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Mrs Timetable Dec 2023
My emotions
Get the
In my
Safe zone
Like a child
Lily Sep 2021
I was sixteen when the machines came.
The letters “C-A-T” screamed at me from across the street
As the harsh yellow tore at the roots of the
Cherry trees across the street.
Of course the orchard had never been mine,
I had not planted the seeds and curated the
Beautiful blooms through their short lives,
Picked the cherries off the trees myself.
But what about all the photoshoots I’d done
Among the gorgeous white blooms,
All the times my friend had walked through
The rows of trees to get to my house and
Left paint splatters of cherries across the kitchen floor,
All the sunsets I’d seen through the leaves
That made me nostalgic for things
I had never experienced?
What if I’m growing up and moving out
And can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that
These plants that have smiled at me from my
Window for over a decade have returned
To the Earth?
What if these days the
Weeks are crying when they should be glowing and
The absence of trees is simply the target of
One of those odd tricks that sorrow shoots out of the mind
That remind me that change is the only thing that’s
I wish that the emptiness of the field could be replaced by
Happy little white blooms
But instead the CAT machines screech and moan
And all I can feel is
The ache of old nostalgia and the
Peculiar nostalgia of the unknown.
a reworking of "I can now see beyond the cherry orchard" from almost two years ago!  Time flies when you're having fun, right? :)
your strong shoulders make me feel safe,
I look into your eyes, admire your face
and slowly, I might be falling
for the way you hold me,
and the jokes you make.
I lay on your chest and rest
I listen to your heartbeat,
no time to be stressed.
and slowly, I might be falling
for the nights and our vibe,
it’s hard to describe
and I don‘t know where this is going
but baby, let‘s just keep it flowing.

- gio -
fray narte Feb 2021
i need a safe place to take off my skin and scoop out all the sorrows it carries. it peels. it burns, like a banished soul. but i have stopped saying my prayers — they just crumble into a ghostly sigh. i need a safe place — to take a peek at my demons without looking like one of them: a hurtful father. a forsaken son. a snake that sheds its memories and sins. i need a safe place to still my breathing — without my fingers pressed on a bruise and without my hands around neck. i need a safe place — a place away from all these thoughts, away from all these hurting. away from all of me.
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
Let me hold you close

Whisper everything will be alright

Give me all your troubles, your burdens, your pains

Give me guardianship over your secrets

Let me mend any broken pieces

Let me be your safe harbor, your sanity

Tell me everything and never hold back

It will be alright my love

Let me be your sanctuary, your refuge

Your safe place


© Seductive Poetry
Sunset Meadows Oct 2020
Darting back and forth
Lie after another lie
This is how we live our life
Never getting the courage to change
Can't ever be honest
They'll think it's fake
Or make their troubles exaggerated
Always pushing us down
Making us feel worse
I don't blame them though '
It's human nature
Living in the form of I
To avoid conflict we stay out of sight
Just like the mouse everyone wants dead
That's how we're seen
Just the bother
Always complaining about the bad
But how do we talk about the good
When there is none
Maybe we seem negative
But when we see you laughing
We think how
How can that person even laugh?
I could never feel that way
This is how we life our life
This is a poem I'm hoping relates to the people who have been depressed. I want to give you a safe place where you don't feel alone. Let me know what you think.
I wish I could lay in your loving arms
where I’m safe of all the storms
and on my lips, a smile forms.

- gio, 06.06.2020
Jay M Jan 2020
Can you hold me?

When the night is cold
And nearby I hear a dog snarling
The streets dark and not letting my anxiety be
Can you hold me?

When the fire's burning bright
And the lighting is just right
Will you hold me close and tight?

When the room is full of boxes
And we're sly as foxes
Unpacking our lives together
Similar, like birds of a feather
Can you hold me?

When the day is long
And I sing you that love song
Can you hold me in your arms?

My safe place
Is seeing your face
Falling for all of your wonderful charms
While being in your arms.

- Jay M
January 15th, 2020
Just dreaming..
Kayla Gallant Dec 2018
Slipping slowly into insanity
She smiles knowing she has found
Her home deep inside
The darkest corners of her mind
Messy little short poem I wrote while my brain was turning to mush.
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