rin ang pag-abot ng aking pangarap kahit na nasaktan,
Tiniis ko ang lahat dahil Siya ay nariyan.

Kahit na pandinig ko ay unti-unti na ngayong nawawala sa akin,
Nariyan pa rin si Ama at ako ay hindi Niya pinababayaan.
Kaya kahit ako man ay may kapansanan,
Naibabahagi ko pa rin ang aking talento at kaalaman.

Sa mundong aking pinapasukan,
Sa trabahong aking iniingatan,
Kahit bingi man ay marami pa rin akong natutulungan.
Mga baguhang empleyado ay aking tinuturuan.

May kapansanan ka man o wala,
Ang pagtulong ay hindi dinadaan sa usap-usapan.
Ito ay kusang ginagawa at pinaninindigan,
Maraming tao ang lubos na masisiyahan kung tulong mo ay hindi ipinagkakait sa kanilang harapan.

Bingi ka man o bulag o kulang ka man ng kamay o paa,
May sakit ka man sa puso o namanang karamdaman o wala,
Kapag tulong ang hinihingi, 'wag kang mag-aatubiling ipagkait ito sa iba,
Dahil sa bandang huli, ang iyong kabutihan ay masusuklian Niya.

Kenny Whiting May 2016

Just how many times, I ask you now,
   have you let God have control?
How many times you've fought My Lord,
   and never once let go?

He promised us, "I'll make a way,
   if you'll believe in Me!"
Oh yes, My Lord now waits upon,
   your call on bended knee!

He's shown His mercy, love and grace,
   to everyone around;
Now pick your head up, trust in Him,
   He'll NEVER let you down!

He's The Mighty Ruler, King of all,
   with love so tried and true;
He's the Master of the Universe,
   yet weeps when losing you!

He's never once to busy for,
   to hear and answer prayer;
He's Almighty and Omnipotent,
   He's ALWAYS standing there!

You'll never know how big your load,
   or burdens that you bore;
Until you give them ALL to Him,
   He'll bear your load and more!

He'll help you through the trials you face,
   such strength and love He'll show;
If only you'll just turn to Him,
   then finally JUST LET GO!

Kenny Whiting May 2016

Let me tell you 'bout My God,
   in a moment you will see;
Why He's the One I serve,
   and He means so much to me!

Just a Baby sent to us,
   from His Heavenly Father above;
Came here just a mortal man,
   sent to teach us 'bout true love!

Yes, He made His mark on earth,
   sure He walked upon the waves;
As He broke the Devil's spell,
   freed us all who've been enslaved!

Oh He made the lame to walk,
   yes, He made the blind to see;
Then He showed us all real love,
   when He died for you and me!

Not a story's once been told,
   ever 'bout a Greater Man;
Who did things none else have done,
   just to follow Master's plan!

Kenny Whiting May 2016

You'll never find a love like God's,
   as sent from Heaven' above;
You'll find He's always by your side,
   there's vict'ry in His love!

He'll always lead and guide us,
   as shepherd leads his flock,
He'll hold us up through storms of life,
   there's vict'ry in The Rock!

My God protects you from His throne,
   through everything you face;
He'll show you mercy, love and more,
   there's vict'ry in God's grace!

He showed true love from Calvary,
   true love we can afford;
Don't once lose hope, just look to Him,
   there's vict'ry in My Lord!

Kenny Whiting May 2016

Though sometimes there's days,
   I feel all alone;
Even with family beside me,
   a house not a home.

I know that I'm loved,
   but still shed a tear;
For to be all alone,
   is life's greatest fear!

Alone is a dark place,
   so dreary and bleek;
It creeps in with fury,
   turns strong men to weak!

When I'm heavy and lonesome,
   my heart so so sad;
I remember Christ My Saviour,
   He helps me feel glad!

I remember He loves me,
   He's been here for me;
Once suffering and lonely,
   but now I'm set free!

My heart now so happy,
   my sadness all gone;
With Christ in my life,
   I sing a new song!

He's shown me forgiveness,
   my sins washed away;
He's filled me with gladness,
   and mercy to stay!

A new day had dawned,
   His grace He has shown;
With Him right beside me,
   I'm never alone!

Kenny Whiting Apr 2016

I pray My God in Heaven,
  please be with me here today;
Please protect me, guide and keep me,
   as life's storms now come my way!

Please be with me till they pass me,
   and the thunder sounds no more;
Or just take me home to Heaven,
   let me walk that golden shore!

When the darkness often tempts me,
   to at times just hide my face;
As life's storms so fierce around me,
   rest in God, My Hiding Place!

For I feel My God is with me,
   as I go to him in prayer;
He will always be my anchor,
   When I need Him, He is there!

As now in life I give Him all,
   with trust in Him I stand;
I know He'll always watch 'ore me,
   held in My Master's Hand!

Yes, He'll silence Satan's whispers,
   "there's no hope in life at all";
'Cause I know My Lord will catch me,
   any time before I fall!

Now I know My God is with me,
   and tomorrow sun will rise;
For I know He holds my future,
   just beyond those stormy skies!

Kenny Whiting Apr 2016

Where is My God in times of need,
   when sorrows feel the worst?
Where is He when despair hits home,
   when broken hearts so hurt?

Where is He when I've fallen down,
   and stumbled once again?
Where is He when in darkness now,
   I feel I've reached the end?

Where is He when the storms now rage,
   and lightning crashes 'round?
Where is He when the Devil wins,
   and Satan  has me bound?

Where is He when I need Him most,
   those times amassed with fear?
To answer every one of these,
   just look, He's been right there!

Just take the time to look around,
   He's been right by your side;
He'll hold you close to comfort you,
   you'll NEVER be denied!

He's waiting there with arms outstretched,
   He's listening for your call;
It's up to you to turn to Him,
   at any time you fall!

You'll see if resting in His Arms,
   He answers every prayer;
You'll never feel alone again,
   you'll know He's ALWAYS there!!

Kenny Whiting Apr 2016

As the lightning dances round,
   and the thunder's deafening roar;
You may feel My God has left you,
   or His love is never more!

Your heart is filled with sadness,
   your body weary and weak;
Your eyes, they burn with sorrow,
   as tears roll down your cheeks.

The devil says "Get angry,
   God took this one from you!";
He fills your mind with questions,
   and says"God's love's not true!".

"How could He leave me lonely?
   How could He take you away?
How could He do this to me?
  I can't live another day"!

"What have I done to Him?
   How could this all be?
Have I lived my life so wrong?
   Has He turned His back on me?".

My God has every answer,
   To all questions just above,
He puts turmoil in our life,
   to help us trust His love!

It was Him that blessed you with
  the time you got to spend,
Here beside your beautiful love,
   He placed with you on lend!

It's nothing that you've done,
   nor have you lived so wrong;
For without some trials in life,
   we could never be this strong!

Their time on earth was through,
   I'm sure He had a place;
Bet His choir of angel singers,
   must've had an open space!

Now see that smile upon His face,
   as you loved one sings His praise;
Backed by a million angel singers,
   as their voice's they raise!

Yes, My God will see you through,
   each day you live from here;
If you'll give it all to God,
   you bet, He'll hold you near!

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