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God chose you
Not a “mere man”
He did not imagine being abandoned
Although he envisioned it
But he called you back

God chose you
Not a “mere man”
He whispered into your ears the truth
Hoping you’d “hearken”
But you refuse

God chose you
Not a “mere man”
His kingdom isn’t for them
He placed a crown on your head
But you refuse coronation

God chose you
Not a “mere man”
Gods love
Your touch is invisible
I see it clearly
I feel it deeply

You light up my life
With a whisper in my dark mind.
I experience glory

You are not a man
But a friend to many.
It’s undeserving

You love me
Am I worth it?
Gods love is still the greatest. Relentless love
blackbiird Mar 2019

if God created the earth in seven days,
who’s to say He won't turn your rainfall
into sunshine in one moment?

blackbiird Mar 2019

if I could replace all the
words in every book
with your name
I would,

but no amount of words on a page
could ever compare to what your heavenly
father calls you:

His daughter.
His most prized possession.
The one who took the nails
so that you may live.

so dry your tears
and dance with Him.
for He dances beside you even
on your darkest nights.

For my dear friend Kelsie. I love you! God loves you.
abigail j s Feb 2019
and i must strive
to remind myself
of Your love
(patient and overwhelming
and profound)
every morning
so i do not lose sight
of the vibrance
of living.
written August 13, 2018.
blackbiird Feb 2019

she spent her entire
life chasing diamonds
only to realize
that her greatest
treasure was always beside her
whispering in her ear
"you're more precious than all the riches of this world."

ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
When did we started to not dare look into ourselves and say we have a problem and maybe we are part of the fault.
We stopped.
We keep on blaming each other for what they have done, have we ever thought that we might have done something wrong.
Where did the care in our speeches go?
Where did the love in our eyes fade away?
Where did the warmth, the light in us go?
What happened to understanding others, and authentic love?
Let's go with them.
To stop blaming other people for what we have done wrong as well.
To bring them back on track.
On the right path.
In the right way.
In authentic true love, the way that God has loved us.
That's the way.
true love and someone who truly cares would really make an impact.
There I stood in Your mercy,
A single star in an ocean of galaxies
and yet
I knew
I was loved.
You are loved.
Thandiwe Oct 2017
It took me a while.
To look over the mountain of hurt you dumped at the doorstep of my heart.
I told myself that day… Never will I allow a person to hurt me the way you did.
I let myself cry for a few hours and never again. It was a pain I never thought a person could ever inflict on me.
It is funny, that I had to think of you today... four years later… and not feel an inch of emotion.
The radical emotions I felt after you dislodged my inner core took me to the pits of unseen places, places I never knew existed.
But here I am. Standing so firm that hearing your name does not move me.
And to think… back then, your smile hypnotized me. Drove me to a love-craze frenzy, the kind kids get when they are given too much sugar. That was me.
Your smile, voice… could make me feel so invincible. So loved. Shame.
The heart is strong. We give it little credit.
We are strong.
I saw my own strength pull me out of the pits of severe heartache, all caused from loving someone.
Or at least growing to love them.
And you simply had no understanding of how deep in my heart this love went.
One day… Abba Father, I will ask You.
What was going on in this man’s heart and mind. Exactly what was going on?
His words, as sweet as they were, were only digging a deep ditch  that he'll one day throw me in.
What I thought was acts of affection was him digging the destruction of my trust.
I sometimes think of him and wonder exactly what went wrong? Where did it all change?
shakingmyhead I carry no hurt or anger… just wonder.
God… how I thank You, for allowing me to cry. With each tear, giving me a gentle pat of comfort.
Words fail me but memories captured even the smell of the black coffee lingering in my room the day you texted me your “decision”.
I even remember how I was chilling on my bed, wondering why you’d been so distant. Little did I know your distance was brewing my devastation.
Now, years later I look at your pictures and not flinch… just stare and wonder what went wrong.
Funny is life, is love and is a man full of empty promises.
That is what I got... empty buckets labelled "Our Future".
Even "our song" doesn't cut me as deep anymore... I still love it anyway.
And so it’s true. People can and will hurt us. More than we can anticipate. But we rise.
And keep rising.
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