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karly codr Mar 5
i have a bad habit
where i talk really bad on myself
and i never notice when i do it,
but i never realized how toxic
i can be
to myself
so anyway i was in band this morning and i was talking about how i'm not **** band in college because i **** at playing trombone and there's this kid i talk to sometimes but not on a daily basis and when he heard me saying that about myself he was like "if you ****** at trombone you wouldn't be in the varsity band. you need to stop talking bad on yourself, i've heard you play trombone, i've heard you sing, you don't **** at all, you need to stop saying these things about yourself" and then my band director chimed in and said "you never give yourself enough credit for the things you can do. you've improved so much over the past 4 years but i don't think you realize it" i promise i'm not crying rn (sorry that was long)
buzz, ****
doit, mute
hustle first
then bustle
screamin' chops
tired lips
crimson ties
broken blues
closed circles
open arms

wag the dog
book the gig
call the cab
hit the beat
play the set
chew the fat
sell the axe
make the rent
let the next
be the last
for Dave P. & Matt M.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
karly codr Jan 20
how am i
supposed to have a life
when the one thing
that I actually enjoy
gets taken away
because of a stupid pandemic
so... i'm in our basketball rhythm section and it officially is cancelled until districts at the beginning of march... and I was standing in our last rehearsal trying not to cry because band has become my family and everything is getting taken away
karly codr Jan 14
the best teachers
are the ones
who care
about what they're teaching
and make it fun
but also care about
their students
at the same time
i only have two teachers like this and both are my band directors ope
Man Jan 14
be a holiday
ill be a presley
we can dance at the cabaret
waiting for dawn to greet us gently

sway your hips
in motion with mine
we'll tremble and move
all to the time
of the beat of the band
boy, aren't they grand?
let the music die away
let neon, unravel and fray
i'm happy to just shake if you'll stay
just hold my hand
let's run away
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