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30.2k · Jul 2018
Beautiful things cry
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

Skies are beautiful
They have clouds
But they still cry

Why wouldn't you?

You are beautiful
You have poems
You can cry too
Because crying is honesty to your emotions, and honesty is beautiful ;)
13.6k · Jul 2018
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
My favorite moment in a day
Is right before I fall asleep

When I look up
I could finally see the nightsky

Not that I have no ceiling
But I choose to see the stars behind
There is more than what meets the eye ;)
8.3k · Jul 2018
no title
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

It was a great relief to realize
That your anxieties are just cute lies
But only if I had strength to tell you
That the things you said are the things I do

Every time I remember you.
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

raindrops waltz on the window glass
cold air blew from the inside fast

yellow street lights blur afar
farther, the dark blue twilight stars

but to be farthest from home

soft purr of the revving engine
asphalt wet from tears of heaven

silent music, or at least for me
i chose to listen with the notes empty

i had no choice

twelve-hour ride felt so fun
twelve hours back felt like one

slumber saves my heart and sanity
no dreams, but no reality

and there's no going back

closer, from where i was born
but the road to my soul, stretching horizon

neither alive nor dead nor shy
no joy, but no tears left to cry

'cause no corner of emotions left to pry

and there's no going back

i had no choice

but to be farthest from home.
looking back is realizing the impossibility of going back.
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
But the cool caress of a rainy day
takes me away from a bad day
find joy from the things that slow you down.
2.2k · Oct 2018
i want to be an astronaut
Ashari Ty Oct 2018
i want to be an astronaut
and bring the moon to you

and touch the stars in heaven

i want to breathe space
until it is gone between us

you and i are forbidden to part

i want to ride a comet
anhilate your earth with you

and together we will touch heaven
we will be heavenly bodies
1.3k · Feb 2019
Ashari Ty Feb 2019
I like your look; the contrast
You look so happy
yet your dress is blue
I'd race the sunset
Beat the horizon
Just to dance
And see you wear my feelings
You looked so pretty last night that I wished it lasted longer than the evening so I could maybe catch up and go there.
1.0k · Jul 2018
All things end but..
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
Once I was too afraid to
let go
of the things and the

that I loved and cared

Too afraid to set free
Or be free from my ego

I was not ready to be
reminded that all things
come to an


But fear not because the
greatest feeling
is to learn that

Sunset is as good as Sunrise
..but the end is just as good as the beginning.

Limits will prep u to be free ;>
943 · Jun 2019
This Whole Field
Ashari Ty Jun 2019

I would give you
This whole field
Of sunflowers
Only if you haven't
Left me there
All by myself.
I was ready to give you my all. It was the brightest of days but that's when you left me hanging.
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

if thunderstorms are to come
it'd be just like rain
i'll sway and sing tunes
along the electric beats

if tsunamis are to come
it'd be just like beaches
i'll surf along the waves
and will never seek land

if tornadoes are to come
it'd be just like wind
i'll fly my kite above
and will never pull the string

if earthquakes are to come
it'd be just like waltz
i will nail every step
and forever i will groove

if the forests are to burn
it'd be just a bonfire
i'll make tons of smores
and i will never share

if the world is to end
it'd be just a morning
for a world that is burning
is a world that is shining
f a y a h . .
697 · Jul 2018
Lust. Gluttony. Greed.
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

Lust. The way I starve and crave
For that red voluptuous lips
And the other one underneath.

Gluttony. The way I would never
Have enough of your flesh
And your rawness and innocence.

Greed. The way I will never
Share you with anyone else.
Be with me 'till my days in hell.

Lust. Gluttony. Greed.
It's almost poetry by themselves.
Those words fit each other.

Lust. Gluttony. Greed.
So deadly and yet
We are beautiful together.
675 · Jan 2020
Tipsy Twilight
Ashari Ty Jan 2020

nothing beats a drukn n nighht
like a peaceful tipsy twilight

Beer and chicken while you watch the purple sky <3
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

orange tints
dusts and lints      
sunrise peeked and        
curtains leaked          

woke and told myself        
it was a beautiful slumber    

but why are you more beautiful on my shoulder?
your peace with your mind is the piece i've been missing
610 · May 2019
Ashari Ty May 2019

It's 3:11
And still wishing
That I knew
What I had to do
To belong with you

606 · Jul 2018
Hindi naman talaga
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
Masakit ba?
Hindi naman

Hindi naman pwede.
Hindi naman mangyayari.
Hindi naman sasagutin.
Hindi naman mapapasaakin.

Masakit ba?
Hindi naman.

hindi nga naging tayo.
sasakit pa kaya?

atik ra oy
walang personal basis ang tula pang drama lang hahaha
594 · Jan 2019
Literature 1
Ashari Ty Jan 2019
Is the best poetry

Are the best stories
589 · Sep 2018
Ashari Ty Sep 2018

Give me some words
And I'll give you three.
No, no, not that one
I can't love you if
I miss you.
i still do.
586 · Dec 2018
plot twist
Ashari Ty Dec 2018
the only plot twist
that i need in my life
is us
578 · Sep 2018
Yellow Sky
Ashari Ty Sep 2018
Yellow sky, the sun has peeked
It looks beautiful when the curtains leak
Darling, you look as pretty on your slumber
Yet you are more beautiful on my shoulder
god forbid we part so join me.
562 · Sep 2018
Poem no. 30
Ashari Ty Sep 2018

Come, sit beside me.
Nothing else matters.

That's all.
We just sit.
I like you.
545 · Apr 2019
Camp Blueflames
Ashari Ty Apr 2019

The campfire's out but it still burns
When I touch you, knowing
your warmth is for someone else.

531 · Sep 2018
Apricot afternoon
Ashari Ty Sep 2018
You remind me
Of an apricot afternoon
Of the indigo cloud belly

Night and noon clashing
Into a perfect illumination
For a heavenly nap

You remind me
That I should never
Be awake again
523 · Jul 2018
~lasang kay sarap~
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
Lasang kay tamis,
bubulok ang ngipin
Lasang kay asim,
titigas ang pisngi
Lasang kay pait,
bubukas ang mga labi

Lasang kay alat,
pangalan ay bubulungin
Lasang kay anghang,
sa init mapapadaing
Lasang nakakabusog,
ngunit gusto pang kumain

Ang Katakawan ay isang kasalanan lamang

Ang Kalibugan ay isang istorya.
istoryang sa amoy palang ay lasap na lasap na.
513 · Aug 2018
Ashari Ty Aug 2018

Love is in the air but lust is what I breathe.
random poetic lines that come to my head
492 · Sep 2019
Ashari Ty Sep 2019
Ikaw ang mantika
Ako ang 'yong tubig
Yung kama ang kawali
Mabilisan lang na tula hahez
454 · Oct 2018
october 24
Ashari Ty Oct 2018
All these thunderclaps
Yet all I applaud for is you

All these floodwaters
And my overflowing emotions

All these rain noises
Yet all I hear is your name
447 · Jan 2019
No logic needed for u
Ashari Ty Jan 2019
Love falls from trees
But hey i aint newton
If it falls i'll try catchin
No logic needed for u
Ouch u hit my head
But my heart u missed, yes
Now my brain is ded
No logic needed for u
I can't sleep
437 · May 2019
Beautiful things hurt
Ashari Ty May 2019
Beautiful things hurt
And your beauty is superb.
May 7, 2019
422 · May 2019
I'm glad, I guess.
Ashari Ty May 2019
I'm glad you've found somebody.
I'm also glad I'm not there to see you happy.
I guess I'm glad. Maybe a bit sad.
A bit late for the news.
A bit too late for you.
Can't remember writing this but it's in my drafts maybe I was drunk.

Anyway here's another poem for you. Whatever.
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

can't you tell me why
after a weekend of butterflies
in our stomach

you decided that your
anchor on this irrelevant
ocean floor has not

found its ship back yet?

can you tell me that
the real reason was my

ignorance? inexperience?

would you think
about giving a try
to do it again


because if so i
would gladly grow up
and stop writing you poems

and start confronting

i really need to stop on being late in classes.
397 · Jul 2018
i gave up...
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

So did everyone who cried

On trying
On wishing
On hoping
On doing

Some got over
Others are still

A few are both

Sorrow without tears
Sobs that are dry
Solitude is a norm

I gave up on smiling
And I gave up on crying.

I gave up on feeling.
emptiness is defeat without any tears left.
395 · May 2019
For all I care
Ashari Ty May 2019

Send me to hell for all I care
As heaven only matters
If you were my angel
Just an enjoyable quick write. I hope it's appreciated!
Ashari Ty Sep 2018

I will be the spectral incandescence
Along the grey bellies
Of a post-typhoon grim sky;
The prism Isaac Newton used
To make the white light,
The white noise of scientific wisdom,
Split into dazzling colours.
"I reflect like how light reflected in Fizeau's mirrors in his light speed experiment."
375 · Sep 2018
The world is my canvas
Ashari Ty Sep 2018
the world is my canvas
motivation is my brush
**** where did i put my brush
This means deeper than it sounds (for me atleast ****)

I'd **** for brain stimulation right now hahahahaha jk ;)
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

as the blazes from the heavens descend
a golden sunset shall take its place
a silver lining shall tell the end
of the memories of our passing days.

the world in fiery breaths will end
to god you could give the final praise
but for the very last rule we bend
i ask your love for a final taste.

and the earth shatters before our eyes
i will write my final piece
for if burnt papers have after-lives
in heaven, with you, this poem we shall finish.
and our story will continue in eternity.

disclaimer: i have no one to write this poem for lol
369 · Aug 2018
Wishing well
Ashari Ty Aug 2018
The deafening clangs of a silver coin
On concrete as deep as a crying prose
Among others' silver, my gold shall join
For my wish is as precious, I suppose

Yes, I am aware; I am not alone
Who wishes for that element of love
Dug deep from the caverns of your rib bone
Or from treasures of the giants above
364 · Jul 2018
Crashing Tides
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
Crashing tides
In my head

Dew drops on
Pillows and bed
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

this isn't the last gaze
or is it?
it's funny how we desire to
have a last look on good things.

this isn't the last touch
or is it?
it's funny how we hold on
before we let go.

this isn't the last kiss
or is it?
it's funny how we talk sweet
before we say goodbye.

this isn't the last breath
or is it?
it's funny how we have to
exhale before heaven.

this isn't the last day
or is it?
it's funny how i can't tell
dawn apart from twilight.
309 · Aug 2019
cup of soda
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
i see my empty cup of soda
it's meant to be trash anyway.
i'm tired.
305 · Oct 2019
fake it
Ashari Ty Oct 2019
"fake it till you mean it"
smile till you die
****** smile (:
302 · Aug 2018
Ashari Ty Aug 2018
You make me feel
Like thirteen again

In love with someone
With a mouth full of ****

But when you talk
It feels like you're ******* gold
And I love gold
And diamonds too

True; your eyes don't shine like diamonds
But I like how they glitter
Like ******* shards of glass
When you gaze and talk **** bitter

About the music I love
And the music I hate
And it's music to my heart
That you will probably break

And I do care 'bout what you say
Because again

You're ******* gold
silly :o
300 · May 2019
You'll forever be
Ashari Ty May 2019

Tomorrow, tears
Will be shed

But today is not
For a sorrowful poem

'Cause I'm glad
That you've been
My home.

And you'll always be
My home.
Forever and ever my home.
To my Family from SRC, to the ones who went with, after, and away, to Batch 2019, and the rest who will be missed, I hope this little poem could give a glimpse of the hundreds of thousands of words that got stuck in my throat. Thank you and good bye.
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
pick me up
so you can toss me in the bin

go green
go green
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
And shall I rest in your arms
The Lord will descend down from the heavens
For shall I die and your presence will be naught
Then restless I will be for the rest of my death.
for the rest of me left.
282 · Sep 2019
Ashari Ty Sep 2019
the nicest thing
about me lately
is that i exist
my life is so empty and pathetic and i don't think i'll get better
280 · Aug 2019
i'm seriously tired
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
existing is exhausting
still wonder
why i haven't stopped.
279 · Sep 2018
over u
Ashari Ty Sep 2018
tried to write a poem
about how i can't get over
you even if it was over for

me for like a year already but
i'm speechless and i can't
accept that i am

so i just started pressing enter and
leaving spaces every three lines because
space is all that is really there between us.
272 · Oct 2018
As I run out of rhymes
Ashari Ty Oct 2018
I have something
I call it nothing
I cherish and adore
Its oblivious lore

But i want something
I call it you
And as i run out of rhymes
Please run out of reasons not to like me
i'm glad i atleast have hepo to express my ****
259 · Oct 2019
Ashari Ty Oct 2019
As the sky turns blue again
My mood rather won't
257 · Feb 2019
Autumn Winds
Ashari Ty Feb 2019
.. .. ..

Leaves fall, and people fall
In love with people
Who will eventually leave

.. .. ..
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